Friday, January 6, 2012

Feature on Marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier: Rachel Jaten

Entering my third year with the Inspire Daily program, I am trying to reach out to other athletes in the program and read/hear their stories.

One thing I have recently realized, there will be a large number of IDs toeing the line for the Olympic Trials next week in Houston. One of these athletes is Rachel Jaten.

Rachel is a 36 year old marathoner out of Spokane, WA with a PR of 2:45:47 (Dec, 11). When she is not logging miles, she works as a UPS Driver.

Rachel was one of almost 30 women that qualified for the Olympic Trials at the California International Marathon (CIM) in December, leaving her with just a little over a month to get prepared. Clearly CIM is her most memorable race for many reasons, including perfect weather, running in a huge pack through 21 miles, and getting to the line in OT qualifying time.

Rachel Jaten of Spokane, WA
That day did not go "perfectly", however. There was a point at mile 25 where a volunteer shouted out to her that she still had an "outside shot" of qualifying. Obviously, she found another gear!

Rachel started running as a kid, probably 5-6 yrs old with her father. He was a runner and triathlete. Rachel ran through high school and most of college before getting burnt out....that was 1997. It took winning a marathon coaching package in late 2010 to get her running consistently again. She still wanted to get back into it, but needed guidance. She knew she still had not seen her potential.

Rachel's goal for the trials is to "run smart" and, if everything goes well, hit her goal time of 2:44!

Good luck Rachel Jaten!


Raina said...

This was an interesting read!
I am getting excited for the OTs.

Jaten is just a year younger than I am. I can't imagine how much potential she has if she only recently started getting coached. Also- funny that she logs the miles all day long, given her occupation. :) Best wishes to her!

Amanda@runninghood said...

This gives me hope at making some big PRs even though I ran competitively in H.S and college. Some days I wonder if I've used all my juice. Thanks! And great idea.