Sunday, January 29, 2012

5 weeks from RnR NOLA....just a log

Monday: 70 minutes  - very easy (hamstring very tight from running along hwy 389 for 13.1 miles)
Tuesday: AM - 20 minutes very easy PM - 70 minutes (hamstring)
Wednesday - 80 minutes @ 7:10 pace
Thursday: 2m w/u, 3 miles hilly tempo @ 5:54, 5X800m at 5:40pace w/ 60-90 rest (On the road, alone at 4:45...legs still pretty dead..bathroom break after number 2 ) 3 mile c/d
Friday - 78 minutes w/ M and D
Saturday : 20 miles w/ 11 @ 6:49 avg, next 9 @ 6:36 avg. Felt great, relaxed the first half. I had many 6:20ish miles in there. I forgot to set my watch up to auto lap so I don't have splits except for when accidentally hit the lap button.
Sunday: 1 hour easy

My legs are starting to cooperate. I really thinking I'm capable of running a good one....if I do...we will see. I've got 5 weeks to make mistakes. Or not.


Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Awesome! Love reading this. You are doing some great running.

Gracie (Complicated Day) said...

Can't wait to welcome you to our lovely city. Let me know if you need any recommendations of things to do or see! Or EAT!
I will also be running RnR NOLA although I am a little annoyed at the course changes this year. A large section of the full is back and forth on Marconi and Lakeshore Dr, a shadeless and often very windy portion. A headwind on Marconi is a tailwind on the way back in, but Lakeshore will be wind whipping off the lake the whole way. I rarely run in that area since I don't live nearby, but when I have the wind can be nasty. I'm hoping for a light breeze day.