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Last weeks mileage: 11.5 (1.5 over goal)For the remaining days of this month I get to run what I feel like, when I feel like it. There will be no formal training until January. Looking forward to a week in the cold north and some quality time with family. Run happy!

Brooks I.D. 2013

Just want to give a shout out to my favorite running company and say THANK YOU for deciding to support me through 2013. Anyone looking for the perfect Christmas gift, the Brooks Pure Project came out with a couple new looks that will leave you drooling on your computer screen. Check them out on

Rocket City Marathon Race Recap

Before I write about Huntsville... I apologize that I still haven't blogged about Vancouver yet. For those of you that don't know, I was 21st there (Vancouver) in 25:02 (7K through the mud). I was happy with the race, so happy, that I got up the next morning and ran 2.5 hours around the bay. I felt amazing...for about 2 days afterwords before things started to unravel....

I took it easy after that long run, mostly just some easy runs in the AM. Then Thursday (9 days before Rocket City) I attempted my last real hard season. Originally I had planned on 4X2 mile, which ended up being about 4x10 minutes. My legs felt heavy and tired, normally I run this workout between 5:45-5:59, that day I ran 6:05-6:15 and STRUGGLED.

I shrugged it off to tired legs and lack of sleep. Saturday I ran 12 miles at a pretty good clip but my hamstrings were still tight. I figured things were coming back around and slept most of the day Sunday. Then Monday came. I woke up and just couldn't run. Per…

Funny Marathon Signs

Still haven't blogged on my last race. It's funny that when it goes well, we take forever to write a recap.

Because I have really no idea what to expect from my body next Saturday, I thought I would share a couple of marathon sign funnies. Most of you have probably seen these...either way, enjoy!

Photos from Canadian National Cross Country Championships

It's going to take me a few days to recap, but if anyone is interested in photos from Canadian National Cross Country Championships, I took almost 500 of them. The internet at this hotel is terribly slow, so its going to take me a few days to post all them, but you can see most of the photos on a public facebook (Canadian National Cross) album at:!/media/set/?set=a.10100478782802486.2407718.26504510&type=1


Cross-Country (Pre-Race)

I "raced" in spikes for the first time since college this past Saturday at a small cross-country race in Clinton, MS. With National Cross one week away, I ran the race as a tempo.

Still, I wasn't confident in my ability to hammer out 7k on a muddy XC course in Vancouver, Canada, so I opted for one more workout Tuesday, 4x 1 mile @ 5:36/33/33/24, it wasn't difficult but it made me feel better than running quarters.

I told myself that I would taper down a bit this week, but when I arrived in Vancouver Thursday afternoon, I realised that my "easy" week was still going to be in the neighbourhood of 80 miles. Surprisingly, my legs feel fresh and my pace has picked up. I'm not cramping near as much when I sit down for long periods of time (I've actually been taking a vitamin supplement for that). I've put on about 3-5 pounds since the summer, which is almost invisible to anyone but me...and because of this, I actually feel better. Before I felt like…

Spiked up on the XC Course

AM: 20 mom
PM:20 min w/u,
2x400m @ 77, 84 (oops) 200m jog
1x1000m @ 3:19
2x400m @ 78, 77 w/ 200m jog
1x1000m @ 3:15
2x400m @ 77, 77 w/ 200 jog
1x1000m @ 3:15
1x400m @ 76
10 min c/dI felt like this workout went on for ever, probably because there were so many quarters. The K's were no were near relaxed and 3:15 is a pace that is shockingly fast for my body right now. It was also pretty windy on half the loop, and Houston isn't exactly winning any awards for wind blocking. Regardless I was satisfied with this session, so much that I called it a day before the last quarter. I felt like I was done at that point. Many thanks to my husband who paced me through it.

Long run at Boardtown

AM: 20.2 miles w/ 9 miles steady, 9 miles @6:15-6:25, 2.2 @steadyThis long run/long tempo was not well planned and it was all my fault. When I checked the website to see this weeks route, I didn't notice that the whole thing was gravel and that it was going to be difficult to maintain a good pace and get accurate results.Still, Houston paced me through it and it wasn't too bad. We had some slower miles and some faster ones when we finally hit a stretch of pavement, overall it averaged out about right. We did stop once for a hip stretch (gravel makes my hip extremely tight) and again when Houston was bit by a dog (yeah that happened) but for the most part it was a good run and I was pleased.My next workout will be either Tuesday or Wednesday...and will be some combination of leg cramping, chest about to explode type session. Still, looking forward to it. I absolutely love this stuff.Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Half-Miles on Mugshots

AM: 20 min w/u
8x800m on Mugshots: 2:41, 2:45, 2:32, 2:30, 2:37, 2:40, ?:??, ?:?? (these times are +/- 5 seconds always on mugshots)
20min c/dGood workout yesterday. I ran pretty hard and got some junk in my legs early...which was the plan. I forgot the splits on the last two, probably because I was suffering so bad I forgot to stop my watch.After number 7 I almost called it quits, but I hung on for one more interval, went out like my pants were on fire only for my legs to completely die with about 150m remaining. I was actually pleased with this....this National Cross course is no joke. If I want to be competative at all, I've got to learn to deal with a little lactic acid...and quickly.After that....Rocket City!

XC Workout Success

Morning Workout on the Cross-Country Course
20 min w/u, 2x2K @ fast on the flat, 10 min jog rest, 1x3K on upper loop @ whatever I could do.

2K: 6:56 (mile @ 5:34)
1000m jog, stretch,
2K: 6:37 (mile @ 5:22)
1000m+ jog, stretch,
3K~ on the upper loop in 10:54
35 min c/d

After feeling like my chest was about to explode in the 5K last Wednesday, I was a little worried about this workout. One, I have not run on the cross-country course in a while; Two, I have not run under 5:30 pace for over a couple minutes in a really long time; Three, I was running with the women's team who have been training for 6K since August. I was more than a little worried.

The plan was to run the women's workout (2x2K at fast) and then add a 3K on the end around the outer loop. The outer loop of the MSU cross-country course is a 400m flat,  500m hill, a gradual up/down hill for the majority of the course until you get the last 400ish meters were it gradually flattens out. It is beautiful, rough on the leg…

New plans

After a number of doctors appointments and an extra week of feeling like garbage, I came to the conclusion that what sidelined me at Columbus was stomach flu, and that dropping out when I did might actually be a blessing.

The very next day coach John emailed me about National Cross Country Championships. I begged Houston to let me go, I even robbed all the piggy-banks in our house just to find enough change to pay for the flight (there are perks to being married to a change hoarder).
He agreed on one condition, that me ferritin levels come back over 30 ( actually it was  53!). So with the marathon on the back burner (maybe not completely) and a 7k through mud and snow in three short weeks, I am desperately trying to piece together workouts so that I don't get my doors blown off in the opening kilometer.

So far so good. One bad workout and two good ones. Tomorrow I have 2x3k with the women's which my goal is not to cry, die, or throw up ( though one of those will like…

Mom: 3, Marathon: 1

(Note: My husband is to thank for the creative title of this post.)

Columbus Marathon Results:
AM: 2 mile w/u,
6:25, 6:12, 6:20, 6:18, 6:13, 6:20, 6:35, 6:35 (threw up), 6:27, 6:46, 7:15 (threw up), DNF

I felt light headed Friday & Saturday but I blamed it on the taper. I got the sleep I needed, I ate well and drank well, I figured I was fully prepared. Sunday morning Houston dropped me off early so I could wait in the "elite holding area" until the race start. It was here that things started to go bad.

First, I couldn't find the place. I also had my water bottles with me and I had to get them to "special needs" before 6:45AM. It was 6:15, I had nearly thirty minutes, but the crazy person inside of me started to flip out. For some reason, I half convinced myself I was not going to be able to walk one block and climb one flight of stairs in 30 minutes. Once I arrived there (on time, and at least 20 minutes early) I just folded. I felt so out of place, honest…

The last few days

Saturday:13.2 miles @ 6:35.
Sunday: Easy run
Monday: Easy run
Tuesday: 15min w/u, 5min c/d
1 mile@ 5:39, 20 min w/ 10@6:11, 4@6:07, 3@6:03, 3@6:00, 1 mile@5:36, (treadmill)
Wed: Easy run
Thurs: Easy run

I came to the realization 10 days ago that I failed to taper before my last I have really been taking it easy. I figure its better to overdo than to under-do at this a few days we will find out.

Mini Wednesday Workout

2 mile w/u
4 miles @ marathon pace (campus loop), 60 rest,
2 X 10min hard w/ 2 rest
2 mile c/d
I had no Garmin today. I left it on the charged and this morning when I woke up it was completely dead. Because I am tapering I had planned to run by feel anyway. I met Kevin at 5:00am and we warmed up towards campus for a few minutes before rolling into the 4 mile portion.
This was suppose to be marathon effort so I didn't look at my watch and just ran relaxed and controlled. Once I hit the 4 mile mark my watch said 24:14 (which was wrong). Kevin told me we average 6:11 per mile, which sounded about right. A little faster than marathon pace, but given the taper,perfectly fine.
The 10 minute segments...there was nothing controlled about them. I ran them hard, pushing the whole way, finishing the workout feeling strong and confident. There may just be a big marathon in me yet. If not, I have sure enjoyed the training for this one. It has made me to realize I am capable of much more than …

Last pre-marathon "long" run

AM: 15.7 miles @ 6:49 avg,
(pick-ups from 10-13 miles)
1.5 miles @sub 6min, 60 jog rest, 1200m @ 6:20, 60 rest, 800m @ 5:45 pace. It was just Kevin and I so we didn't kill it today but we didn't run slow either. Part of the Poor House loop out at Boardtown has some good hills...and my legs felt strong...which is a good thing.It was cooler today and we (unfortunately) picked the windy leg to run our pick-ups, so be mile 13 I felt pretty drained. I'm not sure if its lack of sleep or me just over analyzing things. Regardless, I'm planning on really tapering off these next two weeks.

Birthday workout fail

AM: 2 mile w/u, progressive tempo
5 min at each pace  6:30,6:27,6:22,6:18,6:15,6:11,6:07,6:03 ( quit, felt tired...couldn't get into it)
2*3min @5:39, 3 min c/d
(10 miles total)
Nothing exciting to report here. That last 20 mile run w/ the half marathon in the middle really knocked me on my butt. My body just hasn't recovered for some reason. Too many long runs.

Heart & Sole Half-Marathon Disaster

AM: 20 min w/u
13.?? mile race in 1:21:11 (1st**) $350 (off course)
40 min c/d, 20+ miles

1st with many ***..let me explain...

I typically like to run a half about 3 weeks out from a full, so when I found this race online and saw that it was in Jonesboro and the payout was decent, I expected I would run into Leah Thorvilson (who is coming off an injury) and Zamzam Sangau. I was right, they both showed up.

Before I go any further I would just like to clarify..I did not truly beat Leah and Zamzam. There was a whole lot of chaos around mile 6 with us all running off course...them much farther off course then myself because I had let them gap me a good bit. It was just a huge worth an explanation.

I had viewed the reviews of this race online and knew it would be difficult. It was net uphill, but the recent course modifications mentioned that they had removed a few of the hills and promised a mix of "hills and flat" (...haha...right). It also offered a cash purse…

Tempo Tuesday

After being sick all weekend + Monday, Tuesday morning I woke up expecting to get some kind of a workout in. I ran for about 2 min and realised it wasn't going to happen...I still felt like garbage.
Sooo...I went back to bed, woke up over an hour later to get Maddy up and ready for daycare/work.
Tuesday afternoon I wasn't feeling awesome but when I jumped on the treadmill my legs felt good (maybe because I had only cover 10 total miles in 2 days) so I decided I would try running hard and see what happened.I'm running Heart & Sole Half so I didn't want to go crazy but I did want to run fast. I decided 30 minutes of tempo would do the trick. 20 min @ 6:45
3x1 min @ 5:20 w/ 30 rest
30min @ 5:49 No cooldown (had a program I had to get to)Even though the treadmill gives you super powers and allows you to do crazy stuff that you can't do in real life ( 0 incline, no wind, etc. etc.) It was enough to make me feel like I worked hard, but didn't kill myself. I'…

Long run at Boardtown

AM: 20 miles w/ 17@6:40avg at Boardtown
Pickups at miles 16,17,19 (6:10,6:16,6:00)
Had to get this one in solo. I guess all my running friends took off on glamours vacations this weekend and forgot to invite me (jk).

I wanted to go 21-22 this morning but my stomach was upset the whole time and I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with something. After 4 trips into the bush I stopped keeping track. I had no problem pushing the pace when I needed to, but overall I knew I didn't feel quite right and had to keep myself from throwing up on multiple occasions.
Once again another 90+ miles in7 days (8 runs)

Which brings me to the end of this training cycle, and only 4 week until the Columbus Marathon. I have never worked harder than I have since the Spring when I decided to just go after it and hopefully not fall to pieces. I have done some incredible workouts, and I have also fell flat on my face multiple times dealing with dehydration, fatigue, and S.I. problems. I am excited abo…

Great article about America's obesity trend

Just some reading for the average citizen concerned about the U.S. obesity rate
(The Huffington Post)

....and some inspiration for you to get up and do something about it.

Wednesday Tempo

4:45 AM: 2mile w/u
7 mile tempo loop in 41:37 ( first mile easy in 6:20, last 6 miles 5:53 avg)
3 mile c/d

I am extremely pleased with how this run went because I was really worried about this workout for the past week. I have been sitting pretty logging tempos at 6:15 pace (marathon pace) so I knew trying to get my legs to go sub-6 for 7 miles was going to be a challenge.

I started out easy for the sake of my hip, and after clocking a 6:20 for the first mile I really got after it. It took about 2 more miles for my legs to really respond to the pace (I won't lie, I was a little worried). By mile two I was completely alone (one friend is training for a half-iron man, the other is running a 50K in a few weeks so sub-6 was really not the goal) and by mile 3 I found my stride and didn't feel like I was about to fall out at any minute, if anything I let me legs dictate the pace while paying no attention to my Garmin.

I won't say that my hip is completely fixed, but it is almost…

This past week's log.

Monday: 12 miles on the roads at a good pace
Tuesday: 20min w/u, 15x 80sec @5:18 pace, 40 sec jog rec., 20min c/d (treadmill)
Wednesday: 80 minutes
Thursday: 80 minutes
Friday: 1.5 mile w/u, 14.56 miles at 6:16 pace on hilly road loop,1.5 mile c/d
Saturday: AM:31 min easy w/ the jogger, PM: 36 min (treadmill)
Sunday: 2 hour run @7:15avg (watched 3 episodes of 24 while on the treadmill)

Just shy of 90 miles for the week and I'm feeling pretty good about it! 

Houston traveled to Nashville with the team so I got a chance to take Maddy out in the jogger Saturday. I really enjoy the runs we get to go on together...we had a good weekend.

Marathon Simulator Run

1.5 mile w/u
3 laps of the hilly campus 5 in 1:31:24 (ended up actually being 14.56 miles at 6:16 pace w/ Garmin)
6:28, 6:21, 6:12, 6:24, 6:02, 6:23, 6:16, 6:22, 6:19, 6:05, 6:26, 6:01, 6:14, 6:22, 3:18 (.56)
~6:16 avg pace
1.5 mile c/d

Before anyone freaks out that the 5 mile loop is crazy short, I would like to confess that I cut the median 3 times before the turn in front of the coliseum. It cuts off a lot more than most people realize, and I did it today because the traffic was absolutely terrible. I didn't plan this run very well and spent about 10 miles of it battling morning traffic on campus.

Seeing as I was going to miss Boardtown Saturday morning to take a bus 40 miles outside of Starkville to glean a sweet potato field with nearly 50 MSU students (and Maddy), about the only time I could get this workout in (with someone to offer me moral support) was Friday morning. I had planned on arriving to work late and allow myself sufficient time for breakfast and warmup....but n…

Quick morning speed workout

20min w/u
15x 80sec @5:18 pace, 40 sec jog recovery (jump of treadmill and jog into the kitchen recovery)
20min c/dNot your typical marathon prep workout, but Monday's 12 miler ended up being a pretty solid pace and my quads are still screaming from the 2:30 long run this past weekend. I felt like I needed to do something shorter and faster.This workout was awesome. Not too easy and not too hard either. I suppose to have a very difficult session later this week so I didn't want to over do it today. Overall, good session.

Training week worthy of a blog

Sunday: 17 miles w/ 12 miles at alternating fast/slow miles (6:16 avg) (treadmill)
Monday: 13 miles solid pace on South Farm (team's long run)
Tuesday: 8 miles easy
Wednesday: 12 miles (treadmill)
Thursday: 3 mile w/u, 6X 1 mile on hilly road loop w/ garmin, 90 sec rest (5:45, 5:40, 5:42, 5:41, 5:47, 5:19). 3 mile c/d
Friday: 74 minutes easy
Saturday 2:30 long run at Boardtown (extremely humid, really struggled at the end)

~92 miles in 7 days in 7 runs

I cramped really bad on Saturday starting at about 13 miles. It started in my lower back and ran all the way to my toes. I didn't care to much about it, I had a great week and I finished the long run regardless.

I'm not hitting triple digits but I did hit another 90, which is big for me.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased.

Memphis Twilight & 12 miles at marathon pace

After Tuesday's failed workout I ended up getting a referral from my doctor to return to physical therapy and another dose pack. I logged an embarrassingly low mileage recover week and even got in for a one hours session with the team's massage therapist (Jack). Everything helped  and I was confident I could run the Memphis Twilight Meet on Saturday night. I had no idea what to expect....17:30...? 18:30?... I had every intention of racing yesterday.

By the time I had to start warming up it was already dark. I had Maddy with me, so I didn't get much chance to do any pre-race stuff until about 50 minutes before. Still, my legs felt good and my energy was high, I was really looking forward to getting out there with no expectations what-so-ever then just run hard.

The JV and high school races were before the college division so there was a couple thousand people lined all along the course. It was quite exciting, and very different then the low-key road races that I had been ru…

Workout fail and S.I. problems

Because of the potential stormy weather coming in from the south because of Isaac, I ran this mornings workout with the team. Sunday and Monday I just ran easy and I figured I was on a short road of recovery.

Tuesday morning I had an expectation that I would wake up with some extra pop in my legs.

I didn't.

Tuesday morning I woke up at 2:30am to an almost two year old screaming at the top of her lungs for her "V-I-D-E-O". Unfortunately for her, she did not get it...and unfortunately for Houston and I, we didn't get what we wanted either.. which was sleep.

Warming up this morning my legs felt strange. I quickly discovered why when we jumped into the middle portion of the workout (3 miles at goal HM pace for me) and my hip locked up. Damn.

Today made it clear that the less than stellar workouts and the leg cramping is officially S.I problems on the rebound. Starting immediately I will be back in physical therapy trying to get everything back in place. I know this is s…

Marathon paced tempo

AM: 3 mile w/u, 7.5-8 miles @ marathon pace, 3 mile c/d
6:24, 6:16, 6:13, 6:08, 6:19, 6:13, 6:23, 6:20 (.75)

This workout was a bit of a fail. I have just put in 4 solid weeks of training and higher than normal miles and my legs are pretty fried. This morning I had planned on running the Poor House loop (8.8 miles) at sub 6:20 pace, but when I finished my warm-up my legs felt tight and shaky. I told Houston that I didn't think it would be a good day for the session we had originally planned so I just decided to warm-up into it and see how things unfolded.
The positive thing I took from this workout is that the pace was not hard. My breathing was controlled and I was not working too hard to maintain pace all on my own. The negative thing...I cramped badly. Houston was nice enough to throw me a drink, a gel and some salt from the car but nothing I took made my legs feel any different.

Once I finally turned back on South Montgomery with less than 1.5 miles left, my legs just died. I …

4X2mile workout

4:45 AM: 1.2 mile w/u,  4X2 mile on rolling road loop, 2 mile c/d
6:02, 5:55
5:47, 5:58(hill)*
5:46, 5:50
5:56, 5:48(hill)*

I didn't get much sleep the night before this session which was 100% my fault. To top things off we (Micah & Kevin) barely warmed up for this session, claiming that we would just "roll into it". I was pleased with this session, I ran this workout on this same loop a year ago feeling like a million bucks and today was still better. I did, however, stop short on 2 and 4 because I was unsure of the markers, so those times are adjusted based on garmin. I may have took more recovery than I needed ( 3min versus 2 min twice) but all in all it was good. After 4 I felt like I could handle another at that pace or faster. It was a good day. All the little things are starting to work themselves out.

Long run on Oktoc

AM: 20+ miles at a very solid pace.

I was almost out the door this morning before I realized my Garmin was completely dead. Apparently we had lost power during the night and it had turned on while sitting on the charger. I was furious. I cannot stand when this happens and it happens very often!.

So I was prepared to run without any sense of pace, which shouldn't be a big deal if I was not such a slave to the GPS. In the end, I figured I covered over 20 miles in 2:15 because of the add-ons before/after during. I ran most of it pretty hard. I know the effort was there.

On the first leg I took off with Joe and Joseph only to find out that there were just running "10". By the first water we were really spread out, so I took advantage of not being the first one arriving (which means I didn't have to pour) I turned around and headed back towards the rest of the group to add another  2.5 minutes on to the total. After gu and sports drinks we were gone again.

It had rained h…

Another good session

AM: 21min w/u, 34 min c/d
4x1 mile on Mugshots loop with 3 min rest
5:31, 5:10 (short), 5:23(up hill/short), 5:25OK so I know Mugshots is short, but its also a road loop on rolling hills. I had no idea I was running as fast as I was. I am so pleased with this session and how my training partners pushed me towards the end of every interval. This was NOT the pace I was suppose to run. I just thought it was going to take more effort to run the pace I wanted, and that did not end up being the case.Originally, I had planned on running 5 intervals. But after I looked at my watch finishing of the hill on #4, I called it a day. The work was done.

Long run at Boardtown

AM: 17.64 miles @ boardtown (about 14miles @ 6:30avg)
(I am posting these splits mostly to boost confidence in myself right now, please just bear with me) 7:14, 6:29, 6:25, 6:32, 6:30, 6:43, 6:32, 6:26, 6:39, 6:22, 6:10, 6:19, 6:37, 6:43, (:54 for. 14) + 3.5 miles of the Rick Loop easy @ 7:35 pace

I haven't been out at Boardtown for 4 weeks and my long runs have not been near the quality as they typically are running with the group on Saturdays. Being that the loop was only 10 miles, I ran the first four miles straight from my house and then joined the group just after 6:30am.

After about 7 miles I wad a little worried about how things would go. I'm not gunna lie, I felt out of shape for a large portion of it. Thank goodness for Micah, he practically dragged me along today. At one point before the second water he dropped a 5:45 mile...only to leave me coughing and gasping behind him in about 6:10. Still, I was pleased. Two more weeks and I will be right back where I left off.

Workout Success

I received some of the best advice ever on my recent post, and I am so thankful of my blogger friends and their efforts to support each other. With some reduced running and better eatting, things are already improving. Thanks to your suggestions!!!Really appreciate the advice.

Wednesday morning: AM: 22 min w/u w/ 1X(60/45/30/15) hard running
38 min at tempo
20 min c/d

The strap on my Garmin had broke a few days before this session, and being the state of my legs, I decided to run this session on effort only...using my $9.00 walmart watch.
It turned about to be the right move. I was in Atlanta running on very busy streets, so I choice a route that would take me out and back 4 times on Emory campus (I later found a trail system a few minutes from my hotel...great). I wanted a very hilly route...and this loop was more than I needed. Running by feel only I tried to maintain a hard but controlled effort. I know I was working hard because the last 6 minutes were very challenging. They were …

It's all gone south.

So running has went pretty south since Canada, and I do not mean just literally. Once I returned to Mississippi I was determined to get back on track. Therefore, I sandwiched my first true week of marathon training between two (2) 16 mile treadmill runs. Things did not go well towards the end.

Sunday's run ended up with my legs screaming for me to stop from 12 miles on....I struggled for a little while then  finally slowed down just so I would get the miles in. Sadly, my last two were slower than 8 minute pace. Once I finally forced myself to quit, I just stood there with shaking my head, one hand on the rail trying to keep myself from toppling over.


It was like this unsolvable puzzle that had created 24/7 worry and anxiety. YES I have a marathon in about 10 weeks time and my legs are SHOT. I have a tempo tomorrow and I don't even know if I can run 1 mile at 6min pace, let alone 8 of them.

My heavy achy legs have been bothering me for weeks! Maybe mont…

Up North

My legs have been cooperating  (some what) since Monday. Unfortunately, now I am trying to continue training while running at altitudes I am not accustomed to. I have spent most days feeling pretty dehydrated and have finished most of my runs completely destroyed.
Everyone adjusts to changes in altitude differently, and I do not handle it well. Most of the time running my legs feel heavy and sluggish. I shuffle through most runs...amazed if I find myself hovering around 7:00min per miles. Most days I have just forgot the garmin and just run for time.
As for workout paces, they have needed to be adjusted. Houston and I discussed that the conversion was probably 10 seconds per mile, which is fine...on the flats. Most hills I feel myself gasping for air and barely being able to come within 30 seconds of goal pace. For those of you that follow training, my not-so-exciting log is below.

Monday: short jog, travel all day
Tuesday: 75 minutes in Edmonton (starting to get my legs back)


I'll spare you many of the details but obviously things didn't go very well. Oh Well!By 800m in I already felt weak. By 3 miles I was still on pace but dizzy and light headed. By 4 miles I realised I was going to have to drop out or end up in a medical tent.When I met my husband and Maddy at just over 10k, I was already running 6:50 pace.I fried myself a few weeks back. Live and learn, time to get recovered and focus on the fall. Hope everyone else had a successful weekend of training and racing.

I'm still here.

I've been told I need to update my blog. I guess I was kind of surprised someone noticed. Lets just say that I have not had the best two weeks of legs have had a hard time coming back after the Rez Run this past Saturday (it made Mount Schmidt look like a speed bump). Unfortunately it was not the relaxed tempo I had expected (I got to the race just before the gun went off) and definitely not in this heat.So here we are, sitting in our over-priced hotel room in downtown Chicago waiting for Maddy to wake up from her 2 hour afternoon "nap" (must be nice). Tomorrow I race Chicago Rock 'n' Roll half,  and Monday we are attempting to fly to Canada to visit family ( that's another complicated story). I would have said three weeks ago that I was looking for a PR. However, after how the last two weeks have will be what it will be.Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and good luck to anyone racing.Meggan

Lesson learned!

I would like to say that this week was the best week ever, but then I would be lying.  The awesome week I had last week was about opposite to what I had this time around. Sure I still got in some decent miles, and Saturday’s workout was acceptable, but I suffered a bad bout of dehydration and spent the whole week recovering from it. Live and learn I guess.
If anyone is wondering what the heck happened to the time trial, we rescheduled until late/early fall because of the heat. Last week we were experiencing record highs across the state and temperatures were hitting over 100 during the day and staying above 90 until late into the night. It would have been a death march. Therefore I preceded to get in some major miles…in the heat. And, like I said, probably had one of my best weeks ever.
After last Saturday’s 20 miler I started to feel like I could accomplish anything, and so I continued to run many miles and not doing the things I needed afterwards.  Honestly, when it comes to the nu…

This past week's log

Monday: 11 miles moderate/good pace
Tuesday: 3+ mile run to track, 6X400m @ 75-76 sec w/70 sec recovery, 3+ mile run home
PM: 3 miles easy
Wednesday: 11 miles (treadmill) 7:03-6:49 pace
Thursday:AM: 2.5 mile w/u, 42 min progressive tempo (10 min @ 5:56 pace,10 min @ 5:52 pace, 8 min @ 5:49 pace,14 min @ 5:46 pace) 2 mile c/d  
PM: 25 minutes 
Friday: 10 miles easy
Saturday:20 miles progressive treadmill run in 2:09:40 (5 miles @ 6:53-6:40, 5 miles @ 6:31, 3 miles @ 6:15, 6 miles @ 6:11, 1 mile  @ 6:07)
Sunday: AM: 50 minutes PM: 49 minutes

90 miles for the week.

Ok so I'm not about chasing miles and typically I don't like to run more than 10 miles on Sunday....but I felt so good running this afternoon (and it was actually not 100 degrees for once) it was just too easy to keep going. Here it is, my first 90 mile week ever! If things go as planned, there will be many more of these to come!

20 mile treadmill run.

AM: 20 miles progressive treadmill run in 2:09:40
5 miles @ 6:53-6:40
5 miles @ 6:31
3 miles @ 6:15
6 miles @ 6:11
1 mile  @ 6:07

This run didn't go as perfectly as I would have liked. I felt great the entire time, but I didn't get up early enough to get it in. By the time I reached mile 7, Maddy was already awake and demanding a "nak" (snack). I had anticipated this before I started and had already prepared two eggo waffles and had set the monitor up in the den so I could watch Maddy while she ate. It wasn't but a few minutes later we were screaming at the top of our lungs for "Addie" (aka Backyardagains). Unfortunately, each of those episodes was only 24 minutes and 17 seconds with credits...and Maddy already knows that the credits means that Addie is about to end.
So about every twenty minutes of this sweaty 20 mile run I was presented with the remote control and a very angry 21 month old. Regardless, this run went, I finished it and I felt pretty go…

Good Tempo

AM: 2.5 mile w/u, 42 min progressive tempo, 2 mile c/d
10 min @ 5:56 pace,10 min @ 5:52 pace, 8 min @ 5:49 pace,14 min @ 5:46 pace
PM: 25 minutes 
~14 miles

I felt good the whole time during this work out & I actually felt better as the workout went on. I was forced to take one very short break (Maddy woke up and got angry pretty quickly) plopping Maddy down on the bed with a cup full of cereal and then jumping back on the treadmill to finish up. No wind, 0 incline, but still hard.

Monday was not much of a workout, so I expected to feel pretty good today.

Last week's log

Few days behind on this. Last week was a recovery week anyway so nothing exciting to report.

Monday: 9 miles
Tuesday: 3 mile w/u @ 7:08, 7X 75-90 seconds @ 5:13 pace, 45 sec recovery.
2-3 min jog, 30 min @ 5:52 pace, 2-3 min jog, 3X 90 seconds @ 5:15 pace w/ 40 sec rec, 2 mile c/d
Wednesday: 9 miles Thursday: AM: 50 min really really easy PM: 1.5 mile w/u, 2x200m @38,36, 1x400m @78, 1x1200m @4:00, 2x800m @2:36, 10min c/d Friday: 7 miles Saturday: 16 miles @ 6:45 avg w/ 2.5 miles in the middle at 5:45 pace Sunday: 60 minutes easy

Why I ran today...and why you should too.

It’s summer time in Mississippi, meaning that temps during the day creep up past 90 degrees, often reaching 100 or above. Humidity is high also, some runs I even get a stitch in my chest because the moisture in the air is so thick, and I am practically gasping just to get a breath of normal air at our steady 6:50-7:15 min pace.
It’s also the time of year in college where miles and hard efforts were most important. I remember opening that long white package from the mail; finally with my trusty summer schedule in hand, crossing out 10s and penciling in 12s, trying to see how I could make sure I was working harder than everyone else.
I wasn’t immune to the fun, games and late nights that summer often brought. Going home to Canada for 2 months meant that the sun shines well after 10PM, which made it hard to go to bed anytime before midnight. Still, even up North, miles logged in the afternoon were not near the quality of miles logged in the AM. So I often slept 6 hours, ran, and napped …

Mini track session

AM: 50 min really really easy (didn't feel the hip at all)
PM: 1.5 mile w/u
Mini track session at 5k pace or faster
2x200m @38,36
1x400m @78
1x1200m @4:00
2x800m @2:36
10min c/dIt was 90 degrees at the track last night and with a long run on Saturday I decided Thursday night's speed session would be short and sweet.
This is the first time since I can remember that I have ran intervals on the track in a pair of spikes. I enjoyed it...but one thing is for sure, I have no sense of pace.Overall I left the track feeling positive about my time trial next week. The splits I did hit felt comfortable. I think I can do this. Now, all I have to do is prove it in 12.5 laps.

5km pace work with some tempo

AM: 3 mile w/u @ 7:08
7X 75-90 seconds @ 5:13 pace, 45 sec recovery.
2-3 min jog
30 minutes @ 5:52 pace
2-3 min jog
3X 90 seconds @ 5:15 pace w/ 40 sec recovery
2 mile c/d

-12 miles total

Maddy woke up at around 2:00AM this morning thinking it was the perfect time to watch Backyardagains (if you are not familiar with the show, you are not missing much). Unfortunately for Houston, I was about to kick him to the  guest bedroom anyway because of my morning treadmill session. Maddy finally went back to bed around 4:45AM, about the time I turned on the trusty old Nordic Track to start my warm-up.

My hip has been fusing with me lately, and I am not sure if it is SI or the bad case of poison ivy. I am taking a steroid dose pack that has me shaky, thirst and nervous most of the day. I am about half way through (the dose pack) and I am still waking up in the middle of the night itchy. My lymph nodes are also inflamed, and it causes a little pain when my 20 month old decides that it would be fu…

Another log..and a blog!

I would like to apologize for my lack of blogging and only "logging" but I just can't seem to spit out a blog lately. There is to much stuff going on. My sister just had her second child, so we will be making a trip to the North country within the next month or so. Conveniently, my passport just expired and I can't seem to find a place closer than a 4 hour drive that would take a passport photo good enough to be accepted by Canada passport services. I am going to have to take a day off work just to drive to a studio outside of Memphis that claims they are the only company in the south that will take a Canadian passport photo.

This is Wonderful. ...

We are busy at work, lots of exciting new projects but also a lot of work to do for everyone. Still, wouldn't have it any other way. I thrive in work where I am constantly challenged, so I am grateful.

With work, family, and an almost 2 year old (that seems to be running the show right now), these things are just more …