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2011 SEC Indoor Track and Field Championships: Women's 3000m Race Recap

No surprise here, Jackie Areson took the lead from the beginning (she has run 9:01 this year), dragging most of the field out early to a blistering 3:05 for the first 1000m (2:24 for the first 800m). Callie Cooper of Florida followed chase along with Tennesse’s Costello and Sheffey and Kentucky’s Cally Macumber.

After the first kilometer, the top 8 still looked to be in the race and holding on to Areson quite well, until Jackie made a huge move that dragged the field out just slightly and she began gapping the field. Teammates Sheffey and Costello trailed by about 10 meters.
Jackie went through the mile in about 4:55, and by this time, her lead had increased to about 20 meters. She then began to lap some of the weaker runners that had fallen off quickly due to the blistering pace.

From here on nothing changed in the “lead”, Areson led and extended her lead, Holly Knight made a move in the chase pack, but it was hard to watch the chase when Jackie was so far out in front unfailing and unc…

Working Mom on Marathon Training

Monday: 10 miles with Micah (74min)
Tuesday: 60minutes relaxed, hamstring + abs
Wednesday: 2.5 mile warm up, 2.5 mile cool down, 8x800m at 10K pace (5:40's) w/ 2-3 rest 2:47-2:52 (9.5 miles)
Thursday:50minutes easy
Friday: 16 miles in 1:55 (1 hour relaxed, 6 miles at MP pace (6:43,6:37, 6:37, 6:35, 6:42, 6:43) 2 mile cool down)

Houston left Thursday night, and his parents ended up coming for a visit. They stayed over, which ended up being the only time I could get my long run in, so bright (not really) and early (yes) on Friday morning, I got up, pumped, made coffee, and set out the door for a quick two hour jaunt.

The first hour was not as stellar as I would have liked. I was all over the place, 7:00, 7:20, 6:58, 7:25, it was just messed up. The effort felt consistent but my garmin said otherwise. It may have been that I wasn't paying attention, or the fact that I got out of bed at 3:30 AM, not sure.
I felt pretty good after about 58 minutes, and by that time, I had gone a little ov…

Training and racing goals after having baby.

Monday: 54minutes w/ 10 X2 min on, 1 min off @10k pace + 12min hard on the trainer (this morning was a'll see why)
Tuesday: 60minutes recovery + abs
Wednesday:2 mile warm up, 30min progessive tempo with Micah, 6:23, 6:21, 6:14, 6:11, 6:17 (9+ miles)
Thursday:AM: 30minutes on the trainer + abs, Lunch: 40 minute recorvery run on trails
Friday: 8.3 miles with Micah (7:25 average)
Saturday:3 mile warm up, 4 mile cool down, 5 mile tempo run in 29:55 on campus 5 loop (12)
Sunday: Planned 40 min on trainer + 40 min run with Aaron and hamstring work

I had a great week of running with the exception on Monday. Monday morning was ill planned and turned out being a disaster. I had scheduled a 10 mile run with 12X2min hard pickups in the middle, and being that Houston had practice I was ready to run the last 4 miles on the treadmill at home while Maddy slept. I ended up getting out the door a few minutes late but managed to get about 6 mile in and 8 pickups before I came back home. I walke…

16 weeks postpartum: Longest run since pregnancy

Thursday: am: 8.3 miles in 61 min, abs and stretchFriday: AM: 5 miles (no Husband and Maddy had a bad night) Saturday: 15.6 miles in 1:51 Sunday: Planned 45minute run with M.E. and Aaron
This mornings run felt pretty good. I told myself that I was not going to go as fast, that I was going to be relaxed and just get the run in. The loop was about 12 miles, and 15.5 with the add on. Micah and I started off relaxed, eventually getting down around 7:00-6:55 until about mile 6 where we parted ways. I ran the last 10 miles solo. The add-on loop took me around the "lake" at Browning Creek. Having never ventured out this far alone, I was a little hesitant and slowed the pace down a bit (I am extremely directionally challenged) but I kept taking rights (advised by Micah) until I finally hooked back in on the west side. The loop was hilly, I slowed to about 7:20 pace, and by the time I got back to the water stop I was ready to start rolling. I told myself I was not going to stop for Gatora…

Postpartum Running Week 16 & Yoga for Tight Hamstrings

Training Update:Monday: AM: 4 miles progressive warm up, 8X2:00min hard, 60 easy7:00, 6:27, 6:26, 6:21, rest 3 min, the 2 min reps were done at 5k-10k race pace(date pace) 8.25 miles total Tuesday: 60 minutes easy Wednesday: Modified bulldog miles: 2 mile warm up/ 1 mile c/d, 4X90 sec at 10k pace, 2X800m, 1Xmile, 2X800m, 4X90 sec up tempo (1st 4 90 sec at 10K pace), 2:42, 2:48, 5:35, 2:48, NT, 2nd 90 sec half marathon pace
This workout went well for 4:30 in the Morning. It was just Micah and I & 20 degrees. I can make all the excuses in the world of why this workout was sub-par, however it was fine. I am not training to run 16:40 or sub 35min, I am training for a Marathon, and Maddy is less than 4 months old. Being that we started the workout from my house, we had to modify everything so that we could eventually run the 8's and the mile on a marked loop. I have had three sleepless nights in a row and it is starting to have a negative effect on me. Today, I feel asleep in my office c…

Marathon Training Week 2: 13 mile progressive treadmill run.

Thursday: AM: 4miles easy, abs /PM: 10min w/u, circuit for 25min
Friday: AM: 8.2 miles with Micah (7:20-30 pace)
Saturday: 13 miles in 90 min
30 min at 7:30-7:00 pace
5min at 6:58 pace
25min at 6:53 pace
5 min at 6:49 pace
25min at 6:44 pace
Sunday:48 minutes with M.E.
Total miles for the week: 56 (4 miles short of goal)

Saturday's run was done on the treadmill. I had planned on waking up at 5:00 am to get my run in while Maddy slept- unfortunately, she had a bad night and I forgot to set my alarm. We woke up at 7:00 instead. By the time I got her changed/dressed/fed and content in her swing, it was already 8:15. Maddy and I had a baby shower to go to at 2:00, so I had to kiss whatever dream I had of going out to the Whites for friends/fellowship/coffee/bread goodbye.
I changed into my running clothes, plugged in my pandora, and got to work. I started off at an easy 7:40 pace to get the legs warmed up, and after I had gone about a mile, Maddy was already asleep. I figured I could probably ge…

Treadmill finally up + Maddy's first day of school :)

Sunday: 45 minutes + abs Monday: 25 min progressive warmup (down to 6:30 pace) + 30 min of 90 sec @ 5 K race pace, 60 sec easy + light abs (8-9 miles) Tuesday: 55 min easy Wednesday: 2 mile warm up/cool down w/ 4X 1 mile on Mugshots (6:04, 5:58, 5:48, 5:31 ( 2-2:45 rest and headwind going out, tailwind coming back) (8 miles)
First of all, I am sure you have noticed a few "small" additions to my blog. I am now part of the Women Talk Sports Network ( I'm so excited to be blogging for such an amazing network of people with interests similar to my own, if you have not checked out the site yet, I recommend you visit it ( WTS's mission is"promoting and empowering female athleticism, is an online network that connects the best blogs relating to women's sports. The site aims to raise the level of awareness of women in sport by providing comprehensive sport coverage, spotlighting outstanding achievements, a…