Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stepping up my game & sharing motivation from "the coach".

In an attempt to step up my mileage, I was successful in making myself really tired this week.

Monday: 58 minutes (Maddy cut my run short) (8 miles)
Tuesday: 3 mile w/u 50min progressive tempo, starting at 6:18 working down to 5:39. (6:07 avg pace) 2.5 mile c/d (13.5 miles)
Wednesday: 90 minutes relaxed
Thursday: AM: 45 minutes PM: 45 minutes w/ 6X30 seconds hard. (12 miles)
Friday: 10 miles w/ M. (reg loop + sherwood when I got home)
Saturday: 14.5 miles w/ 9 miles @6:25 pace
Sunday: 70-80 minutes recovery

Even though I'm going to hit 80 this week, this morning during my long run I convinced myself its not about the miles. Once again, I'm going to try and stop counting and focus more on how I feel. After all, I'm still getting better.
Most people can deal with knowing the numbers and not obsess over them, I cannot.

How the week went.
Monday I wanted to go about 12 miles or so, but 8 miles into my treadmill run (Houston has been out of town) Maddy woke up screaming. So run=over.

Therefore I woke up early on Tuesday to get a good medium run/tempo combo completed before work. Because it was just after 4:00AM, it took me a few miles to get the legs moving. Starting off conservative (at just a few seconds faster than goal marathon pace) I tried to stay relaxed as I increased the pace every few minutes (or when I felt tired or bored). It was surprisingly easy, but then again, I was running on the treadmill. Regardless, I was pleased with this workout.

Thursday I had planned on running 30 minutes of speed fartlek, but my Achilles had been really bothering me, so (being safe) I skipped it and just ran easy instead. Probably a smart move as I was able to run normally Saturday.

Saturday's run started off great. After a brief warm-up we started rolling along at just a few seconds slower than goal marathon pace. However, after about 9 miles at just over a 6:20 avg, my calves cramped up completely. I jogged the last few miles in to log just under 15 for the day.

Just some INSPIRATION from  my husband, the coach.

He recently made a post of the distance training page that I wanted to share with you all. He is king of motivational talks. Even though it is directed at the team, I hope you all can get something out of it also. Names have been edited as requested by the husband.

"This is a critical time of the year,  each and everyone of you is responsible for doing your work and keeping each other accountable. It doesn't matter if your hill was 562m long, or 611m long. What does matter is that you are putting the work in and getting stronger, fitter, tougher, and meaner. Each one of you has a decision each day. Do I go out and do today what it is going to take to make me better, or do I let everyone that I am expected to compete against be better than me today. Because guess what? RIVAL TEAM A, RIVAL TEAM B, RIVAL TEAM C, ETC. and even the " RIVAL NAME X" are getting out the door and putting it in. They want to keep you down. They want you to have have excuses why you didn't work today. They want the weather to be tougher than you. They want you thinking, "Oh, I can put this workout off til tomorrow, or I will do some of my stretches, but maybe skip a few." Cowardice has no place in the (INSERT SCHOOL MASCOT) Nation. Get it done......NO EXCUSES! Train hard, train smart, and soon......kick some @$$."


I wanted to share a video with you all from"V02 Max productions". A Brooks-Hanson video of Ms. Desiree Davila running a 3X3 mile workout to prepare for the USA Olympic Trials.

Watch more video of Desiree Davila on




Raina said...

Haven't had a chance to comment in a few posts, but I am glad that you are working on the numbers obsession...and that I am not the only one who has one. Mine goes in spurts though. :)

So SMART to take it easy with the achilles thing. Now off to watch the video...:)

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Love this post, love the motivational talk and the video. Obsession with numbers or not, you are staying healthy and getting faster. Something (everything?) is going right!

Laura said...

Great post! Ironic b/c I just wrote about letting myself relax a bit over the holidays... :) It's a good reminder to continue to press on. I'm trying to be smart and fully recover from earlier injuries, but look forward to ramping things up more soon. I know where to look for the inspiration!

Michael said...

The toughest thing about the motivational talk for many dedicated athletes is when "train smart" means that today is a rest day. We then think that because the competition is out running long, hard, or both means that we should be as well.

Resting can be the hardest part...especially a total day off type of rest.

Tina said...

"Mom against the Marathon" I like your blog title. :)