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Running marathons is bad for your health.

Didn't you hear??? I sure did. Last week someone let me know.


I should have taken up smoking. Or competitive eating. What am I doing running? I could be indulging in cheese burgers and fried chicken every night.

I was talking to someone the other day about my recent love of marathons when they just felt the need to inform me that running marathons was actually bad for you.

"It's a fact."

Really? How totally uniformed I am. Its not like over 30% of Mississippians are OBESE that is the problem, it is, IN FACT, the marathoners that are living the unhealthy lifestyles.

What a total let down.

Did you know that running is actually bad for you?

It reminds me of an infomercial I was watching a few months ago. I love infomercials. I think this one was for some sort of non-impact walking machine.You see, walking is a high impact activity that most intelligent people should really avoid. Instead, there is a cool machine that makes you feel like you are walking on a cloud, and its only $2000. What do you save by purchasing this item? Your joints, of course!

I do have difficulty accepting this though. I USED TO feel like the human body was made for motion. Only because we have legs and we walk upright. We have butts for sitting, yes. But we have legs for walking, too. Just not lots of running, that will put to much stress on your joints.

Actually, I think walking may be too high of an impact activity for those that are over weight or obese. This typically happens as a results of too much eating and not enough running.

Taking up running as a hobby early on:   +3.5 to 3.7 years added to your life

Taking up extreme eating and living in obesity: -12 years taken away

By the way, heart disease is still the number one killer of people in America. Marathon running doesn't seem to be on the list, maybe we should all inform the list makers?

I guess I will keep running.


Oh, yes! Everyone in my extended family (ROmanians) tell me how running will destroy my joints, give me arthritis and make my hear work too hard so that it will stop. Makes me laugh now but used to be upsetting.
I say, yes, keep on running:)
DonnaG said…
It really aggravates me how dumb down some people and most media are. It's almost like they are trying to set you up for failure with the crap they are trying to feed you.
Sunny 2 Runner said…
HA! Love your post :-)
Marnie said…
Great post! As a lifelong runner, I've heard the "running is bad for you" spiel way too many times -- including once from a friend smoking a cigarette! Thanks for setting the record straight with the true facts.
I love it and hate it when I hear that running is bad for you.

And impact, yep, it is good for you too if you keep it reasonable for your body. Impact actually helps build stronger bones. Hmmm....
Jesse Armijo said…
Classic! I just love being told this, especially from overweight people. I guess it's "ok" for them to tell us their perspective on what they think is wrong, but not socially ok for us to outright tell them what we know IS wrong (being obese)... Oh well, keep pounding out the miles!
laurenblake said…
Great post! I HATE when people tell me that running marathons is bad for me.

Patient: "But the problem is that diabetes runs in my family."
Doctor:"No. The problem is no one runs in your family."
Jen said…
Great post!

I love it - "Gees, I should've just took up smoking and competitive eating" LOL…

As a former smoker and overweight junk food eater, I'm glad that I finally found this bad habit of running. ;)
Laura said…
Just found your blog-- i was just writing about the same thing this week! (marathons being bad for you!) it's inspiring to find other moms who run, and wow, you're so fast! i look forward to following along!

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