Sunday, November 27, 2011

New goals for the new year

I have been running....obviously! I took 3 weeks after the marathon to get my legs under me before I resumed any sort of real training. The last two weeks I have started to feel like my old self again.

I'm still feeling tired. Like I squeezed 18 weeks of marathon training into 12. But I just HAD TO run Niagara Falls. I hope I don't pay for this later. My legs are stronger than they have ever been, but I'm not ready to return to the racing scene just yet.

Nov 14-20
Mon: 67 minutes (8.5-9 miles)
Tues:  68 minutes w/ 12* 1 min at hard, 1 min easy
Weds: felt sick all day Tuesday, so no running
Thurs: 11 miles
Fri: 7 miles
Sat: 15 miles w/ Houston w/ 10 miles @ 6:35 avg (legs starting to come back a bit) @boardtown
Sun: Recovery run, 8 miles @ 7:19 pace

Nov 21-27
Mon: 85 minutes, 11+ miles
Tues: w/o, 30 min w/u, 3X1.5 miles on hilly loop, 5:55/5:50/5:45 (garmin) avg. pace, felt nice and relaxed, 15 min cool down.
Weds: Recovery run of 45 minutes + 30 minute jog with the neighbor
Thurs: 10 miles w/ 4X(1min, 45 sec, 30 sec, 15 sec hard) w/ 30-60 sec recovery between each rep, 2 min between sets, ran on a half mile hilly paved loop, pace between 4:45 mile pace and 5:15 mile pace depending on up or down
Fri: recovery run of 67 minutes
Sat:15.5 miles in 1:41:53 (w/ 14.5 miles @ 6:30 avg) @ boardtown
Sun: 58 minutes recovery

Happy Thanksgiving

The other Baby. He would argue that he was the first!

Marathon training.. while not racing a marathon?
Running with my husband on Friday, I asked him why in the world can I do workouts like I used to in college yet I train nothing like I did in college. He explained to me that, "You can approach training from two ways, you can training to run fast or you can get fast by getting strong, this time you are getting fast by getting strong." He said a lot more than this, but I will spare you the details. Training for marathons works for me, and though I am looking at running a 5K and 10K PR in the spring, I am still going to keep a lot of the same key workouts from my marathon training.

Saturday's long run
Saturday I woke up feeling absolutely didn't seem to matter. Having Houston to chase for almost 16 miles always makes for a good run. Once I hit the first water stop, I knew I was about to have a good day, 6:30 pace came and went, I started clicking off 6:19...6:08...I made myself slow down for fear that I would burn out later.
At the half way point I put on my rally cap and did my best to chase my husband down the rest of the way. I was unsuccessful. I knew I would be. I did have a fabulous run and am looking forward to this next cycle of training.

GOALS for 2012...
Wow, I guess I have some. Let me say that I have no aspirations of being a running super-star. I like my life, my family, my home, my 40 hour work week, my 10 minute commute, my evenings with my family free of running. I don't want to change any of that. I simply like to run, and I like to run fast. If I can be a good/great runner, well then that is totally awesome bonus.

We all should have goals in everything we do, and I for sure have some for next year if I continue to stay healthy. My 5k PR, it is just not something I am proud of, so in the spring and early summer I am looking to try and improve on that. My 10K PR is truly non-existent, I don't really even know what it is, 36:45 or so that I split once in an 8 mile time trial...does that even count? No. I would like to run a good 10K. Something worth posting.

And of course, running 1:18 for the half marathon and chasing 2:45 again for the full marathon. After I accomplish all these things I hope I will be content and maybe take up another sport.. (curling?)...but I doubt it.

I will come up with something else to chase...


Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

This post makes me laugh. It is amazing that you areNOT training yet running such strong and fast one runs. Maybe this is the trick to getting faster, 'not training'. Well, if we all can run so fast while 'not training'. Excited to follow you as you chase that 5k, 10k HM and marathon PRs. I am also curious about the "run fast by getting stronger philosophy". V interesting!

Renee said...

i'd support you in curling......

Jenn said...

Ahhhh-love drooling over your training. Like the part where 3X1.5 mile in in 5 something feels nice and relaxed:)

Yes, I agree with AM above. Don't spare us the details! Interesting indeed!

Curling eh!

Haley said...

I'm pretty sure you could be a sub 34 minute 10k'er :)

Raina said...

I am among those who would like to read more about your training to get faster by getting stronger, verses running faster! Also, I would like to see how fast you can get that 5k and "nonexistent" 10k. Ha! Maybe you are missing your specialty :)