Monday, September 5, 2011

Nine things to do on Labor Day when its pouring rain.

1.) Strut around the house in your birthday suit.

2.) Drink a few extra cups of coffee.

3.) Play on the internet for a bit.

4.) Get a good run in on the treadmill.

5.) Catch up on some quality reading.

6.) Dig in the fridge for some good eats.

7.) Do some online shopping.

8.) Indulge in some sweets.

9.) Get in a good snack or two.

Happy Labor Day y'all!


Renee said...

YES! 9/9 complete for me! hahahahaha.

this was too cute.

lindsay said...

Too cute!! I hope she didn't do too much damage online ;)

Raina said...

Ah, I see we share some snack preferences :) Happy weekend to you!