Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ridgeland 5K Run for St.Jude Recap w/ Video

Ridgeland St. Jude 5K results:
18:10, $300
1st female
Results from Garmin: 5:38.5 pace for 3.22 miles. (17:32 or so)

How it went down…

I went out slow and after about 800m, I had already passed everyone that had gone out too hard. Being very conservative, I went through the first mile around 5:39: slow, but up-hill. After catching number 3 soon after, I ran completely solo until the finish.  Being aggressive in mile two (slowed down just a little), we headed into a major downhill section for about 600m (we deserved it, we ran uphill into the wind for two miles). This was great for me as it helped my legs from tying up and actually helped me run a huge negative split.

Below is a link to the video of the finish.  Keep in mind that the first male doesn’t go across until 17:08, then 17:30, then me at 18:10. I finished pretty strong J.

So the map (here ) measures the course at 3.29 miles. If that was in-fact the distance then I ran equal to a 17:13 for 5k, or 5:31 pace. Howvere, Garmin measured 3.22 miles twice. So, ya know, what garmin says goes.

This was by far the best 5k I have ran and raced this year based on the course and how I felt. Because I am curious to see just how fit I really am (compared to what I used to be) Houston and I have talked about doing a time trial on a course I am familiar with and making a comparison. The course is a the “mugshots 4 mile” it is a tempo loop measured with a car. Even though everyone now cuts the median that makes it short, I can still use it to compare times when I thought I was very fit.

I heard a lot of complaining about the course being long afterwards. It felt good when the 2nd place male mentioned that if the course would have been accurate I would have had my state record, I know right!  Missed it by three freaking seconds.  (Unfortunately, Houston tells me that for a race to be certified, it needs to be long.  Really, I would just want to run one that is 4990m, then I would be happy.)
If I look at it from another point of view, I was 3rd overall behind two males one of which ran 17:30 and regularly races 16:40-17:00 on the roads.  The male winners runs around 16:20 usually (he ran 17:08). So all in all, I think I fared well.

And the rest of the week…

Monday: 87 minutes
Tuesday: 60 minutes
Wednesday: 12 miles with 7 miles at goal half marathon pace: 43:01 (after going out at 6:25 for the first mile, I averaged 6:06 pace) I felt absolutely relaxed and fabulous.  This is the first time in 8 years my hip has not locked up in a tempo run or race type situation.  I don’t even know what else to say about that.
Thursday: 72 minutes
Friday: 55 minutes with 4X20-30 seconds strides at sub 5:00min pace
Saturday: 3.5 mile warm up, 5k race in 18:10, 60 minutes cool down
Sunday: 64 minutes easy

This week brings  a medium long run Monday, really hard workout Wednesday and (GASP) marathon simulator on Saturday. Remember, last time the simulator didn’t go really great. Actually it went terrible, Houston had to peel me off the pavement. So hopefully...2nd time is a charm.

Ok....just one more.....

No walking yet, but we (Maddy) is standing on her own :)

Happy running, all!


Miss Erosion said...

Every time I leave a comment I always say something like... YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZING. So there it is again Miss. First Female!! Great job at the race.

lindsay said...

wow! congrats on 1st and 3rd OA! $300, i wish i got $100 per mile run :)

Renee said...

AHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA meggan! AHAHAHAHAHAH i swear to God, if i slam my face into a barrier this BETTER get it on camera.

Raina said...

Just found your blog randomly (through Jenn's blog Running Sane)

Fantastic race. Hudson is right about certified...still, it would be nice if 5k were 5k sometimes! :) YOU DID very WELL.