Sunday, August 7, 2011

New plan: Getting ready for the Niagara Falls International Marathon

Monday: 81 minutes w/ M.&;D.
Tuesday: 73 minutes
Wednesday: 2 mile w/u, 2 mil c/d, 8X800m on Mugshots, 2:41 average
Thursday: 70 minutes recovery run
Friday: AM:20minute shake out PM: 20 min w/u, 20 min c/d, 3.3 mile race in Oxford, 1st: 18:44 (17:40 through 5k, 5:40.6 avg)
Saturday: 14miles in 1:35 (6:47 avg ), 1 mile super easy (15 miles)
Sunday: AM: 40 minutes

Besides not meeting my miledge goals, I had a great week of training. Even though the week started off with a terrible case of weakness syndrome.

Monday I woke up with another sinus infection (great) and M. and D. practically had to drag me through an 80+ minute run.  By Wednesday, I felt fresh and had a fabulous workout of 8*800m on the mugshots loop at 4:45am, getting down to 2:33 on the down hills, averaging about 2:41 for the whole workout.

Friday we drove to Oxford (the school up north) to run the 3.3 mile Endurance weekend race.  Though they had advertised it as a 5k, I knew it was a long course going in because the map they had advertised clearly showed that it was long.  Warming up I noticed that all the cones kept us on the right side…thus, we ended up with 3.3 miles in total race distance according to Garmin.

At the race start I felt good, and as we went through the first mile that included a nice uphill, I clocked a 5:36, not bad.  I didn’t feel labored at all, mile 2 told me I was running about the same pace, but as I caught up to Kyle Lewis at about 1000m to go (a former 14:03 5k guy at ole piss who has not ran since march ) I felt my body cramp up and my legs just tank.  The last kilometer had another 500m climb then a flat to the finish; I passed through what should have been the 5km mark in 17:40 (not bad for this course).  Though I was fine with this, I am frustrated that I cannot hang on through the last mile.  Most of this is because my focus is now marathon/half-marathon type training and my 5ks will suffer. Oh well, they were never my specialty anyway.
Maddy, 9 1/2 months
Saturday morning I had planned to gut out 15 miles at roughly 7 min pace.  However, I felt good from the start, and averaged 6:35 for most of the first half.  My hip starting tightening up at about 11 miles in and I slowed down to run closer to 7:00 pace towards the end.  Positive: 6:30ish pace is easy to maintain for quite a while and I am looking forward to the next round of training.

So, whenever one door closes, another one opens.  And I am very excited to announce that I am now running the Niagara Falls International Marathon on October 23.  I am ready to run another good race (pending everything goes perfectly in 26.2 miles) and am grateful for the opportunity.

I am also looking forward to another half marathon towards the end of September, and a 5k coming up later this month.  I finally have a game plan!  Anyone else running a fall marathon?

Happy running, All! (Oh, BTW, the skirt came in last week.)


Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Wow, this was a speedy week for you! No doubt in my mind that if you stay healthy you've got the sub 2:50 in the bag. I hope for no more sinus infections for you! Yes, I am doing a marathon a week before you, Baystate in Lowell MA! Happy training!

VanessaG said...

You are not only unbelivably beautiful, you are an unrea awesome fast runner. You def inspire me. :)

mfranks said...

Thank you Ana-Maria, Good luck at Baystate!! Hope it is an awesome time!

Vanessa, thanks so much for your kind comments.

DonnaG said...

Great to hear you have a plan in sight! your training is looking amazing and I am sure you will rock the marathon.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I love your blog. Even though you are on a TOTALLY different level, I appreciate your training and blogging. (it's all relative)

I love that you are running some 5ks while marathon training. I do that as well, and I think it helps in the marathon training.

so...from your comment on my blog, what changed?? how did you get rid of the negative chatter in your head? (you and AM cross my mind often when I'm thinking about runners who would most definitely NOT bail) thanks for being a positive influence. My goal is to work on the mental part of my running. In some ways, I'm tough on the mental front (training wise most of the time, volume, etc) but I still need to improve the mental racing aspects.

My fall will be Tupelo - training run, Mt. Desert, ME Oct. 16th, and Stennis or Baton Rouge - race.

and Maddy...what a cutie pie!
hope your training goes well this week.

ayedubbscclark said...

I think two of my friends are running Niagara. I'm going with them, but not running. I hear it's a great course! Good luck in the months leading up to it!!!! -ayedubbs

Lize Brittin said...

Awesome training, and congrats on the race!

Miss Erosion said...

You are such a fast runner! I'd love love love to have the opportunity to train with you for even a week!:) Good luck with your marathon training!

mrn said...

i can't help you in september but if you're interested in doing a half on october 3rd i can get you an entry to 13.1 atlanta. there is prize money for top 3 but be forewarned, it's quite a hilly course! weather was great last year though. let me know if you're interested.

Jenn said...

Holy Smack-a 17:40 5K in a training run! This is so unfathomable to me but I surely love reading about it!! Great training week.

The skirt came in!! Woohoo!! Plenty of time to accessorize it before this fall marathon-ha ha! Great to hear you've lined something up. I'm doing the Twin Cities Marathon October 2nd. Keep up the great training.

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