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My Review of A Running Skirt (and a training update)

I had a great week of training with the exception of two bad days. School started back this week so our office was super busy and I was just too tired to run a lot on Tuesday and Friday.

Monday:86 minutes
Tuesday:48 minutes
Wednesday:18 min w/u, 5x1600m in 5:47, 5:12 (fast mugshots mile), 5:36, 5:35, 5:40, 25 min cooldown
Thursday:78 minutes
Friday:50 minutes
Saturday: 4 miles at 7:00, 10 miles at marathon tempo: 6:29, 6:36, 6:36, 6:25, 6:15, 6:28, 6:28, 6:33, 6:19, 6:29, 2 miles cooldown (7:30), 16miles total
Sunday: 60 min run

Saturday's long run was planned to have 10 miles at relaxed tempo in the middle. So when the group took off that morning, I hung back for a couple miles at 7:00 to get my legs warmed up. A whole slew of Starkville High's Mens XCountry Team was in attendance, and I watched with pure joy as they took off flying at the start. I caught back up with their front pack at the second water.
After a very brief gatorade break, I impatiently explained to them that it was getting hot and we needed to get going. I couldn't help but notice the glazing eyes and red faces... I knew then that I was about to have some great fun.

He next two legs I hammered out with absolutely no one in site. Though the splits may not look impressive, I swear I had (which I rarely have) trouble with my Garmin as it failed to pick up a consistent reading. Miles where I clocked 6:28 or 6:29 felt much faster and harder than 6:15 or 6:19, and for once I finally disagreed with the watch (no freakin way). But regardless the run was excellent. By 8:00, it was hot a heck and we were all dripping with sweat. I am looking forward to seeing what I can really do when things start to cool down in a month or so.

As for the skirt...
Sunday morning before brushing my hair. No garmin today!

Yes I did wear it, last weekend for a super easy run with my friend ME. I almost didn't put it on because I thought she would laugh at me (she is in 11th grade) which I think she did anyway. I don't even know how I did it, but the skirt I got from brooks actually matched one of my sports bras. So not only was I wearing a skirt, but I totally matched also.

You may not be able to see it, but my cup actually says "PLAN TO WIN." Every single time I use this cup Houston tells me, "Plan to win today, OK?" It doesn't sound funny, but he has done it so many times that I feel like punching him.

So back to the skirt. Well after the initial weirdness of running in a skirt wore off....actually no, it never wore off...I felt  sorta comfortable. To be completely honest, I did like the waist band, and the tiny shorts in the legs didn't ride or bunch up. I know I am a Brooks ID, but I do think Brooks did a fabulous job with this skirt (I bought it, they never gave it to me). The craftmanship was excellent (ok, I am trying to sound like I know what I am talking about here, but they always ask me about the "craftmanship", which I assume is how the thing is put together).

The cons... for me, the skirt was  long, but if you like it to be long to hide figure flaws, I completely understand that. I also feel that all the extra stitching may rub a great deal in a long run...but I don't know for sure because this run was only 6 miles.

I would also like to point out that the skirt fits a heck of a lot better than any of the shorts I am wearing now-a-days. I am a tights tights because I never have to mess with waist bands and extra fabric. The band on this skirt never moved during the entire 6 miles.

I don't understand why sports apparel manufacturers cannot get women's shorts right, yet we can purchase running skirts that fit beautifully. We need shorts that are much more than just a shorter crotch length and tighter waist band different than that of the same style of men's short. We all have hips, regardless of how many miles we run.

The running skirt I purchased can be found on the Brooks online store at This review was completely unbiased, not "unbiased" like the "unbiased" review Joggers World did on the Nordic Track treadmill Houston and I purchased about 8 months ago (they rated it a Joggers World Best Buy). HA! Not according to the man that had to come fix it for the millionth time...I mean, I could have just lit a few thousand dollars on fire. Thanks a bunch, Joggers World.

If you have a runner skirt or favorite pair of shorts that you swear by, let me know. If you review them, send me the link to your post in a comment and I will post a link to your review and your site. I am all about running in clothes that fit. If you have good info, you should pass it on.

Maddy and Daddy. Maddy is 10 months!
My Maddy turned 10 months this week! Not walking yet but certainly falling all over the place! Can't believe she will be over a year when I run my next marathon!

Happy running all.


glad you like the running skirt! I feel the same way about the fit in comparison to shorts. I have three different brands - champion, nike, and lululemon. My favorite is hands down the lululemon skirt. It fits the best (as you get numbered sizes rather than small, med, or large) and it's the best length for me (it isn't super long as I don't really like that either)
Jenn said…
The post I've been waiting for-ha ha! Ok-I'll admit the skirt is cute. Very matching:)

I'm Brooks ID too. I wear mostly Brooks and I LOVE it but Lululemon really makes some comfortable shorts. They make a lot of comfortable things if you want to pay $54. I love tights too.

Awesome training week. Wicked 1600's!! Happy 10 month Maddy:)
You look great in that pic, matching bra and all! Yes, I am voting for shorts too. And yes, Lululemon speed shorts are awesome - short, nice waste band lower on the hip, wicking material, the most comfortable shorts in the summer! Be careful though, once you get a pair, the $54 price tag becomes worthwhile and pretty soon you find yourself justifying more and more purchases. Hm, or maybe that is just me:)
Awesome training and happy 10 months to Maddy.
Miss Erosion said…
Even though skirts are girlie you still look wicked tough in it! I really like the Nike Pro Girls Boyshorts. I have always wanted to try out the lululemon clothes; but I have a very hard time forking over that much $$$. Oh - and as always with you, amazing training!
Lize Brittin said…
Ha! You might have me switcing to a skirt despite my former protests. It is cute.

Great job in the training department! Wow- Nice.
The Brooks skirt sounds like a good skirt. I like my North Face skirt with three pockets.
Anonymous said…
Love this post! You killed your tempo! Can't wait to get back into that type of training. Also glad you liked the skirt. Maybe I should get one? We should have a "run skirt" day or something ;) as for shorts, I like the moving comfort spandex shorts. Hardly ever ride (unless they are getting old) I also like the longer spandex shorts, too. Yay Maddie! She's so cute!

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