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Mama's got wheels.

A good week of training. Still had a few days were I was pretty drained, but all in all I can't complain.
Monday: 80 minutes
Tuesday: 60minutes w/ strides
Wednesday: 3.5 mile w/u, 2 mile c/d, 8X1000m at L. Threshold (3:33.9 avg) w/ 60 sec rest.
Thursday: 80 minutes
Friday: 50 minutes recovery
Saturday: 20.5 miles,  w/ first 7 miles at relaxed, 13 at marathon pace (6:37 avg)
7:50, 7:09, 7:12, 7:01, 7:00 6:53, 7:01
6:46, 6:43, 6:42, 6:33, 6:28, 6:42, 6:39, 6:27, 6:37, 6:34, 6:42, 6:36, 6:34, 6:47
.5 mile jog
Sunday: 2 mile walk/run w/ M.E., + a 60 minute recovery run

Miles for the week: 75-77. I typically don't keep track of miles, but I know that if I want to get down to 2:50 for the marathon, I've got to start averaging closer to 80 miles a week. Because of my responsibilities with Maddy, family, and work, 80 miles is my max. After I get through running everyday, life takes over.

Wednesday I joined the Women's XC team for "1000s" on the fields at the Starkvill…

Reader Reviews- Running Duds We Women Swear By.

After the running skirt review, these fabulous readers gave 
some advice on their favorite running shorts, tights, and skirts. 
Thanks, all. Read on!

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

 I have three different brands (of running skirts) - champion, nike, and lululemon. My favorite is hands down the lululemon skirt. It fits the best (as you get numbered sizes rather than small, med, or large) and it's the best length for me (it isn't super long as I don't really like that either)
I wear mostly Brooks and I LOVE it but Lululemon really makes some comfortable shorts. They make a lot of comfortable things if you want to pay $54.
Ana-Maria RunTriLive
Yes, I am voting for shorts too. And yes, Lululemon speed shorts are awesome - short, nice waste band lower on the hip, wicking material, the most comfortable shorts in the summer! Be careful though, once you get a pair, the $54 price tag becomes worthwhile and pretty soon you find yourself justifying more and more purchases.
Miss Erosion
 I re…

My Review of A Running Skirt (and a training update)

I had a great week of training with the exception of two bad days. School started back this week so our office was super busy and I was just too tired to run a lot on Tuesday and Friday.

Monday:86 minutes
Tuesday:48 minutes
Wednesday:18 min w/u, 5x1600m in 5:47, 5:12 (fast mugshots mile), 5:36, 5:35, 5:40, 25 min cooldown
Thursday:78 minutes
Friday:50 minutes
Saturday: 4 miles at 7:00, 10 miles at marathon tempo: 6:29, 6:36, 6:36, 6:25, 6:15, 6:28, 6:28, 6:33, 6:19, 6:29, 2 miles cooldown (7:30), 16miles total
Sunday: 60 min run

Saturday's long run was planned to have 10 miles at relaxed tempo in the middle. So when the group took off that morning, I hung back for a couple miles at 7:00 to get my legs warmed up. A whole slew of Starkville High's Mens XCountry Team was in attendance, and I watched with pure joy as they took off flying at the start. I caught back up with their front pack at the second water.
After a very brief gatorade break, I impatiently explained to them that…

This week in training...

Monday: 80 Minutes (10.5~ miles-can't remember and cleared my Garmin)
Tuesday: 40 minutes easy (fever)
Wednesday: 10.5 miles with 6 miles in the middle at half marathon race pace with garmin (6:13) (felt so relaxed!)
Thursday: 10.5 miles w/ Kelly (77 minutes) with 5 miles in the middle at Kelly's marathon pace (sub 6:52)
Friday: 50 minutes at snail pace
Saturday: 2:17 (19.65 miles) 7:55, 7:10, 6:34, 6:48, 6:59, 6:25, 6:49, 6:42, 6:54, 6:44, 7:16, 6:59, 6:59, 6:58, 6:58, 6:52, 7:20(.65), 6:29, 7:04, 7:35 (w/ Garmin)
Sunday: Recovery run of 45 minutes

Really recovered on the easy days this week. Caught another sinus infection that wore me out in the beginning.

Ran my tempo run at a relaxed pace...I guess this would be true tempo...and felt amazing!

Made the mistake of forgetting my salt on my 20 miler and paid for it with a massive cramp in my diaphragm the last few miles. The route was massively hot and hilly.

Overall, not a bad week in training.

Too busy to write much more.


New plan: Getting ready for the Niagara Falls International Marathon

Monday: 81 minutes w/ M.&;D.
Tuesday: 73 minutes
Wednesday: 2 mile w/u, 2 mil c/d, 8X800m on Mugshots, 2:41 average
Thursday: 70 minutes recovery run
Friday: AM:20minute shake out PM: 20 min w/u, 20 min c/d, 3.3 mile race in Oxford, 1st: 18:44 (17:40 through 5k, 5:40.6 avg)
Saturday: 14miles in 1:35 (6:47 avg ), 1 mile super easy (15 miles)
Sunday: AM: 40 minutes

Besides not meeting my miledge goals, I had a great week of training. Even though the week started off with a terrible case of weakness syndrome.

Monday I woke up with another sinus infection (great) and M. and D. practically had to drag me through an 80+ minute run.  By Wednesday, I felt fresh and had a fabulous workout of 8*800m on the mugshots loop at 4:45am, getting down to 2:33 on the down hills, averaging about 2:41 for the whole workout.
Friday we drove to Oxford (the school up north) to run the 3.3 mile Endurance weekend race.  Though they had advertised it as a 5k, I knew it was a long course going in because the m…