Sunday, July 24, 2011

Training Update: New Orleans Trip w/ Stomach Flu (for the whole family)

This week was suppose to be a big week for me. 3 runs of 80 minutes, a long run of 17 miles, and two medium workouts. Unfortunately, it just didn't end up that way.

The beginning of this week, Maddy got sick with stomach flu. It was awful to watch but she took it like a champ and was completely her normal self the next morning. Wednesday night Houston and Maddy drove down to New Orleans with me, as I had a few meetings at Tulane Thursday and Friday. Maddy slept the whole way and was in a great mood on arrival at "Park View" bed and breakfast, a small historic hotel that neighbored Audubon Park (right next to Tulane).
Audubon Park, NOLA

Waking up early Thursday morning to run, Houston an I both felt tired and leg heavy. I had done two medium workouts in a row so it was expected, therefore I cut my run from 80 minutes to 70 minutes.

That afternoon when I returned to the hotel Houston let me know he also had stomach flu. By that evening, so did I. We spent the night battling hot/cold flashes along with other symptoms while Maddy caught up on her beauty sleep.

Friday morning, I knew I probably should have taken the day off, but instead I struggled through one loop of Audubon park before cleaning up and heading back to Tulane. That afternoon I was super exhausted and still not feeling up to anything, so Houston, Maddy, and I walked half a mile to a crepe restaurant and ordered three crepes to-go. After one or two bites we were completely full, and spent the rest of the evening hanging out with Maddy on the porch of the hotel.
Veggie Crepe. No appetite for it.

Maddy and her big baby blues getting dinner Friday night.

Saturday morning I had planned on running 17 miles. Since coffee didn't brew until 7am at this hotel, I went out sans caffeine and figured my legs would wake up after a mile or two.

The lack of fluids and food was very evident in my body from the first step, and after 35 minutes I was completely spent. I had planned on breaking up the 10 mile portion I had at marathon pace anyway, but now I opted out of it completely. After one lap of the park at 6:30 pace (about 1.8 miles) I called it a day (7.5 miles in). I was too weak and tired. The old Meggan would have ran 2 1/2 hours versus the 2 I had scheduled. This Meggan is a little bit more rational.

We finally squeezed our vacation into the rest of the day, going to the French Market and Cafe du Monde that morning, doing some drive-by site-seeing, then driving out to the middle of swamp country (nowhere) around lunch time and driving back along the coast. I slept a good portion of the way back. I think Maddy was more excited than anyone to be home.
Cafe au Lait & Beignets from Cafe Du Monde

Monday: 80 minutes w. strides
Tuesday: 60 minutes w/ 25 minutes of short fartlek (30-70 seconds)
Wednesday: 80 minutes w/ 5 miles in the middle at half marathon race pace (6:12) (added on afterwards on the treadmill)
Thursday: 70 minutes with Houston (he was pushing Maddy in the jogger)
Friday: 20 minutes (stomach flu)
Saturday: 55 minutes w/ 2 miles at 6:30 pace in the middle (stomach flu)
Sunday: 60 minutes at 7:08 pace (treadmill) abs & back

I'll be back on it next week.


Forward Foot Strides said...

Sorry to hear you were sick on your vacation!

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Bummer about being sick.Stomach problems are the worst. I remember getting the virus several times from my son when he was little. It is amazing how quickly kids takes us much longer. Feel better!

Don Mouledoux said...

Those pictures are making me homesick for my NOLA.

Lize Brittin said...

Sorry to hear about the stomach flu going around. I hope everyone is back to 100 percent soon.

Wow- those pics are making me hungry! Mmm

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