Saturday, July 9, 2011

I have issues.

With my back, obviously.

This week was ok, minus the whole relaps in my back/hip. Things were going well and, like always, they just fell apart. Today I am having trouble bending my leg at the knee and the last few days I have been experiencing serious hip and lower back pain. After getting some advice from Caitlyn Clark I contacted Nate Jenkins to see if he had any recommended solutions. It turns out he also experienced the same loss of coordination and ended up with a bulging disc that was fixed with surgery. Though I like to believe that this is not the case with me, I know that I am not cured of this mysterious back problem. Though my P.T has fixed the rotation in my hip and I was able to train without (too much) interruption, I still deal with this crap on a daily basis, just a little better than what it used to be. Thinking back, I have not had an MRI in 7 years and, at the time, everyone was convinced that it was in my hip/knee. I am leaning towards getting another one. Who knows, maybe someday I will be able to sit for more than 20 minutes without pain.

As for training, things were fine until today. This morning was running group and because we didn't have a sitter, I started at 5:30 so I could get 5 miles in before Houston left to run with boardtown. I finished with another 9 miles on the treadmill at 6:40 pace (9.0). I felt fine fitness wise...but I locked up 4 times at the hip. This hour did not go uninteruppted, there was a bathroom break, diaper change, breakfast for Maddy. 

Besides a couple of breaks, Maddy was a champ for me. I appreciate her good mornings. She is such a wonderful child.

Monday: 60 minutes w/ Kelly
Tuesday: 40 minutes
Wednesday: 10 miles (74min)
Thursday: 8 miles w/ 5X(3min/1 min hard) with 60/90 rest. I don't know exactly what I did the whole way but I got down to 5:30's during the 3 minute efforts (on the fast end) and 5:10's on the 1 minutes (on the fast end) I felt fabulous with the exception of my left foot splitting open again.
Friday: 9 miles with D. (67min)
Saturday: 14 miles with 9 miles at 6:40 pace (broken down into about 4x15minutes sections if I had to guess, nice and relaxed, hip was tight)

I still have no idea what I will race next or what I am training for. There is talk of a Marathon in late October. I'm not 100% sure. I change my mind about everytime I change Maddy's diaper.

I also apologize for not be responsive on the comments. I am going to try and go through all of them tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great long run/workout/or race this weekend.



Jenn said...

Man, I sure hope you can figure this out! Not fun! Get the MRI.

Nice job on the run-sorry about the issues. Love seeing you lay out your training! Interested to see what you chose to do in October!!

Renee said...

hey meggan.

sorry to hear about the back pains. i actually have an inversion table if you would like to have it. it's in starkville just sitting in a closet. i never use it. it's very great for just stretching out your back and realigning. it actually straightened my dad's bulging disc/back problems without surgery.

if you want to try it or even have the inversion table, you are welcome to it. like i said it is just sitting in a closet. it doesn't take up much room.

just let me know :)

i hope it gets to feeling better soon.

Caitlyn Clark said...

sad to hear your back is bothering you too! But glad you contacted Nate. He's pretty awesome. I've gotten some names/suggestions from him around here, but still no consistent results for me. Hope we both figure this out!!

Maria said...

Meggan, I hope you figure out the issues with your back and hip. That can be pretty painful. Praying you find a solution soon.

Maria @ Asphalt Tales

Lize Brittin said...

Uggh. I hope the back/hip issues can be resolved soon and without too much trouble. Sorry to hear about that. Hang in there.

A-Pi said...

Well done for working through the pain! I'm learning loads reading your blog!

Running and living said...

The fact that you are training and racing like you are with a chronic pain condition makes you even more baddass and inspirational. I have no doubt that with or without pain you are going to keep crushing it and improving. Seems to me that you have some things in place that help for now! Good luck!

Caitlyn Clark said...

PS: I just wanted to tell you I started a new blog with my friend (who got injured around the same time as me) It'd be awesome if you could link us in to your blog so we can get more runners to follow!

dennis hodgson said...

I dare say that you won't want to hear this, but running is just about the worst thing you can do if suffering from lower back pain.

I've had lower back problems now for 43 years, but I've learned to manage the problem by keeping as fit as I possibly can through low-impact exercise such as cycling (which I took up because I was having problems with my knees too).