Sunday, June 12, 2011

WARNING! Marathon Inspiration Ahead! Read at your own risk!

I was very successful with my taper for the Manitoba Marathon this week. Houston was gone for the NCAA Div. 1 Track and Field championships (MSU finished 20th on the men) so I ran with Maddy in the jogger except for Wednesday night and Saturday (I had a sitter). I slept till 4:50, got up and made coffee, Maddy's bottles, changed and dressed her and tried to be out the door around 5:30 AM. Even though I got a few weird looks, Maddy LOVED it! My back and legs, not so much...but it was worth those extra few minutes with my beautiful child.

Wednesday's workout was easy. It was 90ish degrees.Nothing was impressive about this workout, I just watched my Garmin and tried to maintain a 5:24 mile pace (roads), a pace I felt I could handle for over 15 minutes. This excites me because it was SO EASY. I was also decked out in brooks, so I looked good doing it, who doesn't love that!

Saturday I felt like a million bucks, even though the hip got tight before the end. I felt better running 6:15 then 7:15. This is a good thing.

I am not revising my goals at this point. Its my first marathon, I am going to run the pace I have been training for (6:45) and hope that it equals to a great race. If not, I will have a heck of a story to tell! I am nervous but I  have never been more sure of any race than this one. I can do this, I just got to be patient early, and smart in the middle.


I have been getting my gear ready, trying to prepare myself for the 26 miles to come. Gels, shorts, shoes (thank you Brooks! ) its going to be a great day!

P.S. - Anyone ever run their Garmin through the wash? What was the result? Just reason...

This week in training:
Monday: AM: 8.5 miles w/ M, D, N
Tuesday: 45-50 minutes easy with the baby jogger
Wednesday: AM: 30 min with the jogger PM: 15 min w/u, 15min c/d, 5X 800m on roads at 5k pace (2:42 avg, felt great for 90 degrees!)
Thursday: 45 minutes with the jogger
Friday: 40 minutes with the jogger
Saturday: 10.7 miles in 73 min, w/ a bunch of miles at 6:15-6:30 thrown in to help my legs feel good.
Sunday: 50 minutes easy (legs feel great)


Andrew Opala said...

awesome pace ... that's (5:24) like exactly twice as face as what I consider easy (10:48).

i can see us running together real soon! LOL

Jesse Armijo said...

Wow, good luck on your marathon! Have fun out there, and you'll want to do a hundred more marathons!

RunningMom said...

I love running with my "baby" in the jogger too and have found it is a great cure for her 3 year old tantrums. I just ignore the looks I get when I initially head out the door. Great pace!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

sounds like the taper is working.

yep, go out slow the first couple of miles and be sure to hydrate.

lindsay said...

insane pace. no advice for the garmin... mine is tempermental in just humidity so i have to pamper it.

Lize Brittin said...

Good luck on the race! That's a fantastic goal pace, wow. I hope it all goes well. I just found out what a garmin is, so I have no idea about what happens when it gets washed. Ask me about pretty much anything else being either dropped in the toilet, run through the washer or dunked in the bathtub and I might have an answer though, as I'm notorious for doing that kind of thing. heh

Haley said...

I love the Dove wrappers. :)
And wow, you are such a stud. Slash my hero.
Can't wait til you rip this marathon to pieces!!