Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tapering for my first Marathon...really?

Training results this week
Monday: 2:00 hr long run (17.1 miles) w/ 13 miles @ 6:33-6:48
Tuesday: 45 minutes recovery
Wednesday: 60 minutes w/ Micah
Thursday: 10 miles w/ 3X2mile @ 5:58 average, 2-2:30 rest (on hilly loop w/ garmin) + 1.5 miles & 40 min camp workout (killed my back and hip)
Friday: 55 minutes easy
Saturday:  90 minutes (13.0 miles) w/ 3 miles in the middle at 6:20, 6:11, 6:16
Sunday: 55 minutes easy

Looking back this does not look like the best tapering week ever..but I still have two more weeks...(oh..gosh!). My Husband was home this week and he made a ton of sacrifices just so I could get my runs in. I was so thankful for this. He is truly an amazing man.

Next week I will reduce my runs by about 10 minutes (total time). I will drop down to 800m repeats for my workout, and my long run will stay at about 10 or 11 miles. I'm still going to run enough that my legs don't feel heavy. I am terrible when it comes to tapering...

Monday I ran long w/ one of Houston's athletes staying on for nationals. Ended up being a perfect run for me...I had no chest cramping and my hip did not get tight till just before 2 hours. I figured this was ok being that there was only a day in between the race and the long run. I've been doing a lot of P.T. also.

Thursday's workout was one of my best. It may not look like anything exciting...but I had to run it solo and at 4:40 AM. I ran a random 10 mile loop and basically just went after it, trying to run at a pace I felt I could handle for 10 miles. I felt great and barely labored the whole way. THEN...I went and did the camp (our summer camp has mandatory training in the morning) workout with the student counselors...that was a mistake. My hip has been tight ever since.

Saturday's long run didn't get started until 6:45..and it was damn hot. I only took  half a gel and didn't have any problems with cramping or dehydration what-so-ever (besides pouring sweat and all). I ran a leg towards the end at about half marathon effort which killed the hip. Really, that was stupid of me but I really just wanted to go after it a few miles.

One of the most impressive things I have seen in a husband pushed our 7 month old daughter in the baby jogger for almost 13 miles. I clocked him at about 6:40 or so the whole damn way. He even kept up with me on the fast parts...and he ran half the damn thing on the GRAVEL. I guess the training I am writing for him is paying off. I must say, he is being very dedicated and has not missed a single day of training. He will run a great half marathon this year when we figure out just when and what he wants to race.

That's really all I got. Back to family time.


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