Saturday, May 28, 2011

Red Hills Festival 5k Race Recap: 1st. 3 weeks out from marathon debut.

Red Hills Festival 5K Road Race in Louisville, MS.
17:48, 1st female, $200 (and a trophy bigger than my Maddy!)
Recovery Training Week
Monday:60-70 minute run (can't remember)
Tuesday: 35 min warm up, 30 minutes at half marathon pace (6:10-6:20 pace, 4 mile split, 24:50), max of 8 min cool down (ran out of time) - sick w/ diaphragm cramp
Wednesday: OFF- AM: 20 min bike, PM: 30 min bike
Thursday: AM: 20min, PM: 70 minute run (diaphragm cramp at 40 minutes) 6 ish X 1 min at 10K pace (awful run)
Friday: AM 20 minutes (treadmill broke) PM: 26minutes (diaphragm cramp)
Saturday: 3 miles at 7:00min pace, 5K road race in 17:48, 60 minute cool down
Sunday: Planned easy run 45-60 minutes

Well, that weeks over.
Ok so, some negatives this week on the running part... forgive me for this...the dehydration/diaphragm cramp from last Saturday basically hung around all week. On top of that, I got my 9th sinus infection since Jan of last year (when I got pregnant with Maddy) so that didn't help anything. Tuesday I was suppose to do 40 minutes at 7:00, 30 minutes at half marathon pace. It took me over 30 minutes just to get my legs going (yes it was 4:45 am, but still!) the tempo portion was not difficult, but I felt sick, tired, chest cramp. I decided to take Wednesday off. Thursday I got a sitter (Houston was gone to Regionals all week) and ran in the afternoon. I ended up having to jog portions of this run because of the damn chest cramp AGAIN. Completely frustrated, I ran super easy Friday...but the cramp still lingered.
Then I had a melt down.
I know right? Seriously, I don't even know what about. I mean everything and anything came crashing down, it was pathetic! I have so much going for me, I need to stop freaking over spilled coffee and being 2 minutes late for work!!! I cannot stand it when people don't know what they got. I have EVERYTHING. my running wasn't going well, SUCK IT UP!
....I guess it is important for me to say one of the main reasons why I run (why we all run) is because it keeps me from going crazy. I have (like everyone) major problems with anxiety, and an obsession for schedules and numbers. Running feeds into this obsession, if I don't get my Garmin fix in the morning, I'm going to have issues for the rest of the day. Being that Houston was gone all week and I had to take days off/ alter me regular running schedule...made me a complete psycho. After getting in a good bit of running Saturday... I was back to my normal self again.
Sort of.

My friend Timmy and me after the race!!!Love Timmy!

SOooo about this race. Like what the hell? I know, I know. Training for a Marathon- 5k does not correlate. Well...I wanted to run this race for a few months, and didn't fully commit until pulling out of the drive way at Maddy's sitters Saturday Morning. I had had an awful running week dealing with cramp and all that other B.S., I needed a little confidence boost ( yeah, a 5k when your training for a marathon, how is that going to help confidence???Smart idea....) so I decided, lets run this 5k and see what I got in the tank right now. (ok, stupid)
So I drove the 30 minutes to Louisville, paid my 25 dollar entry and went on a 3+ mile run of the course before the race started. My legs still felt heavy and the temps were creeping up higher by the is summer in Mississippi, it is damn hot. BUT...looking around before the start I realized I could make history for myself (win overall PERSON) and made a decision...
Houston once told me...You can either run safe and run for time (i.e. be patient early, work the middle, run a good last mile)
You can run for the win and risk killing your race completely......
Yes, yes... and he adds...but a win is a win!
One thing about racing to win- don't let the people you are trying to beat get away from you. And being that patience is not really a strong area for me, I went out (chasing "knee brace" and "Timmy" for the win) guns a blazing- 5:26, (2:45 through the 800m)
I know your thinking, hey that’s not too bad! What gives, I'm not following???.... WELL 5:26 is too fast for me 3 weeks out from the Winnipeg Marathon. (Marathon training here...) I have not done enough V02 work to maintain that type of pace through 3 miles.
Ha, but then I took the lead and tried to maintain.
Here's a little brain recap.
Mile 1- 5:26
Alright girl, your feeling good and you gotta maintain. If you want to win this one, go after it! Only 2 miles to go... 11 minutes or so, get it going!!! This race is yours! ....Oh Lord, this is going to HURT!
2nd mile 5:37
Uh oh, my hip is getting tight, I slowed down some...I can't get my legs going--gotta push! ...Shouldn't have wore these new flats! WHAT WAS I THINKING? Oh shut up, you only have a mile left, keep it up!...OMG, I am going to puke....
---2nd place, knee brace, catches BACK up with me with about 1000m remaining, and yells "Your a BEAST!" ....thanks knee brace, I'm am going to hang off you and out kick you at the end, hope you don't mind!----
Last mile + (you do the math, I already did.)
Holy crap, my chest is cramping bad, what, is that the finish??Already? YES!!! I'M KICKING....I'm...I'm....I'm winning, WINNING!!!!!WINNING IT.....I GOT YOU KNEE BRACE....oh...uh it!!! DAMN, HE GOT ME!
So knee brace found another gear about 20 meters from the finish. At first I thought I had him, but obviously not. BY this time I felt like I was going to vomit up my lungs any way.. and was really just happy that this race was over with.
I then spent the next 15 minutes trying to walk/jog the cramp out of my chest, and then...once I got to a point it was manageable...continued to run the rest of my hour cool down.
Positive--even though this race was VERY BADLY executed...I am 3 weeks out from the Winnipeg marathon. Marathon training mode!!!. I was going to be happy with much worse,..I'll take a 17:48 on the Roads!!!! It will be nice to see what I can late in the summer when I start training for the short stuff! Nice.

Wow. Some healthy post-race options here!

Look at this trophy! Seriously, it’s like I ran a national championship or something! So big I could not get the whole thing in the picture…and I tried a few times. Trophy had it’s own seat back to Starkville.

Plan for my long weekend? Play with Maddy girl!!! She just went for a big swim in the tub and is having a nice little nap. Love my weekends with Maddy !
Happy running, all!


Happy Feet 26.2 said...

First - broke the treadmill....damn you are fast! :)

Awesome race! I know it's unorthodox, but I always run 5ks near the end of my marathon training. I use it to judge where I'm at for the marathon. For me personally, I know if I can get my 5k down to 23:30 or below, I'm ready for a good marathon (a good for me marathon).

What's your goal for the marathon? Is it a secret?

Loved the play by play of the mind.

Andrea said...

Gotta love a race that has funnel cakes at the end! Great race!

Andrea said...

Gotta love a race that offers funnel cakes at the end! Great race!

AshleyR said...

Great race in my mind! I'd kill to be able to come within 5 minutes of your finish time!

If the race didn't make you want to puke then the post race food offerings should push you over that edge!

Stephen Spada said...

Great result and effort!