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Marathon Simulator FAIL! Valuable hydration lesson learned.

Weekends = Fun day with Maddy! Look at her waving! Another milestone. There truly is NOTHING better than being a Mom.

Training Week in Review:
Sunday: 60 min super easy
Monday:70 min run
Tuesday:72 min run
Wednesday: 2 mile w/u, 3mile/2mile/1mile at tempo, 3min recovery in between. Results from Garmin: (17:59 for 3miles (5:59 pace)/11:50 for 2, 5:55 pace/ 5:14 for 1 (5:14 pace)
Thursday: 65 min run (achilles)
Friday:55 minutes easy (achilles)
Saturday: 2 mile w/u, 12 miles at goal marathon pace:
6:42, 6:44, 6:43, 6:44, 6:44, 6:43, 6:43, 6:39, 6:36, 6:47, 6:47, 6:56, got super dehydrated at 12 so called it quits early, jogged 30 min home, see below for details.
Sunday: Planned 70 min run

What a week..... My coach had his second open heart surgery, but my sister-in-law was also missing for 2 days. Both Coach and sister are OK at this point, and please forgive me if I choose not to comment further on either. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words.

My husband was home (!!) and my father returned to Starkville for two days mid-week so Houston ran Wednesday's workout with Micah, David, and I, as well as Saturday's planned 16 mile Marathon simulator (thanks, yes he is amazing). Wednesday's workout went well and I didn't feel labored at all, and was way under pace the whole damn time. Do keep in mind that with the exception of the last mile, this workout was ran with garmin. The last mile - 5:14- was ran on the last mile of mugshots which I don't think is entirely accurate- but its still on the roads so who cares..

I was so damn ready for Saturday once it rolled around. Probably a little over confident now that I look back.... I didn't eat much dinner (filled up on chocolate) or take enough fluid the night before. That morning during my short warm up, I could already feel the temps quickly climbing above 70 degrees (just got hotter from there), and basically 100% humidity. I should have taken note...

I was a freak about this workout, I ran with Garmin on a two looped course out at Boardtown- one I had ran over 100 times before. I knew every mile marker, and being that I had my Garmin, I knew this run would be 100% accurate, I need 100% accuracy, I am a psycho about it. It drives Houston crazy....and it should, I am crazy.

I put water glasses out so we could easily grab them without stopping, and carried gel in my shorts. This craziness ended up biting me in the ass in the end! I was so consumed with keeping a 6:45 pace, I neglected to take enough fluids early and opted out of a few of the times I had planned to take gel. I was feeling like I was out for a Sunday stroll, and was confident I could drop the pace down to 6:25 or better for the last 5 miles. However, once I hit 10 miles, things started going down hill quickly. First I started to feel cold, then dizzy, then my diaphragm and chest cramped up... and I knew dehydration was setting in. Once I got to 12 I was just doing more damage then good, so we called it a day and jogged home.

At first I was extremely disappointed, but looking back at my training I have done this workout many many times before in some shape/form or fashion. Also, once I got re-hydrated and rested up, my achilles and legs felt pretty damn good, so maybe it was meant to be. Lack of a super hard Saturday may just help me nip this achilles problem in the ass.

I must give mad props to my running friends. Once again I am amazed how people continuously train for marathons and run the damn things successfully. I am training for the first one- and once again I can't get the nutrition aspect right. Being a northerner, I have always had problems with hydrating enough. Also, I have never been one to over-consume, I think over-planning meals is a waste of time (please, no one take offense to this, more power to you if you can make the time to prepare lovely meals for you and yours, the oven just doesn't bake fast enough for me)---not really a healthy outlook, but that is just the way we roll in the Frank's household.

So the next few weeks will shift my focus to some of the non-running things that may make my marathon successful. Sleeping more, drinking more, and being more aware of how much nutrition I am truly taking in. In the end, it wont be the pace that will kill my race, it will either be the hip or dehydration. (Oh and the hip was tight for 3 miles, given that I had it reset twice this week, I think that was not a bad result).

Anyways, I am past this morning. Being that my husband is here all weekend, we are going to do our best to just enjoy our family time! Not track meets, no practice, just Maddy, Daddy, and Mommy and a whole bunch of quality time! Nothing better!


Stephen Spada said…
Great post Meggan! A good week even with the dehydration...
Haley said…
You are awesome Meggan.
Just like you said, once you focus on those little things like nutrition, hydration, and sleep, everything else will fall into place. No worries :)
You're an inspiration to me!

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