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Renaissance at Colony Park Half Marathon Recap. 1st female, 2nd finisher, 6 1/2 months postpartum

1st Female, 2nd overall finisher, $500, personal record, course record, state record, #11 on the 2011 Canada Road Rankings, yet still disappointed...

training this week
Sunday: 60 minute jog
Monday:70 minute run
Tuesday:60 minute run
Wednesday:Am: 30 min spin, PM: 15min w/u, 15min c/d, 2X1 mile on the roads, 5:16, 5:28 ( crazy wind in the face 3/4 of the way- tornado weather coming through) 4X1min at mile pace, cut out early cause of achilles
Thursday: 60 minute run with the Maddy in the jogger
Friday:20 minute on the trainer, 45minute run at lunch
Saturday: 15min w/u, 13.25 miles 1:23:12 (13.12 in about 1:22:40), 20min walk/jog c/d
Sunday: Planned wog up to 60minutes

This week was a much needed recovery week. My hip is messed up, my achilles is throbbing, and I have not been eating or sleeping enough. I had planned on taking a recovery week before this half anyway, but the achilles, Maddy sick, and Houston gone even made it more so...

I buckled down this week and found myself back at the doctors office (three times actually, one doctor visit for Maddy, one ER visit for Maddy, and one Doctor visit for Mommy--Maddy had a bad ear infection all week-which is another story...). Being that this doctor, Dr. Drew, is also a
runner, I felt comfortable talking to him about my phantom injury and how I have been repeatedly misdiagnosed since sophomore year of college. He checked me out and was pretty certin it wasn't a slipped disk, pyriformis syndrome, sciatic nerve issues, or some other major hip problem. He believes the problem is in my S.I. joint and wrote be a prescription for mobic and prednisone. I also have my first P.T. appointment next Monday with a trainer that has delt repeatedly with S.I. problems, so I am starting to think that I could...finally.. say good riddance to this injury. Its only been like, what, 10 years?
Yeah, that's right. 10 years.

Anyways, so signing up for the Renaissance at Colony Park Half Marathon, I knew that I may have a little trouble because of the prednisone, and I felt it the last few days of this week. I tried to think about staying hydrated and eating enough, but I did neither of these things. Toeing the line this morning, my hip was tight, my achilles was throbbing, I was under hydrated and over tired--but I was there.

6:16, 6:07, 6:16, 6:16, 6:18

The first 5 miles was rolling hills, taking you out down Colony Parkway (I assume, can't remember) for about 4 miles. Right after the 4th mile mark, you make a 90 degree turn and head back. At this point, I just couldn't get in this race. I ran completely solo from start to finish. There was one male ahead of me- running a pace that I did not think I could handle at the time. So I soon realized that if I was going to PR, I was going to have to do it all alone on a pretty tough course- not designed for fast times. and slightly long- 13.25 miles was what my garmin said, so yes I was 1:22:40ish through the actually half marathon distance.

6:24, 6:24, 6:28, 6:34

My hip cramped up early, at 4 miles, so once I got to the residential, rolling, cobblestone section with lots of right angles and plenty of turns, I really slowed. I could not get my legs going on this section and I was thoroughly disappointed with the slow down. At one point, I had to go off course to get around a gate that was still locked (hence 6:34)- still the people out on the course were very polite and besides a few things here and there- this race was beautifully organized and worth running for any first time half-marathoner or 10 runner.

6:16, 6:17, 6:14, 6:18, 75

This section I could have done without, heading into the final 4ish miles, the half marathon hooked back on the 10k race course- (WHAT!!) so I dodged people traffic for over 4 miles. My hip had finally started cooperating so I was doing everything I could to get back down to 6:00 pace..but I didn't expect to have to run a 4 mile steeple chase, and did my best to run around, over, under what seemed like thousands of walkers that were just all over the damn place. After throwing a few f-bombs (especially going around the little pond loop trying to run 6:00 pace, not much room there!) I realized-- this race is NOT ABOUT ME. It was about all these people reinvesting in themselves, trying to find there inner athlete. For most of them, this was there first 10K! A major accomplishment. I should have been a little more considerate- but at the time I just wanted so badly to PR!!! I kept telling myself, "GET AFTER IT!!" I really..really went for it.

The final stretch took us through the overpass and down a short hill... I watched from a distance as my goal time click by and I was instantly deflated. Crossing the line I tried to smile, but I was broken.

I know that this time does not accurately show the effort I put into this race or my current fitness- but I am just ready to run something respectable!! Sub 61 for 10 miles- regardless of a Houston course or a garmin course, means that I have a 1:21 or under in me somewhere. I just have to find the right race. I want it so very badly, I would love to go back home and race- and be competitive. 1:23 would be laughable, I need to run as close to 1:20 as I can.

I know that I am only 6 1/2 months removed from pregnancy, so I need to keep in mind that my body is not there yet. I still can't race in flats and I don't recover from workouts like I used to. I still get sick after running hard. Even though my workouts are getting better, and I have lost all my pregnancy weight and more...I still need to be patient..good things will come. I believe this.

To sum it up, it was a great race for those new to the sport, not a dull moment. A little long and not a great race to try to run fast- but I've ran harder courses , so I would say Renaissance is
worth the drive.

Maddy has fully recovered from her ear infection, and is moving around like crazy saying, "DA DA DA DA!" I like to think she is calling for her Daddy. I truly missed my Maddy last night but we were reunited before noon today...a fabulous grandma is to thank for that.

(Missed my picture with Ada! Argh! That would have been the highlight. I walked right by her during packet pick up, should have asked then!)

Race pictures coming soon!


Anonymous said…
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Richard Hefner said…
Hi Meggan... Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just read about your most recent race. Wow, you're a force to be reckoned with! Can't wait to see how you do when you're at 100% and nothing's hurting!
mrn said…
Meggan, don't be so hard on yourself! I can't imagine doing what you're doing six months after having a baby! (Actually I can't imagine ever having a baby to begin with but that's beside the point.) Your fitness is definitely coming along and some of your workouts are done at paces I couldn't even touch, so you just have to be patient and wait for the day when everything comes together. I have no doubt it will be soon!

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