Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meggan's back y'all! (19 mile run & marathon training week in review.)

Wednesday: 70 minutes recovery (7:20-30 pace)
Thursday: 20 minute w/u, 4X (60/45/30/15) w/ same rest, jog 3 min then run 10 minutes at tempo (the intervals were about 5:10-5:15 pace, the tempo was @ 5:50 pace) 10 min cool down
Friday:8.5 miles w/ Micah, 6:45-7:20
Saturday:18.76 miles in 2:10 (6:55 pace)
7:57, 7:23, 7:06, 6:48, 6:45, 6:30, 6:46, 6:57, 6:49, 6:58, 7:05, 6:50, 6:44, 6:57, 6:48, 6:49, 6:46, 6:54, 7:30(.75)
Sunday: Planned easy run and/or 60 minutes on the trainer and ab work

Boise State was an amazing trip, I managed to keep my mileage up the whole time despite having a terrible case of separation anxiety... I could barely eat or sleep the whole week. Every time I thought about Maddy my heart literally hurt. I think this is probably fairly normal as it was my first trip away from her since she has been born. I didn't have my Maddy daily/nightly routine and it was really hard to create my own schedule.

Thursday's workout didn't seem to difficult on paper- but it ended up being a lot harder than I expected. My pace may have dipped to about 5:00 pace for some of the intervals, but I was running in a lot of clothing, trainers, on the road, and I was using my Garmin so whatever. 5:10-5:15 is all I needed to do and I couldn't be bothered trying to find out my pace on every interval.

After about two sets, my legs were toast and I unhappily trudged my way through the rest of the workout thinking "My gosh, this really sucks!" I was impressed with how quickly I recovered from every interval but my legs checked out before the VO2 stuff was halfway over. I think that if I would have had someone there with me it would have gotten a whole lot better.

The tempo portion was on a 2 mile loop down University Drive...which ended up being a little short. I went out at about 5:30 pace and died to average about 5:50 or a little under. At home, in shorts/flats and Houston yelling at me, I probably could have averaged 5:38-5:42. Give me a few weeks, and maybe 5:30. But whatever, I finished it. My legs have just not done any 3k ish stuff, or tempo on the back end of some VO2 work. And with good reason- its really not that important for a marathon. I do feel that the marathon training will really help my strength in the long hall, and hopefully that will equal a stellar performance at Canadian Senior National Cross in December. We will see.

I ended up spending most of Thursday in the airport, and arrived home late Thursday night. Tired and hungry, I went to bed without dinner (bad habit) and ended up feeling it on my run Friday morning when Micah and I ran a few 6:40's (my legs were cramping). I drank a couple gatorades and ate some carbs Friday night. This ended up being sufficient enough to take me through Saturday's run.

Waking Saturday at 4:30, I forced half a powerbar down my throat and a cup of coffee before dropping Maddy off at the sitters and heading out the the Whites to get a few miles in before the group started.
I ran conservatively for the first 4 miles, and then set out on what I thought was a relaxed pace. The workout Thursday did not make it easy for me to put on the brakes-- every time I looked at my watch I saw 6:20-6:30--I guess a lot more came out of Thursday then I thought. I think we ended up averaging about 6:45 for the middle 16 or so, which was nice given that I didn't feel labored until the last mile I ran with Micah.

I successfully took salt, two gels, 3 cups of Gatorade, and added on at every water. I was pleased with this until my hip cramped at 15, and my calf at 18. I jogged the last .75 to call it a day.

Maddy and I ended up staying out at Boardtown till about 1:00PM in the afternoon. This was a nice change--we have had so many mornings lately where we have had to miss the "after run party" was great to get to visit with friends again.

I could not have asked for a better way to finish off an already amazing week.


Stephen Spada said...

Meggan's a beast! Good week...

Jesse Armijo said...

Awesome! Good luck with training and your marathon!