Monday, April 4, 2011

Just call me the "Treadmill Monster"

Saturday: ~14 miles w/ 12 @ 6:23-6:45 (1:32 for about 13.7 )
Sunday: 50 minutes with Houston & the baby jogger
Monday: AM: 20 minutes on the trainer, PM: 60 minute hobble (my back was so stiff I could barely shuffle to an 8 minute mile. I sat in the hot tub after this run, took a handful of advil and rubbed a whole bottle on bengay on my back. I don't recommend any of these actions.
Tuesday: AM: 11 miles w/ 3miles at 6:27-6:32, 3 min @ 7:30pace, 2 miles @ 6:18 pace, 3min @7:30 pace, 1 mile @ 5:49 (on the treadmill at the Marriott in Boise) PM: 20 minutes (14 miles total)

It has been less than a day and my heart hurts for my Baby girl and my wonderful Husband. We have had the most amazing past few days and I miss them so much!

I will be in Boise until Thursday morning, visiting some of the offices here for a few projects we are working on in my department. It has proved to be a very informative trip and I am so thankful I have been given the ability to take it. I don't think I could be as successful with some of the Volunteer Center initiatives going forward if I did not.

After my long run this weekend, I did two lengthy sessions of S.I. exercises...which proved to be way to much- as I could barely run yesterday. I wanted to cry about it, I have been battling this achilles problem for almost two weeks, and it cause me to cash in about 10 minutes early.
I started to feel sorry for myself and my "mysterious" 10 year injury, when I got some great news via text message. It completely changed my mood and caused my to step back, evaluate, and find a way to move forward.

After three skype sessions with my husband and Maddy and some talk about my running/working schedule this week- Houston advised me to do a relaxed progressive tempo. This workrout proved to be just what I needed to kick off my week. The pace was not to impressive but I by no means think of myself as a great treadmill runner (I am a good treadmill runner) but I knew that making myself run indoors would mean I needed to bring my A game.
The only sections that felt difficult were the middle miles- not sure why. If I had a rally cap, I would have turned it backwards for the mile (at least so I thought). Seriously feeling good, I turned the treadmill up to 10.5 half way through. I was feeling it but my legs remained loose and powerful.

After talking with Houston this weekend, we have come to an agreement that he will, once again, write my training. I am going to do my very best to patiently follow it- after all, I would like to get this year in without injury. It would be nice to try to get my mileage up to 80 consistently, but who's counting. Chasing numbers has only ever left me completely burnout and exhausted, and I can't afford either.

I have lofty goals, and I will meet them- I am sure of it.

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Allan Fotheringham said...

Nice blog, have you tried a 5mm heel raise in your training/racing shoes to increase ankle planter flexion in standing, this will take some loading off the tendon achilles. I have prescribed this to a few of my patients and athletes. The success rate is around 80%. This enables the patient/athlete to continue with their running activities. Just a thought.