Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hump-day update

Monday:72 minutes, 7-7:30 pace (~10)
Tuesday: 65 minutes, 7-7:30 pace (achilles problems, ~9)
Wednesday: (8 miles) 10min w/u 4X(1 mile @ relaxed, 800m at 5k pace, 60sec jog rest between intervals & sets)
Results from Garmin:
6:08, 2:38, 5:58, 2;42, 6:05, 2:50( uphill), 6:07, 2:37
On the campus 5 loop and mugshots..if I used the marked mile markers as a guide, I was about 8 seconds faster on each mile, 3 ish sec faster on the 800's, but its the "campus 5 miler" and the "mugshots 4 miler" and I say that with very strong "quotations ".....:)

Easy as cake.

Down on my mileage this week with achilles issues and Houston gone to Cali... so about to ride the bike.

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