Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recommended products to help you refuel and recover during marathon training

Sunday: 30 minutes with the baby jogger (4~miles)
Monday: 8-9 miles with Micah & David (7:20 pace)
Tuesday: AM: 30min morning run, PM: 1.5m w/u & 1m c/d, 2X1000m at 5:20ish pace (3:22, 3:24) w/ 3 rest, 8X300m at 5:20 mile pace (60) w/ 100m jog/run recovery (all at 60 w/ last at 57) (9 miles)
Wednesday: 60 minutes w/ Micah & David (8 miles)
Just trying to taper a little bit and relax before Sunday. I realized I had two gears, marathon pace and half marathon pace. This is something I have a hard time dealing with. I did a short track workout just to hold my head up a little higher, get my legs feeling good before Sunday. Felt great!

After seeking advice from many of my serious marathon running friends, I now have three new products to help me recover, fuel, and train for the next few months. Normally I am not one to post many pictures... it just started to get a little out of hand. Plus- you will have a better idea of what I am talking about:
Because Gatorade just doesn't do it for me anymore! I love this stuff. I was first introduced to it three years ago running the Germantown half marathon. Tastes light and FABULOUS.
I need to practice taking gels in my long runs. Right now I am terrible!! Good news for coffee addicts, this one has caffeine!!
I am a cramper, always have been..hopefully will not be this year! My friend recommended salt stick because you only have to take it once or twice. Just make sure you take it with HEED or gatorade. Should be in the mail today.

New racing top!
Shorts/flats come in today!

Maddy & Mommy off to work/school. Maddy not impressed...

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