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Marathon Training update: Learning to change gears & take gels during a long run

I have not logged my training in a week and a here it goes:

Thursday: AM: 45 minutes easy PM: 20minutes easy
Friday: 60 minutes with Micah & David
Saturday: 5 miles with the baby jogger
Sunday: Half marathon in 1:23 (16miles)
Monday: 35 minutes on the trainer
Tuesday: 40 minute shuffle (err... 5miles)
Wednesday: 57 minutes with Micah & David
Thursday: AM: 35 minutes PM: 50 (?) minutes w/ 4X3 min at 5:45 pace (south farm)
Friday: 66 minutes with Micah & David
Saturday: 18 miles in 2:08 (7:10 pace), 9 miles easy, 3 miles @ 6:42, 2 miles easy, 3miles @ 6:35, 1 mile easy
Sunday: No running, riding the trainer for 60-70minutes (achilles)

I took it easy after Germantown and didn't force myself to run hard until later in the week. At lunch on Thursday, I changed into my running gear and set out for a session of 8X3 min at 5:45 pace on the gravel at south farm. I was surprised at how fabulous my legs felt, and had not problem hitting my pace for the first two. I was, however, having a hard time running on the gravel...I made the mistake of choosing the flattest section, which also ended up being the thickest. Running all over the road, I was putting a great amount of stress on my left achilles...not good seeing as I had just ran a half marathon a few days before.
I started the fourth interval and my achilles was screaming. I was forced to quit and jogged the few miles back to my office (not before attempting one final 3 minute effort on the road). I was so mad at myself for running on the farm AND in my new racing flats (totally stupid) that I really couldn't blame the pain on anyone or anything else. I should have known better.

Friday's run was painful, I tried to suck it up but I knew my pace was slowed by my throbbing achilles...Micah and David were planning to race the Hostoric Starkvegas 10K, so I don't think they minded 7:30 pace too much. I had a huge MSU track and field alumni banquet to attend that night, and expected to see a few people that wanted to run long in the morning. Being that we had a few people going out there (expecting me to be out there as well) I took a handful of advil (I know, smart right.) before going to bed. I had 18-19 miles on tap and I really wanted to get it in, being that my week of running had been minimal.

I had a lot planned for this workout. Originally, I wanted to run 18 miles at a relaxed 7:20, but seeing as I had not really worked out at all during the week, I decided to inject a few hard miles. I have been taking salt, so I wanted to practice taking that during the run. Also, my previous experience with taking a gel during a race left me with a side stitch for 7 miles, so I wanted to practice that also.

I woke up early to pump and grab a cup of coffee before heading out the door. Being that I had no powerbars, chocolate, bread, ANYTHING> I ate nothing, drank a glass of water with a salt stick, and changed into my shoes. This ended up being a really stupid move..I guess you don't really realize how much half a powerbar helps until you don't take it. Feeling great for the first 6 miles (consistent between 7:10-6:44) I stopped at the Whites just long enough to squeeze half a gel into my mouth with two swallows of Gatorade.

Being that most of the front group--Micah, David, Nathan, and Houston--were not present, I was seriously worried about getting lost. Mollie Winter had come out for the second time, and also one of Houston's old friends named Don. My Director was also running (he had 21-a short run for him) so we ran fairly relaxed (7:15-7:25) for 3 miles until the first water stop.
After that, I was itching to get going-and pretty confident I could run this leg solo (it was basically straight, with one minor turn) I dropped the pace down to about 6:38-6:45ish, averaging about 6:42 for the leg.

Being that we were about 13 miles in, I took salt at the next stop. Miles 13-15 were suppose to be slow again (7:20-7:25 pace) which was just fine because the salt tore my stomach up. My legs felt heavy and slow as I down shifted to a conversational effort, but I managed to survive it. I felt like it would have been easier to just continue on at sub-7 pace. However, I was determined to run this workout the way I had laid it out the night before (its a training book I have been reading, some of you can probably figure it out). Don and Director continued on at the final stop, I was a good girl and poured the Gatorade. Tiffany and a very pregnant Kelly came strolling up-which excited me..
"Tiff, do you want to run 6:30's with me on this next leg..PLEASE!"
"Umm...hahaha..get me in a few weeks....maybe."


So I continued on, alone, splitting 6:34 for the first mile, and about the same for the next two (6:40, 6:32). Surprisingly, the pace felt super easy...but I still cramped up bad during 16 and forced myself to jog the final mile at about 8:20 pace (ouch). I was upset by the cramping, but then was laughed at by my friends "You just raced a half marathon!" Right...and I didn't eat anything before I ran this morning, which was probably the reason for the cramping now that I look back.

After shoveling a few slices on Marcie's bread into my mouth, a Fresca and half a cup of coffee, Tiffany drove me home so I could shower and get to the track to Clerk the BIG TEN/ SEC Challenge Track Meet. I didn't bring a water bottle, and ended up drinking way to many diet cokes (it was really like 3, but I exaggerated and wrote on Facebook that I drank 9, WOW people were so concerned for me, I just left it alone after that and let them think I had really drank 9 cokes (come on people, not everything you see on Facebook is true you know). So I left that day tired, dehydrated, and a little bit pissed off.

I plan on doing a race recap for some of the distance races later today...but I want to touch on something first. I think that if you pay someone over 10K to do 9 hours worth of work, they should be a little more respectful to a wife of a coach (I'm not saying I'm a anyone but seriously! Don't bitch at me when I am holding my 5 month old child). Not only that, this was my first time clerking, if you want to scream at me, you better bring your guns next time- because it will be an all out war. I'm not going to disclose to much information, but these people were hired on to do an important job at this meet- which they often are. Supposedly, they wont be back for the next few--which is great because I would rather not deal with them any more.

That whole "situation" happened right in the middle of the women's 3000m, which I ended up missing completely. This pissed me off even more because Haley won it by a good 100 meters. I wanted to watch that race.

At the end of the day, Maddy and I were really just ready to be done. I don't think I have been happier to see my own bed.

To think I have to do this all over again next week with a million high schoolers. Great.


Why said…
"you better bring your guns next time" Lol

great writing.. I enjoyed the blog thanks

I enjoyed reading your Blog Meggan. :-)

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