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Pictures from Germantown Half Marathon

As promised....and no spit.

Marathon Training update: Learning to change gears & take gels during a long run

I have not logged my training in a week and a here it goes:
Thursday: AM: 45 minutes easy PM: 20minutes easyFriday: 60 minutes with Micah & David Saturday: 5 miles with the baby jogger Sunday: Half marathon in 1:23 (16miles) Monday: 35 minutes on the trainer Tuesday: 40 minute shuffle (err... 5miles) Wednesday: 57 minutes with Micah & David Thursday: AM: 35 minutes PM: 50 (?) minutes w/ 4X3 min at 5:45 pace (south farm) Friday: 66 minutes with Micah & David Saturday: 18 miles in 2:08 (7:10 pace), 9 miles easy, 3 miles @ 6:42, 2 miles easy, 3miles @ 6:35, 1 mile easy Sunday: No running, riding the trainer for 60-70minutes (achilles)
I took it easy after Germantown and didn't force myself to run hard until later in the week. At lunch on Thursday, I changed into my running gear and set out for a session of 8X3 min at 5:45 pace on the gravel at south farm. I was surprised at how fabulous my legs felt, and had not problem hitting my pace for the first two. I was, however, ha…

Germantown Half Marathon Race Recap: 1st Female, 5 Months Postpartum

1.5ish mile w/u Half Marathon in 1:23:40 for 1st ($500) 18 min waddle c/d (err...2 miles maybe)
Ummmmm........WHAT? Did I seriously just run that 5 months, 5 days after giving birth to my adorable baby girl??? I guess it just goes to show that I have ALOT of room for improvement in the half. I am looking ahead, BIG BIG GOALS! Finally, things are starting to click for me, it has been YEARS since training has gone this well and I have been injury free! All it took was getting pregnant (just kidding).
In all honesty, I didn't feel "in top shape" running this race, I mean I felt great BUT I also felt like I was still only half way there....well, that makes no sense...let me first explain how this weekend unfolded.

I woke up about 5:30 AM to feed Maddy, then downed half a cup of coffee, half a powerbar, and one salt stick pill (with my sports drink of course). Houston (the champ of a husband) had barely just arrived, having driven from Lafayette to Germantown that night/mo…

Recommended products to help you refuel and recover during marathon training

Sunday: 30 minutes with the baby jogger (4~miles) Monday: 8-9 miles with Micah & David (7:20 pace) Tuesday: AM: 30min morning run, PM: 1.5m w/u & 1m c/d, 2X1000m at 5:20ish pace (3:22, 3:24) w/ 3 rest, 8X300m at 5:20 mile pace (60) w/ 100m jog/run recovery (all at 60 w/ last at 57) (9 miles) Wednesday: 60 minutes w/ Micah & David (8 miles) Just trying to taper a little bit and relax before Sunday. I realized I had two gears, marathon pace and half marathon pace. This is something I have a hard time dealing with. I did a short track workout just to hold my head up a little higher, get my legs feeling good before Sunday. Felt great!

After seeking advice from many of my serious marathon running friends, I now have three new products to help me recover, fuel, and train for the next few months. Normally I am not one to post many pictures... it just started to get a little out of hand. Plus- you will have a better idea of what I am talking about: Because Gatorade just doesn't do i…

2011 NCAA Division 1 Track & Field Championships: Women’s Distance Races Recap

NCAA D1 Women’s 5000m ResultsThe race went out slow (3:27 for the first 1000m and 5:24 for the first mile) and from the looks of it, almost everyone was in the race until the last 1200/1000m. Jackie Areson then dropped a 69 second split and just got faster from there. Areson won by a good 4 seconds, with Mia Behm of Texas following in second, Betsy Saina of Iowa Sate in third. Tennesse’s Liz Costello ended up 5th.Jackie Areson’s Splits1000m2000m3000m4000m5000m3:27.956:40.539:54.2813:07.8216:04.16

( Results can be found at Flash Results dot com: )5000m Final ResultsPlaceAthlete NameSchoolTime 1Jackie AresonTennessee16:04.16 2Mia BehmTexas16:08.56 3Betsy SainaIowa State16:09.12 4

Week in review: 18 miles with the guys at marathon pace

Week in Review:
Monday: 10 miles in 72minutes, + 8X20 seconds hard strides at 1600m pace (11 miles total)
Tuesday: 70 minutes relaxed
Wednesday: w/u, 40 minutes at relaxed tempo @ goal half-marathon race pace (avg of 6:18 pace), c/d (8-9 miles)
Thursday: 64 minutes easy
Friday: 8.5 miles w/ David & Micah
Saturday: 2 hour run, 17.6 miles (6:49 pace)
Splits if you care: 7:30, 7:11, 6:43, 6:47, 7:21, 6:55, 6:50, 6:55, 6:31, 6:30, 6:23, 6:56, 6:20, 6:26, 6:44, 7:10, 6:35, 6:50 (for last .6)
Sunday: Not sure yet. Some major hamstring rehab for sure

Just shy of 70 miles.

Not a bad week, only one workout, one hard long run, and an 11 miler. Last week was three solid workouts and a long run so I really needed to watch it this week. Even though Wednesday's tempo doesn't look impressive at all, where we did it was, and we started off slow and worked are way down to 6:00ish by the end. Nice race pace effort. I'm not sure I can handle 13.1 miles at that pace yet though.

Saturday's run go…

Women have easier road to Boston (Marathon)?

So the 2013 Boston Marathon standards have recently been announced and have caused quite a stir in the running community. I have never run a marathon, but if you have been reading my post-baby training blog, I am well into my preparations for the Winnipeg Marathon in June this year.

I run with a group of men four days a week and we are constantly trying to find things to talk about other than football- so we had a very brief discussion about the Boston standards Monday. Brief meaning they complained about how fast they were and how the women's standards are by far easier than the men's. I chose not to comment on the topic, besides; I did not agree and did not feel like causing an argument over a matter of an opinion.

(Extracted from the Boston Marathon Site, BAA.ORG)
2013 Qualifying Times (effective September 24, 2011)
18-34 3hrs 05min 00sec3hrs 35min 00sec
35-39 3hrs 10min 00sec3hrs 40min 00sec
40-44 3hrs 15min 00sec3hrs 45min 00sec
45-49 3hrs 25min 00sec3hrs 55min 00se…

Week in Review & long run with the Boardtown group

Saturday: 12mile Long run with Micah/Nathan(!!) 2 miles relaxed before the boardtown group started. (6:45 avg pace for the whole run)scheduled was 6 miles at relaxed, 6 miles at half marathon pace. 7:14, 7:10, 7:07, 7:04, 6:32, 6:31, 6:21, 6:25, 6:30, 6:08 Felt great this morning, it was wet, windy, but just an amazing day to run. Nathan joined us also, I've really missed him out there! I had a lot going on, so I missed the famous boardtown morning spread (Marcie's bread!) but I made up for it later for Avery's B-day party (I can't believe the cutie is already 2!!)
This week turned out to be fantastic, minus the whole hip stuff. I did not feel my hip at all on Saturday and managed to keep a conversation the whole way-which was the way I was suppose to run this workout. I cannot believe how fast my fitness is improving! I do believe that I may be able to drop 2 minutes in my next half marathon (versus my Frostbite performance). The year is looking good.
Miles for the week: …