Friday, February 25, 2011

Working Mom on Marathon Training

Monday: 10 miles with Micah (74min)
Tuesday: 60minutes relaxed, hamstring + abs
Wednesday: 2.5 mile warm up, 2.5 mile cool down, 8x800m at 10K pace (5:40's) w/ 2-3 rest 2:47-2:52 (9.5 miles)
Thursday:50minutes easy
Friday: 16 miles in 1:55 (1 hour relaxed, 6 miles at MP pace (6:43,6:37, 6:37, 6:35, 6:42, 6:43) 2 mile cool down)

Houston left Thursday night, and his parents ended up coming for a visit. They stayed over, which ended up being the only time I could get my long run in, so bright (not really) and early (yes) on Friday morning, I got up, pumped, made coffee, and set out the door for a quick two hour jaunt.

The first hour was not as stellar as I would have liked. I was all over the place, 7:00, 7:20, 6:58, 7:25, it was just messed up. The effort felt consistent but my garmin said otherwise. It may have been that I wasn't paying attention, or the fact that I got out of bed at 3:30 AM, not sure.
I felt pretty good after about 58 minutes, and by that time, I had gone a little over 8 miles. Getting impatient, I hit the lap on my watch to get the tempo part of my run started, I was tired of waiting to get this run going.
It took me about a mile to get into it, I know I wasn't running all out, but my legs felt heavy as I rolled out a few 6:30's. True marathon training pace is actually 6:45, so I was under pace most of the way. My hip ended up cramping up with about a half mile to go on number 5, so I slowed down a good bit and jogged very slowly home during the cool down. This was hard for me because it killed my average. I am so anal about what my garmin says that I have a hard time looking at the big "workout" picture. Overall I was pleased, but not over joyed. This run was not suppose to be all out, but a starting point- I need to get better at running on tired legs. Something I have really not done since before I was pregnant (now that feels like ages ago).

It is unfortunate that I could not do this run with the group saturday, I know it would have probably gone much better. I did not have a sitter, and at this point I just need to make sure I get my runs in whenever I get the chance. I thought I would not have this problem after we purchased the dreadmill, but the belt is still broken and I have not called nordic track yet- so its really my fault. Houston has spent more than enough time trying to fix it.

I have come to find that if the run doesn't get done in the morning, it is probably not going to get done at all. Being a working Mom, I have basically come to the conclusion that 7 hours sleep is the new 8, and that television is not something I really need in my life anymore. Slowly but surely, I am just giving up on things that really don't seem that important- including housework.
Some people say they don't have time for exercise, I don't have time to clean house (ok, its really not that bad). As long as Maddy's room is clean and she eats out of clean bottles, I think child services wont take her away from me (seriously joking).

Being that Houston is gone for the weekend, Saturday I plan to ride the trainer and push maddy in the jogger in the afternoon. Sunday I will run with Aaron and M.E. As for the rest of the weekend- that is for me and Maddy to enjoy together :).

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