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Treadmill finally up + Maddy's first day of school :)

Sunday: 45 minutes + abs
Monday: 25 min progressive warmup (down to 6:30 pace) + 30 min of 90 sec @ 5 K race pace, 60 sec easy + light abs (8-9 miles)
Tuesday: 55 min easy
Wednesday: 2 mile warm up/cool down w/ 4X 1 mile on Mugshots (6:04, 5:58, 5:48, 5:31 ( 2-2:45 rest and headwind going out, tailwind coming back) (8 miles)

First of all, I am sure you have noticed a few "small" additions to my blog. I am now part of the Women Talk Sports Network ( I'm so excited to be blogging for such an amazing network of people with interests similar to my own, if you have not checked out the site yet, I recommend you visit it ( WTS's mission is"promoting and empowering female athleticism, is an online network that connects the best blogs relating to women's sports. The site aims to raise the level of awareness of women in sport by providing comprehensive sport coverage, spotlighting outstanding achievements, and working with sporting associations on advocacy issues and empowering programs."
I love the site because it is my ESPN, anything relevant to my sport or women's athletics is posted on their news feed daily.

This mornings workout was an eye opener. It was 25 degrees, 4:45am, and massively windy. I was running with my two most loyal running partners, Micah and David. We started out slow, being that it was my first workout of mile repeats--and finished fast. I surprised myself. Everyone told me that the fitness would come back quicker than I though, and I would say that I am getting fitter more and more each day. I cannot wait to be back to were I was. I will be better than I was.

So, after waiting almost 2 months to get the courage to try, I pulled my skinny slacks out of the closet to see if the fit. They did- sorta. It's funny, my stomach is back, my legs are almost back, its my arms/chest/hips that are bigger (one of those things is not because of any post-pregnancy weight gain). So, unfortunately I had to do the "elastic" trick. When I finally got to work-I caught a glance of myself in the conference room window and I noticed that these "skinny" slacks were not NEAR as flattering as they used to be. As disappointing as that was....It's fine though, half the time I have to remind myself to eat a meal- you would be surprised what you forget when getting Maddy ready in the morning and putting her to bed at night.

We finally got the treadmill all set up. I don't have a TV for it yet, and it is in front of a blank wall with one qoute "You were only ever suppose to be mediocre.", but I will make do for now. I have a 15 or 16 mile run on tap for this week, and it looks like the only day I will be able to fit it in in Saturday. I have done some ridiculous runs on the treadmill,16 miles is a little bit far for that. But, this was all before Pandora radio and video baby monitors.

Maddy has entered her second day of Day Care. Yesterday was seriously stressful, today is much better. She is going to a great school with DIVERSITY, she is having a great time and I am so excited for her. I felt that I grew up a little socially awkward, and I really don't want that for her. I want her to know how to communicate with people and make friends :). Everyone asks me, "how are you doing?"... I am great, I am excited for my child. Nervous, yes, but I feel like she is in great hands and she absolutely loves it! The morning routine has changed a bit...what do I need to get up at 3:45 now? Ha, not happening. Instead, Houston just needs to get up a little earlier, that way I don't have to pump/change/feed/dress/pack all by myself. He is suppose to be the morning shift, I am always the afternoon shift..but he has 3 morning practices a week, so I'm not sure how this is going to work.

On another note, I will be traveling to the 2011 Indoor SEC Track and Field Championships in Arkansas at the end of February. I am really looking forward to it, it will be Maddy's first track meet (she did attend NCAA Regional X-Country Champs this past season). Houston really wants us to go, and it's been a while since I have seen the team race indoors.

Also, Mississippi State's men won the 4X400m at this past Millrose Games. We ran almost a second faster than last year, very impressive I may add.

Still waiting on my new Brooks equipment. Can't wait :)


Sarah and Joe said…
Meggan! I can't wait to meet Maddy in March. I am planning to come for the reunion thing...pretty excited!
Haley said…
Wow, you're tearing it up!
I'm glad that you and Maddy are coming to Arkansas :)

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