Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training and racing goals after having baby.

Monday: 54minutes w/ 10 X2 min on, 1 min off @10k pace + 12min hard on the trainer (this morning was a'll see why)
Tuesday: 60minutes recovery + abs
Wednesday:2 mile warm up, 30min progessive tempo with Micah, 6:23, 6:21, 6:14, 6:11, 6:17 (9+ miles)
Thursday:AM: 30minutes on the trainer + abs, Lunch: 40 minute recorvery run on trails
Friday: 8.3 miles with Micah (7:25 average)
Saturday:3 mile warm up, 4 mile cool down, 5 mile tempo run in 29:55 on campus 5 loop (12)
Sunday: Planned 40 min on trainer + 40 min run with Aaron and hamstring work

I had a great week of running with the exception on Monday. Monday morning was ill planned and turned out being a disaster. I had scheduled a 10 mile run with 12X2min hard pickups in the middle, and being that Houston had practice I was ready to run the last 4 miles on the treadmill at home while Maddy slept. I ended up getting out the door a few minutes late but managed to get about 6 mile in and 8 pickups before I came back home. I walked in and had a very brief five second argument with Houston about Franks Time, (what the HELL is Franks time), and ended up flipping out, running so hard on the Dreadmill that the belt slipped off AGAIN (after about 12 minutes) which only seemed to make me angrier, I then jumped on the bike- by this time Maddy had woken up so she also sat along with me in her vibrating chair- and biked like mad for an additional 12 minutes before I had to start getting Maddy ready for day care and myself ready for work.

--->Long story short, my husband has been amazing all week- I almost feel like I had the week off! He has basically gotten Maddy ready every morning, feeding/dressing and off to school-I almost feel guilty. And its not like he wasn't supportive before, he was just gone. He has been home Monday-Sunday and I have throughly enjoyed it- I know Maddy has also.<----

Wednesday was a planned tempo run with Micah. Being that my fitness is changing daily (:)) I had no idea what to expect. I was hoping for something around 6:20, which would be right around goal half marathon pace for me. So after a quick warmup, we set out on our 30minute down town adventure. I was surprised when my garmin beeped 6:23 for the first mile because I knew I could pick it up. Once we got back on to mugshots, I knew I could hammer home, and continued to progressively get a little faster. Running the hill by the sanderson, I felt my hip get a little tight and slowed down just slightly to average about 6:17 pace for the last portion. Micah had to stop for a bathroom break so I ran the last few miles alone. My only comment to him when we got finished was, "Pregnancy makes you faster." Which he replied, "hell ya it does!" Lol.

Houston had planned a tempo run for his distance women on Saturday. I started to think "hey, maybe I can hang?" Originally, he was going to have one of his women run about 6:20-6:30 pace for 7 miles, and I know I could manage that. It ended up he only had one women running, Haley. In which, I highly doubted I could run the whole 7 (she is running very well right now), my plan was to make it half way and hold on for dear life at about 5.

That is pretty much the way it unfolded. We hit 6:02 for the first mile, and even though I felt good I knew that it wouldn't be long before I was finished. We went 6:08 for the second mile, and then sub-6's after that. I was dropped at just before 4 miles, when Haley clicked off a couple 5:30ish splits (nice), I sat back and tried to maintain some sort of pace so I didn't hurt myself, splitting 29:55 for 5 miles. I was pleased with this, just a few weeks ago I was running miles repeats at this pace. I'm not saying I am setting any post-baby records here, but I am enjoying the running and getting back into race shape. Its just one area of my life that helps keep everything else in check.

I am trying to be smarter this year, running slow on my recovery days, taking it easy when I need to, and massaging my hamstring after every hard session. Alot of this is because I did just have a baby and I need to be careful, but also because I don't want to get hurt again.
If things go as planned, my goal is 6:15 pace for the half and 6:45 pace for the full marathon. Yes these may seem like crazy goals at this point, but I need to train towards something. My current PR in the half is about 6:22 pace, which I did with a pulled hamstring. I am not saying the year will unfold with a 1:21 half and a sub-3 hour marathon, but I need to establish goals to make sure I keep pace in training.

And yes, I know I have never run a full marathon. 6:45 will be training pace because it seems to a pace I am comfortable running during a good portion of my long runs. I have no aspirations of running a crazy fast marathon my first time out: My goal for my first marathon is to finish.

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