Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 SEC Indoor Track and Field Championships: Women's 3000m Race Recap

No surprise here, Jackie Areson took the lead from the beginning (she has run 9:01 this year), dragging most of the field out early to a blistering 3:05 for the first 1000m (2:24 for the first 800m). Callie Cooper of Florida followed chase along with Tennesse’s Costello and Sheffey and Kentucky’s Cally Macumber.

After the first kilometer, the top 8 still looked to be in the race and holding on to Areson quite well, until Jackie made a huge move that dragged the field out just slightly and she began gapping the field. Teammates Sheffey and Costello trailed by about 10 meters.
Jackie went through the mile in about 4:55, and by this time, her lead had increased to about 20 meters. She then began to lap some of the weaker runners that had fallen off quickly due to the blistering pace.

From here on nothing changed in the “lead”, Areson led and extended her lead, Holly Knight made a move in the chase pack, but it was hard to watch the chase when Jackie was so far out in front unfailing and unchallenged. I was not there to witness it, but it seems like she lapped the entire field with the exception of maybe the top 10 runners. It was beyond impressive.
With 3 laps to go, teammates Costello and Sheffey secured second and third, Miranda Walker of Arkansas moved to fourth, Holly Knight of Auburn, fifth.

I tried to take screen shots from my computer, but as you can see that didn't work out. So, to watch the entire race, visit:
It is on Day 2 Part 2, and you will need to scroll to the very end.

Event 6 Women 3000 Meter Run
Positions 1-15 on front row
Randal Tyson: 8:49.18 R 3/13/2004 Kim Smith
SEC Meet: 9:15.69M1987 Lisa Breidling
NCAA Auto: 9:13.00 A
Name School Finals
1 Jackie Areson Tennessee 9:10.49A 10
2 Liz Costello Tennessee 9:16.14 8
3 Brittany Sheffey Tennessee 9:26.75 6
4 Miranda Walker Arkansas 9:28.20 5
5 Holly Knight Auburn 9:28.98 4
6 Cally Macumber Kentucky 9:35.00 3
7 Cory McGee Florida 9:36.25 2
8 Stephanie Barnes Auburn 9:38.79 1
9 Elizabeth Anderson Vanderbilt 9:40.66
10 Callie Cooper Florida 9:41.91
11 Louise Hannallah Vanderbilt 9:51.27
12 Genevieve LaCaze Florida 9:52.87
13 Grace Heymsfield Arkansas 9:53.20
14 Beatrice Biwott S Carolina 9:53.61

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