Sunday, February 6, 2011

Marathon Training Week 2: 13 mile progressive treadmill run.

Thursday: AM: 4miles easy, abs /PM: 10min w/u, circuit for 25min
Friday: AM: 8.2 miles with Micah (7:20-30 pace)
Saturday: 13 miles in 90 min
30 min at 7:30-7:00 pace
5min at 6:58 pace
25min at 6:53 pace
5 min at 6:49 pace
25min at 6:44 pace
Sunday:48 minutes with M.E.
Total miles for the week: 56 (4 miles short of goal)

Saturday's run was done on the treadmill. I had planned on waking up at 5:00 am to get my run in while Maddy slept- unfortunately, she had a bad night and I forgot to set my alarm. We woke up at 7:00 instead. By the time I got her changed/dressed/fed and content in her swing, it was already 8:15. Maddy and I had a baby shower to go to at 2:00, so I had to kiss whatever dream I had of going out to the Whites for friends/fellowship/coffee/bread goodbye.
I changed into my running clothes, plugged in my pandora, and got to work. I started off at an easy 7:40 pace to get the legs warmed up, and after I had gone about a mile, Maddy was already asleep. I figured I could probably get in another three miles (at least) while she napped, and dropped the pace down closer to 7:00.
I took a mouth full of gatorade at about 4 miles and Maddy was still fast asleep. At this point, I was feeling pretty good and dropped the pace down to 6:58, then 6:53. The first 9 miles came and went- Maddy was still asleep.
Still feeling good, I dropped down to 6:44--only 5 seconds slower per mile than the half marathon I ran 2 weeks early. I was working hard but feeling amazing, and figured I may be able to get my 2 hours in...however, right when I hit 90 minutes, the belt slipped all the way to the left and the treadmill came to a screeching halt. I was furious, and spent the last 10 minutes trying to fix the belt by hand (like that was going to work) I really wanted to get my 16 miles in.

I did hit a major milestone, 13 miles was the longest treadmill run I have ever done to date. It went by so quickly that I really don't even feel like I did it. It was so easy. My fitness is really starting to improve. I felt great on this mornings run, 2 weeks ago I could barely walk after my half marathon.

SO Maddy and I had a girls weekend again. Houston is off at USA X-Country Nationals, Maddy and I at home. I told him that when I ran Canadian X-Country Nationals as a freshman, I went alone (I finished 17th, my best National showing besides the bronze in the steeple at Outdoors in 02). He told me that he was going to really try stop pleasing everyone, and I explained, "Yes, because the person that suffers in Madison." Which I guess we can agree to disagree on. This is the second second week in a row he has traveled, and next weekend he will be gone also. I seriously have to hand it to the single Mom's out there, my Husband works alot but he is home a good bit, I don't know how I could do this completely alone, although Maddy and I do spend alot of time together w/o Dad his time of year. If I was a stay at home mom that would be one thing (which is a very respectable job, we pay major bucks to have someone care for Maddy during the day because it is HARD). But I have a great big job also, I wish I had extra time to do things out side of 8-5, but I can't so that my husband can. When he is recruiting at night, I am taking care of Maddy. Although, If I had the time do do more, who knows if I would.
Things will be better during the summer...IF our track ever ends of getting finished.

I received my first Brooks order, a pair of tights, a racing top, a long sleeve, and a pair of capri tights. I ordered one size up (I mean, I just had a baby) unfortunately, everything is a little to big, which means I'm in between sizes right now, I can't order down or it will be to tiny-so I guess I would rather have things bigger then too small. I can't wait to take off the rest of this pregnancy weight. I know it is barely nothing and I feel selfish even thinking about it. Houston called me after Nationals and told me I was much closer to my goal weight than Kara Goucher...her baby is 7 months. This made me feel better...even though it shouldn't. Sometimes I feel so awkward in this new body, I am not big by any means, but I've been small for so long that it has taken some getting used to.

My goal this week was to get back up to 60, then mid 60's a week or two after. Being that the reason I couldn't get thos last 4 miles in was because of a treadmill malfunction, I am not to concerned about it. Tomorrow is another day that starts another week.

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