Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 SEC Indoor Track and Field Championships: Women's 3000m Race Recap

No surprise here, Jackie Areson took the lead from the beginning (she has run 9:01 this year), dragging most of the field out early to a blistering 3:05 for the first 1000m (2:24 for the first 800m). Callie Cooper of Florida followed chase along with Tennesse’s Costello and Sheffey and Kentucky’s Cally Macumber.

After the first kilometer, the top 8 still looked to be in the race and holding on to Areson quite well, until Jackie made a huge move that dragged the field out just slightly and she began gapping the field. Teammates Sheffey and Costello trailed by about 10 meters.
Jackie went through the mile in about 4:55, and by this time, her lead had increased to about 20 meters. She then began to lap some of the weaker runners that had fallen off quickly due to the blistering pace.

From here on nothing changed in the “lead”, Areson led and extended her lead, Holly Knight made a move in the chase pack, but it was hard to watch the chase when Jackie was so far out in front unfailing and unchallenged. I was not there to witness it, but it seems like she lapped the entire field with the exception of maybe the top 10 runners. It was beyond impressive.
With 3 laps to go, teammates Costello and Sheffey secured second and third, Miranda Walker of Arkansas moved to fourth, Holly Knight of Auburn, fifth.

I tried to take screen shots from my computer, but as you can see that didn't work out. So, to watch the entire race, visit:
It is on Day 2 Part 2, and you will need to scroll to the very end.

Event 6 Women 3000 Meter Run
Positions 1-15 on front row
Randal Tyson: 8:49.18 R 3/13/2004 Kim Smith
SEC Meet: 9:15.69M1987 Lisa Breidling
NCAA Auto: 9:13.00 A
Name School Finals
1 Jackie Areson Tennessee 9:10.49A 10
2 Liz Costello Tennessee 9:16.14 8
3 Brittany Sheffey Tennessee 9:26.75 6
4 Miranda Walker Arkansas 9:28.20 5
5 Holly Knight Auburn 9:28.98 4
6 Cally Macumber Kentucky 9:35.00 3
7 Cory McGee Florida 9:36.25 2
8 Stephanie Barnes Auburn 9:38.79 1
9 Elizabeth Anderson Vanderbilt 9:40.66
10 Callie Cooper Florida 9:41.91
11 Louise Hannallah Vanderbilt 9:51.27
12 Genevieve LaCaze Florida 9:52.87
13 Grace Heymsfield Arkansas 9:53.20
14 Beatrice Biwott S Carolina 9:53.61

Friday, February 25, 2011

Working Mom on Marathon Training

Monday: 10 miles with Micah (74min)
Tuesday: 60minutes relaxed, hamstring + abs
Wednesday: 2.5 mile warm up, 2.5 mile cool down, 8x800m at 10K pace (5:40's) w/ 2-3 rest 2:47-2:52 (9.5 miles)
Thursday:50minutes easy
Friday: 16 miles in 1:55 (1 hour relaxed, 6 miles at MP pace (6:43,6:37, 6:37, 6:35, 6:42, 6:43) 2 mile cool down)

Houston left Thursday night, and his parents ended up coming for a visit. They stayed over, which ended up being the only time I could get my long run in, so bright (not really) and early (yes) on Friday morning, I got up, pumped, made coffee, and set out the door for a quick two hour jaunt.

The first hour was not as stellar as I would have liked. I was all over the place, 7:00, 7:20, 6:58, 7:25, it was just messed up. The effort felt consistent but my garmin said otherwise. It may have been that I wasn't paying attention, or the fact that I got out of bed at 3:30 AM, not sure.
I felt pretty good after about 58 minutes, and by that time, I had gone a little over 8 miles. Getting impatient, I hit the lap on my watch to get the tempo part of my run started, I was tired of waiting to get this run going.
It took me about a mile to get into it, I know I wasn't running all out, but my legs felt heavy as I rolled out a few 6:30's. True marathon training pace is actually 6:45, so I was under pace most of the way. My hip ended up cramping up with about a half mile to go on number 5, so I slowed down a good bit and jogged very slowly home during the cool down. This was hard for me because it killed my average. I am so anal about what my garmin says that I have a hard time looking at the big "workout" picture. Overall I was pleased, but not over joyed. This run was not suppose to be all out, but a starting point- I need to get better at running on tired legs. Something I have really not done since before I was pregnant (now that feels like ages ago).

It is unfortunate that I could not do this run with the group saturday, I know it would have probably gone much better. I did not have a sitter, and at this point I just need to make sure I get my runs in whenever I get the chance. I thought I would not have this problem after we purchased the dreadmill, but the belt is still broken and I have not called nordic track yet- so its really my fault. Houston has spent more than enough time trying to fix it.

I have come to find that if the run doesn't get done in the morning, it is probably not going to get done at all. Being a working Mom, I have basically come to the conclusion that 7 hours sleep is the new 8, and that television is not something I really need in my life anymore. Slowly but surely, I am just giving up on things that really don't seem that important- including housework.
Some people say they don't have time for exercise, I don't have time to clean house (ok, its really not that bad). As long as Maddy's room is clean and she eats out of clean bottles, I think child services wont take her away from me (seriously joking).

Being that Houston is gone for the weekend, Saturday I plan to ride the trainer and push maddy in the jogger in the afternoon. Sunday I will run with Aaron and M.E. As for the rest of the weekend- that is for me and Maddy to enjoy together :).

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training and racing goals after having baby.

Monday: 54minutes w/ 10 X2 min on, 1 min off @10k pace + 12min hard on the trainer (this morning was a'll see why)
Tuesday: 60minutes recovery + abs
Wednesday:2 mile warm up, 30min progessive tempo with Micah, 6:23, 6:21, 6:14, 6:11, 6:17 (9+ miles)
Thursday:AM: 30minutes on the trainer + abs, Lunch: 40 minute recorvery run on trails
Friday: 8.3 miles with Micah (7:25 average)
Saturday:3 mile warm up, 4 mile cool down, 5 mile tempo run in 29:55 on campus 5 loop (12)
Sunday: Planned 40 min on trainer + 40 min run with Aaron and hamstring work

I had a great week of running with the exception on Monday. Monday morning was ill planned and turned out being a disaster. I had scheduled a 10 mile run with 12X2min hard pickups in the middle, and being that Houston had practice I was ready to run the last 4 miles on the treadmill at home while Maddy slept. I ended up getting out the door a few minutes late but managed to get about 6 mile in and 8 pickups before I came back home. I walked in and had a very brief five second argument with Houston about Franks Time, (what the HELL is Franks time), and ended up flipping out, running so hard on the Dreadmill that the belt slipped off AGAIN (after about 12 minutes) which only seemed to make me angrier, I then jumped on the bike- by this time Maddy had woken up so she also sat along with me in her vibrating chair- and biked like mad for an additional 12 minutes before I had to start getting Maddy ready for day care and myself ready for work.

--->Long story short, my husband has been amazing all week- I almost feel like I had the week off! He has basically gotten Maddy ready every morning, feeding/dressing and off to school-I almost feel guilty. And its not like he wasn't supportive before, he was just gone. He has been home Monday-Sunday and I have throughly enjoyed it- I know Maddy has also.<----

Wednesday was a planned tempo run with Micah. Being that my fitness is changing daily (:)) I had no idea what to expect. I was hoping for something around 6:20, which would be right around goal half marathon pace for me. So after a quick warmup, we set out on our 30minute down town adventure. I was surprised when my garmin beeped 6:23 for the first mile because I knew I could pick it up. Once we got back on to mugshots, I knew I could hammer home, and continued to progressively get a little faster. Running the hill by the sanderson, I felt my hip get a little tight and slowed down just slightly to average about 6:17 pace for the last portion. Micah had to stop for a bathroom break so I ran the last few miles alone. My only comment to him when we got finished was, "Pregnancy makes you faster." Which he replied, "hell ya it does!" Lol.

Houston had planned a tempo run for his distance women on Saturday. I started to think "hey, maybe I can hang?" Originally, he was going to have one of his women run about 6:20-6:30 pace for 7 miles, and I know I could manage that. It ended up he only had one women running, Haley. In which, I highly doubted I could run the whole 7 (she is running very well right now), my plan was to make it half way and hold on for dear life at about 5.

That is pretty much the way it unfolded. We hit 6:02 for the first mile, and even though I felt good I knew that it wouldn't be long before I was finished. We went 6:08 for the second mile, and then sub-6's after that. I was dropped at just before 4 miles, when Haley clicked off a couple 5:30ish splits (nice), I sat back and tried to maintain some sort of pace so I didn't hurt myself, splitting 29:55 for 5 miles. I was pleased with this, just a few weeks ago I was running miles repeats at this pace. I'm not saying I am setting any post-baby records here, but I am enjoying the running and getting back into race shape. Its just one area of my life that helps keep everything else in check.

I am trying to be smarter this year, running slow on my recovery days, taking it easy when I need to, and massaging my hamstring after every hard session. Alot of this is because I did just have a baby and I need to be careful, but also because I don't want to get hurt again.
If things go as planned, my goal is 6:15 pace for the half and 6:45 pace for the full marathon. Yes these may seem like crazy goals at this point, but I need to train towards something. My current PR in the half is about 6:22 pace, which I did with a pulled hamstring. I am not saying the year will unfold with a 1:21 half and a sub-3 hour marathon, but I need to establish goals to make sure I keep pace in training.

And yes, I know I have never run a full marathon. 6:45 will be training pace because it seems to a pace I am comfortable running during a good portion of my long runs. I have no aspirations of running a crazy fast marathon my first time out: My goal for my first marathon is to finish.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

16 weeks postpartum: Longest run since pregnancy

Thursday: am: 8.3 miles in 61 min, abs and stretch
Friday: AM: 5 miles (no Husband and Maddy had a bad night)
Saturday: 15.6 miles in 1:51
Sunday: Planned 45minute run with M.E. and Aaron

This mornings run felt pretty good. I told myself that I was not going to go as fast, that I was going to be relaxed and just get the run in. The loop was about 12 miles, and 15.5 with the add on. Micah and I started off relaxed, eventually getting down around
7:00-6:55 until about mile 6 where we parted ways. I ran the last 10 miles solo.
The add-on loop took me around the "lake" at Browning Creek. Having never ventured out this far alone, I was a little hesitant and slowed the pace down a bit (I am extremely directionally challenged) but I kept taking rights (advised by Micah) until I finally hooked back in on the west side. The loop was hilly, I slowed to about 7:20 pace, and by the time I got back to the water stop I was ready to start rolling.
I told myself I was not going to stop for Gatorade, but the bags were a mess so I stopped to fix them up anyway. I hit 7:00 for mile 11, then 6:45ish for the next 3-4 miles. By the time I got back on Montgomery, my hamstring was cramping badly, so I slowed down the last mile to try and take in the moment.
This is/was my longest run since the pregnancy. Its amazing how much I need running in my life.

Maddy has a little bit of a cold, and of course I freak a little about it. My 4 month old is sick for the first time.. Thursday and Friday night she barely slept, waking up at 12:30, 1:30 and 3:30, she wanted to eat, then play, then cry, anything but sleep. I feel like I am slowly running out
of gas, I have started to forget things--yesterday I made it all the way to school and realized I
didn't have Maddy's bottle bag. The first thought was, "Do I need to go back to get them?" Of course I do, what the hell is she going to eat? OK, so the lack of sleep has really done a number on me, and I've got to learn how to make the situation better. Its hard, though, sometimes Maddy doesn't fall asleep until 9:00, so that means I can't either. In the end, it doesn't matter. Even when we are awake in the middle of the night, there is nothing else I would rather be
doing then taking care of her.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Postpartum Running Week 16 & Yoga for Tight Hamstrings

Training Update:
Monday: AM: 4 miles progressive warm up, 8X2:00min hard, 60 easy
7:00, 6:27, 6:26, 6:21, rest 3 min, the 2 min reps were done at 5k-10k race pace(date pace)
8.25 miles total
Tuesday: 60 minutes easy
Wednesday: Modified bulldog miles: 2 mile warm up/ 1 mile c/d,
4X90 sec at 10k pace, 2X800m, 1Xmile, 2X800m, 4X90 sec up tempo
(1st 4 90 sec at 10K pace), 2:42, 2:48, 5:35, 2:48, NT, 2nd 90 sec half marathon pace

This workout went well for 4:30 in the Morning. It was just Micah and I & 20 degrees. I can make all the excuses in the world of why this workout was sub-par, however it was fine. I am not training to run 16:40 or sub 35min, I am training for a Marathon, and Maddy is less than 4 months old. Being that we started the workout from my house, we had to modify everything so that we could eventually run the 8's and the mile on a marked loop.
I have had three sleepless nights in a row and it is starting to have a negative effect on me. Today, I feel asleep in my office chair while reading. Good thing my Director was walking by and woke me up, what are bosses for right? In all honesty, he completely understands.
The ONE positive thing about getting no sleep is that it becomes much easier to play mind games on yourself. Like- that sign is only a minute away when it is really 4 minutes, you can really start to loose yourself in a workout, and not know the true effects until afterwards.

In all honesty, I was exhausted. If Micah was not out there with me, I would have laid down on the side of the road and took a nap.

I ran the first 8 's and felt alright, letting Micah smack me around a little bit. We headed into the mile and I went after it, trying not to settle and used the uphill to my advantage. Coming around the corner beside the Templeton building, I expected Micah to come cruising by, but he never did. I surprised myself on the mile, but also worked so hard that my legs died on the next 800, I just didn't have anything left for the last set of 400's/90 sec reps, so we ran up-tempo instead.

This workout has been on tap for next week for quite sometime, however, I ran a progressive "warm-up" on Monday that was considerably faster then I expected, so I swapped Bulldog miles for the 30 minute tempo that I had planned on doing. Turns out, Houston's team did this workout this week also- but on the horse park (yeah, how much fun would that be,?).

On another note, I have had a gimp hip/hamstring since sophmore year of college. SO much though that I was pulled from my regular event (the 5k) and thrown into the steeple (which eventually was the best thing for me anyway). This year I am doing everything I can to make sure I don't end up hurt like I always do by stretching/yoga/running extremely easy on my easy days. I was looking up some yoga exercises for tight hamstrings and came across this article from runners world. I have done them for a total of two weeks, and I have already felt an improvement in my left hammy. They are simple and only take a few minutes, I recommend them for anyone that has extremely tight hamstrings like myself.

The Cure: Supine Leg Stretch
How to: Lie on your back and place a strap around the arch of your right foot. Holding each end of the strap, draw your knee to your chest (move the hands up and down the strap as needed to release slack). On an exhale, straighten your leg upward as far as you can to comfortably stretch your hamstring. Hold for at least 30 seconds . Repeat for the left leg.

The Cure: Locust
How to: Start lying on your belly. Place your feet three to four inches apart and point your toes. Extend your arms in front of you, shoulder width apart. Squeeze your buttocks and press your pubic bone down into the floor. Inhale and stretch your arms forward and your legs backward as you lift your body off the floor. Keep your pelvis on the floor. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times.

Read the full article at

Anyways, the goal is to get a 15-16 mile run this week, then go back down for the next. If I don't get anymore sleep the rest of this week, I'm not sure if this long run will end up unfolding the way I wish it would. We will see.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Marathon Training Week 2: 13 mile progressive treadmill run.

Thursday: AM: 4miles easy, abs /PM: 10min w/u, circuit for 25min
Friday: AM: 8.2 miles with Micah (7:20-30 pace)
Saturday: 13 miles in 90 min
30 min at 7:30-7:00 pace
5min at 6:58 pace
25min at 6:53 pace
5 min at 6:49 pace
25min at 6:44 pace
Sunday:48 minutes with M.E.
Total miles for the week: 56 (4 miles short of goal)

Saturday's run was done on the treadmill. I had planned on waking up at 5:00 am to get my run in while Maddy slept- unfortunately, she had a bad night and I forgot to set my alarm. We woke up at 7:00 instead. By the time I got her changed/dressed/fed and content in her swing, it was already 8:15. Maddy and I had a baby shower to go to at 2:00, so I had to kiss whatever dream I had of going out to the Whites for friends/fellowship/coffee/bread goodbye.
I changed into my running clothes, plugged in my pandora, and got to work. I started off at an easy 7:40 pace to get the legs warmed up, and after I had gone about a mile, Maddy was already asleep. I figured I could probably get in another three miles (at least) while she napped, and dropped the pace down closer to 7:00.
I took a mouth full of gatorade at about 4 miles and Maddy was still fast asleep. At this point, I was feeling pretty good and dropped the pace down to 6:58, then 6:53. The first 9 miles came and went- Maddy was still asleep.
Still feeling good, I dropped down to 6:44--only 5 seconds slower per mile than the half marathon I ran 2 weeks early. I was working hard but feeling amazing, and figured I may be able to get my 2 hours in...however, right when I hit 90 minutes, the belt slipped all the way to the left and the treadmill came to a screeching halt. I was furious, and spent the last 10 minutes trying to fix the belt by hand (like that was going to work) I really wanted to get my 16 miles in.

I did hit a major milestone, 13 miles was the longest treadmill run I have ever done to date. It went by so quickly that I really don't even feel like I did it. It was so easy. My fitness is really starting to improve. I felt great on this mornings run, 2 weeks ago I could barely walk after my half marathon.

SO Maddy and I had a girls weekend again. Houston is off at USA X-Country Nationals, Maddy and I at home. I told him that when I ran Canadian X-Country Nationals as a freshman, I went alone (I finished 17th, my best National showing besides the bronze in the steeple at Outdoors in 02). He told me that he was going to really try stop pleasing everyone, and I explained, "Yes, because the person that suffers in Madison." Which I guess we can agree to disagree on. This is the second second week in a row he has traveled, and next weekend he will be gone also. I seriously have to hand it to the single Mom's out there, my Husband works alot but he is home a good bit, I don't know how I could do this completely alone, although Maddy and I do spend alot of time together w/o Dad his time of year. If I was a stay at home mom that would be one thing (which is a very respectable job, we pay major bucks to have someone care for Maddy during the day because it is HARD). But I have a great big job also, I wish I had extra time to do things out side of 8-5, but I can't so that my husband can. When he is recruiting at night, I am taking care of Maddy. Although, If I had the time do do more, who knows if I would.
Things will be better during the summer...IF our track ever ends of getting finished.

I received my first Brooks order, a pair of tights, a racing top, a long sleeve, and a pair of capri tights. I ordered one size up (I mean, I just had a baby) unfortunately, everything is a little to big, which means I'm in between sizes right now, I can't order down or it will be to tiny-so I guess I would rather have things bigger then too small. I can't wait to take off the rest of this pregnancy weight. I know it is barely nothing and I feel selfish even thinking about it. Houston called me after Nationals and told me I was much closer to my goal weight than Kara Goucher...her baby is 7 months. This made me feel better...even though it shouldn't. Sometimes I feel so awkward in this new body, I am not big by any means, but I've been small for so long that it has taken some getting used to.

My goal this week was to get back up to 60, then mid 60's a week or two after. Being that the reason I couldn't get thos last 4 miles in was because of a treadmill malfunction, I am not to concerned about it. Tomorrow is another day that starts another week.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Treadmill finally up + Maddy's first day of school :)

Sunday: 45 minutes + abs
Monday: 25 min progressive warmup (down to 6:30 pace) + 30 min of 90 sec @ 5 K race pace, 60 sec easy + light abs (8-9 miles)
Tuesday: 55 min easy
Wednesday: 2 mile warm up/cool down w/ 4X 1 mile on Mugshots (6:04, 5:58, 5:48, 5:31 ( 2-2:45 rest and headwind going out, tailwind coming back) (8 miles)

First of all, I am sure you have noticed a few "small" additions to my blog. I am now part of the Women Talk Sports Network ( I'm so excited to be blogging for such an amazing network of people with interests similar to my own, if you have not checked out the site yet, I recommend you visit it ( WTS's mission is"promoting and empowering female athleticism, is an online network that connects the best blogs relating to women's sports. The site aims to raise the level of awareness of women in sport by providing comprehensive sport coverage, spotlighting outstanding achievements, and working with sporting associations on advocacy issues and empowering programs."
I love the site because it is my ESPN, anything relevant to my sport or women's athletics is posted on their news feed daily.

This mornings workout was an eye opener. It was 25 degrees, 4:45am, and massively windy. I was running with my two most loyal running partners, Micah and David. We started out slow, being that it was my first workout of mile repeats--and finished fast. I surprised myself. Everyone told me that the fitness would come back quicker than I though, and I would say that I am getting fitter more and more each day. I cannot wait to be back to were I was. I will be better than I was.

So, after waiting almost 2 months to get the courage to try, I pulled my skinny slacks out of the closet to see if the fit. They did- sorta. It's funny, my stomach is back, my legs are almost back, its my arms/chest/hips that are bigger (one of those things is not because of any post-pregnancy weight gain). So, unfortunately I had to do the "elastic" trick. When I finally got to work-I caught a glance of myself in the conference room window and I noticed that these "skinny" slacks were not NEAR as flattering as they used to be. As disappointing as that was....It's fine though, half the time I have to remind myself to eat a meal- you would be surprised what you forget when getting Maddy ready in the morning and putting her to bed at night.

We finally got the treadmill all set up. I don't have a TV for it yet, and it is in front of a blank wall with one qoute "You were only ever suppose to be mediocre.", but I will make do for now. I have a 15 or 16 mile run on tap for this week, and it looks like the only day I will be able to fit it in in Saturday. I have done some ridiculous runs on the treadmill,16 miles is a little bit far for that. But, this was all before Pandora radio and video baby monitors.

Maddy has entered her second day of Day Care. Yesterday was seriously stressful, today is much better. She is going to a great school with DIVERSITY, she is having a great time and I am so excited for her. I felt that I grew up a little socially awkward, and I really don't want that for her. I want her to know how to communicate with people and make friends :). Everyone asks me, "how are you doing?"... I am great, I am excited for my child. Nervous, yes, but I feel like she is in great hands and she absolutely loves it! The morning routine has changed a bit...what do I need to get up at 3:45 now? Ha, not happening. Instead, Houston just needs to get up a little earlier, that way I don't have to pump/change/feed/dress/pack all by myself. He is suppose to be the morning shift, I am always the afternoon shift..but he has 3 morning practices a week, so I'm not sure how this is going to work.

On another note, I will be traveling to the 2011 Indoor SEC Track and Field Championships in Arkansas at the end of February. I am really looking forward to it, it will be Maddy's first track meet (she did attend NCAA Regional X-Country Champs this past season). Houston really wants us to go, and it's been a while since I have seen the team race indoors.

Also, Mississippi State's men won the 4X400m at this past Millrose Games. We ran almost a second faster than last year, very impressive I may add.

Still waiting on my new Brooks equipment. Can't wait :)