Thursday, January 20, 2011

Race Week

Sunday: 20 minutes relaxed (hips really tight)
Monday: AM 9miles medium with 6X30 seconds @ ~5:00 min pace
PM: 5miles with Aaron
Tuesday: 50 minutes relaxed (tight)
Wednesday: 60minutes on road course with Micah, Houston & David w/ 1/2/3/4/4/3/2/1 hard, half recoveries:
results from Garmin:
Under 6:30 Pace: 18 1/2 minutes
Under 6:15 pace: 16 minutes
Under 6:00 min pace: 10 1/2 minutes
Under 5:45 pace: 5 1/2 minutes
Under 5:30-5:00 pace: 2 minutes
Under 5:00 pace: 30 seconds

Trying to get used to the 4:45 AM group. I've been trying so hard to make Thursday a sleep in day..sleep in till 6:00am. But I feel so GUILTY. It's impossible- I can't take a day off.

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