Sunday, January 23, 2011

On Race Day, I'm all Business.

Thursday: 20 minute spin and abs
Friday: 58 min (8 miles) with Micah, David, Houston
Saturday: Frostbite Half Marathon in 1:27:29 (1st) 14 weeks postpartum (10min w/u, no cool down..I needed to get Maddy home to feed her asap...)

Yesterday was a good day. My goal going into this race was just to run 7 min pace.. I have only had 10 weeks of solid running, and most of that has been building up mileage.

I am embarrassed to say that I was nervous. When I finally picked up my packet (with only 30min before the buses loaded to the race start) I was feeling very sick to stomach and seriously questioning my ability to run 13.1 miles. After all, I've been tapping out at about 11.5 miles.

Warming up I felt awkward, how much should I jog? Should I do a tempo? Should I do strides? What the hell am I doing out here?
But I was all business, at approximately 12:15, I toed the line with about 380 locals, and made a promise to myself- no matter what, don't settle.

I didn't settle.

I went out at 6:30 for the first two miles, and about had an anxiety attack. I have been able to run in the 6:40's alot for my long runs, but I have not logged too many miles at 6:30 pace. At around mile two, I slowed just a tad and found a friend, a grand-master looking to break the course record (1:28). We chatted for a short while before I started to get a side stitch and started drafting a bit..I'm going to die, this is too fast for me!

6:30, 6:30, 6:38, 6:34, 6:40, 6:43, 6:40, 6:46, 6:40, 6:46, 6:58, 7:06, 6:37

At the half way point (6.55) I passed a whole slew of locals, many of which I knew, and a few of which I coach part-time. It was exhilarating, and gave me a little more pop in my step-for at least another mile..

Mile 7 through 10, we entered into the hilly section, and just as I thought I might start to fall apart, I passed my husband and my 14 week old daughter on the side of the road. Immediately, I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and started to pay attention. I had less than 5 miles to go, and I was still hovering around 6:39-6:40 per mile.
Then I hit the hill.
At approximately 10 miles, there is a climb about 800 meters long. It's a big-ass hill, it even has "Big Ass Hill" written on it in orange spray paint. I started falling apart and calculating the "I only need to run this pace to break 90, I will be all right." And like clock work, my husband passed me right as I neared the top, and made me aware of the person in front of me, probably at about the same position as me mentally at that point

"Don't you let him beat you."

I have alot of respect for those women that have children and continue to race/run at a high level. Men..I am sorry to say, have no damn clue how hard it is to have a child. I like to believe, that I can now endure more pain then the average male (Maddy was 8.5 pounds), so when I saw a friend up ahead, one of which considers himself fitter than me (he was obviously suffering from going out a little to hard) I saw red. I went after him.

With ever step my lungs ached, my feet were burning. I caught him with about a mile to go, gave him a nod of acknowledgement and was gone to pick off more victims one by one. I finished in 1:27:29, completely spent, sick to my stomach, and knowing that I left it all out there. A little heavier, a little slower, but that's ok.

And, in trainers, (my Brooks LAUNCH). I don't have my Brooks uniform yet, last years doesn't fit (I'm fatter) so I hope to get that next week before I run the Do It For Duffy 5k in three weeks.
In any race, to win-- feels good.


SBVOR said...

"I'm fatter"

Less thin -- maybe.

Somehow "fatter" just isn't an accurate description.

Congratulations on a race well run (and so much more)!

mfranks said...

Haha. Thanks!

Zoƫ said...

Hi! I found you through the Complete Running Network of blogs. I just had a baby too, almost 11 weeks ago, and I'm a runner (definitely not as fast as you!). Just wanted to say CONGRATS on your baby girl, and AWESOME JOB on your half marathon. I love that you picked off "victims" in a I like to do that too. :)

Take care!

Jamie said...

Great race! You're fast! I'm definitely jealous. Wish my legs would let me run 7 minute miles. Great job on the win!

Meg O said...

hi, new follower! im excited to read such a speedster's blog. :) awesome race for just having a baby!

Caitlyn Clark said...

Great job!

I'm hoping to get my 2nd and 3rd half marathons in this year before doing "THE" event next year. I like following your training! We have similar PRs

onthegoman said...

I really liked this one!