Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brooks I.D. and a weekly dose of INSPIRE DAILY

Yes, I know that title doesn't make any sense, so what.

So I'm really going to try and push Brooks alot on this blog, and honestly, with good reason.

I'm a creature of habit, I sleep the same way every night, eat the same things everyday, wear the same thing (just kidding), do the same workouts, etc. etc. So, when I wear tested the Brooks Launch about 2 years ago....and loved them, I have not purchased another shoe since.

The Launch is a light weight competitive trainer that can also be used for tempos, interval sessions, and (possibly) marathons. Don't take my word on the marathon thing, I'm assuming here as I have wore them for two twenty milers at a blistering pace. Currently, I don't own a pair of racing flats that I can train/race in so I wear my Launch for everything. However, I am a forefoot runner and I supernate which is the rarest running style....so this may end up being helpful to about zero readers. However, if you prefer a neutral light weight shoe, I highly recommend the Launch.

And Brooks clothing, well I have wore plenty of Adidas and the OTHER brand which I will not name, and both have great clothing (sometimes) however I still have a brooks long sleeve that I have worn since I started running in 10th grade---wore during -40C winters, and the top is still going strong. Probably the best quality running top I have ever owned. I have wore it by itself in -20C weather.

On another note- Running frostbite next weekend. Being that I am in not-so-awesome shape yet, my goal is 7 min miles. I'm trying to get within 7 minutes of my PR...we will see.

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Caitlyn Clark said...

Thanks for the comment!

I've been looking into the Brooks Green Silence lately. I tried them on and really liked the way they tie differently and how light weight they are. I'm one of those minimalist weirdos so I run in racing flats 98% of the time. I need a new pair!