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Training for a marathon (15 weeks postpartum)

Sunday: 20 minutes on the trainer Monday: 70 minutes on the trainer with 45minutes of 90 hard, 60 easy Tuesday: 40 minute run (left hamstring on FIRE) Wednesday: 8 miles with Micah and David Thursday: 1.5 mile warm up, 3 miles at half marathon pace (6:35-6:22), 5 rest, 4 min hard, 3 min hard, 2min hard, 1 min hard. (5:45 pace) Friday: 56min easy Saturday: 14.8 miles in 1:45 (7:10 pace)
This week was crazy. Not only could I not walk for the first few days, but I barely got to speak to my husband. My legs were such a mess after the half that I could not even attempt running until Tuesday. I can't be bothered being hurt this year, I have spent more time hurt then I have healthy and I'm going to be smart about it.
As for Houston, well he has basically worked himself to death. I feel like we barely get to spend any quality time together anymore. He has practice 9 times a week and when he is home, h e is recruiting or his phone is ringing off the hook. I seriously wish he would nix the morn…

On Race Day, I'm all Business.

Thursday: 20 minute spin and abs Friday: 58 min (8 miles) with Micah, David, Houston Saturday: Frostbite Half Marathon in 1:27:29 (1st) 14 weeks postpartum (10min w/u, no cool down..I needed to get Maddy home to feed her asap...)
Yesterday was a good day. My goal going into this race was just to run 7 min pace.. I have only had 10 weeks of solid running, and most of that has been building up mileage.
I am embarrassed to say that I was nervous. When I finally picked up my packet (with only 30min before the buses loaded to the race start) I was feeling very sick to stomach and seriously questioning my ability to run 13.1 miles. After all, I've been tapping out at about 11.5 miles.
Warming up I felt awkward, how much should I jog? Should I do a tempo? Should I do strides? What the hell am I doing out here? But I was all business, at approximately 12:15, I toed the line with about 380 locals, and made a promise to myself- no matter what, don't settle.
I didn't settle.
I went out at 6…

Race Week

Sunday: 20 minutes relaxed (hips really tight)
Monday: AM 9miles medium with 6X30 seconds @ ~5:00 min pace
PM: 5miles with Aaron
Tuesday: 50 minutes relaxed (tight)
Wednesday: 60minutes on road course with Micah, Houston & David w/ 1/2/3/4/4/3/2/1 hard, half recoveries:
results from Garmin:
Under 6:30 Pace: 18 1/2 minutes
Under 6:15 pace: 16 minutes
Under 6:00 min pace: 10 1/2 minutes
Under 5:45 pace: 5 1/2 minutes
Under 5:30-5:00 pace: 2 minutes
Under 5:00 pace: 30 seconds

Trying to get used to the 4:45 AM group. I've been trying so hard to make Thursday a sleep in day..sleep in till 6:00am. But I feel so GUILTY. It's impossible- I can't take a day off.

Not quite the best week ever.

Monday: (see previous post)Tuesday: 56 minutes recovery run Wednesday: 60+ minutes with 8X3:30 hard, 60-90 recovery Thursday: 60minutes recovery Friday: 8.6 miles (63:30) Saturday: 11.4 miles (79minutes) (7:20, 7:16, 6:50, 6:46, 6:47, 6:59, 6:47, 6:58, 6:58, 7:04, 7:10)
Didn't run to hard today, but not to easy either. It was just so nice to be out there, running with friends (back with the 4:45 am group). Months ago, I didn't think I would be back here so soon, and three months ago..I realized how little it really mattered.
My whole life has really changed these last few months and I am starting to think I am really not the same person I was before. I used to think I had stress, but now all those little things I used to worry about mean nothing.
My entire day revolves around my Daughter. I wake up between 3:45 and 4:00 am, feed my baby, make coffee (I mean, it's 4 o'clock in the freakin morning), run, make sure I'm back by 6:00AM so I can pump, feed/play/dress Maddy, and…

Brooks I.D. and a weekly dose of INSPIRE DAILY

Yes, I know that title doesn't make any sense, so what.

So I'm really going to try and push Brooks alot on this blog, and honestly, with good reason.

I'm a creature of habit, I sleep the same way every night, eat the same things everyday, wear the same thing (just kidding), do the same workouts, etc. etc. So, when I wear tested the Brooks Launch about 2 years ago....and loved them, I have not purchased another shoe since.

The Launch is a light weight competitive trainer that can also be used for tempos, interval sessions, and (possibly) marathons. Don't take my word on the marathon thing, I'm assuming here as I have wore them for two twenty milers at a blistering pace. Currently, I don't own a pair of racing flats that I can train/race in so I wear my Launch for everything. However, I am a forefoot runner and I supernate which is the rarest running this may end up being helpful to about zero readers. However, if you prefer a neutral light weight shoe, …

Snow Day

AM: 10 miles with 4X 1 mile pick ups @ sub 6:30, recovery at 7:30Actual- 6:24, 6:08, 6:29, 6:08 (6:08 on measured loop-Garmin said 6:28) Easy miles were 7:45 ish (10 miles)
Houston: "Your not going to work out in this are you?" Meggan: "Why not, I would if I was home." (home meaning Canada) Houston: "Be careful please."
Seriously, Starkville got like 3 inches and everything shuts down. It's unbelievable. I realize that the city doesn't own a snow plow, and that almost 19,000 people in the area probably can't drive in this.
If I was the mayor, I would have had the streets sanded this morning.....just sayin.
Anyways, this workout went well I guess. I mean, I just had a baby, and technically I really have only been really running for 6 weeks...well sorta. I know I keep saying that but I am trying to justify my weakness syndrome... and also keep myself in check cause I want to have another wee one someday...and possibly another....and another.
Houston fee…

Brooks I.D.

Thursday: 20min bike, 85 minutes with Aaron & M.E.
Friday: (mile easy, mile hard X3) hard miles were 6:38, 6:33, 6:25, easy miles were 7:45-8:00 +w/u & c/d
Saturday: 6miles
Sunday: 10 miles (78min)
Monday: 8 miles medium (7:37, 6:56, 6:40, 6:46, 6:54, 7:11, 7:12, 6:50)
Tuesday: 50 minutes recovery
Wednesday: 12min w/u&c/d, 10X2min hard (vet school parking lot), 60-90 sec rest (56 min) Thursday: 50minutes recovery
Friday: 45minutes with Aaron
Saturday: 11 miles in 74 ish min with Tiffany (7:23, 7:15, 6:48, 6:50, 6:42, 6:46, 6:50,6:50, 6:50, 6:27, 6:22) (Roll tide loop- montgomery, vet school, backside of south farm)

Getting back in it.

Got my Brooks I.D. contract again this year! I'm excited that they are giving me another year, I even moved up! Supposedly, I am suppose to train in only well as race. SOO I guess I will need to get a new running wardrobe :)