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The story of the Golden Egg (Maddy's first Egg Bowl)

Monday:AM: 32min run, PM:30min bikeTuesday: AM: 30min bike (2h,1e) PM:34min bike (4h, 2e) Wednesday:45min run Thursday:48min run Friday:55 min bike (1/2/3/4/5/5/4/3/2/1 hard, 1/2 time recovery) Saturday: 50min run (up at 4am to feed, then out the door, this is practice for next week!) Sunday: Planned 50-55 min run with M.E.
Getting back in it. Still need to be a bit careful...but I feel great. I am going back to work on Wednesday while Houston stays home with Maddy until the break. We shall see how that goes.
I've been making plans for next year and I finally see a marathon in my future. Yes, I have ran a good number of 20+ milers, but I have never ran the entire 26.2 mile distance at one time...very close but still not the same. As for training, I would like to start doing workouts at the end of December depending on how my body holds up. I will probably start my season around March.
Tonite Maddy is watching her first Egg Bowl. Currently, we are kicking the crap out of Ole Piss...but th…

FYI: Having a child does a number on your VO2 Max.

Monday: 50min bike, (repeat 2 hard, 1 easy)
Tuesday:30min run
Wednesday:40min bike (repeat 5 hard, 2 easy) 30 min run
Thursday:25min bike (repeat 2 moderate, 1 easy) 40min run with M.E. 6X 1 min hard, 1 easy (wow, I'm out of shape)
Friday: 20 minutes easy run
Saturday: 30 min bike (Repeat:5 moderate, 1 easy) 42 minute run (about died)
Sunday: Planned 50min run with M.E.

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I went to work a bit this week and I tried to get some running in. The nice thing is that I have my bike up on my trainer, so I can also get a really good workout in quickly when Maddy takes a nap in her swing or bouncy chair....hmm wonder why movement makes her sleepy :)

As of right now, my plans are just getting up to the point that I can run an hour a day, then I will decide when I will be back racing. My bedtime routine is basically going to revolve around feedings, so I am sure I will really to learn how to budget my time. I used to be a pro at this...although, I ha…

Madison Justine Franks born 10/15/10

About 4 weeks ago, baby Madison finally made her appearance. In the end, she did not come out without a fight (I finally was induced 5 days after our due date) after one night in the hospital and a 15 hour labor, she showed up...all 8 pounds and 7 ounces.

It was a struggle, and the most painful thing I have ever felt. I told my husband over and over again betweens screams that I was not having another child...but the mind forgets how painful and in the end it was so worth it. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever known, and she is all mine (well, mine and my husbands of course).

Right now she is thriving, and I am almost recovered. We are figuring each other out, even as a baby she is some what predictable with her eatting and sleeping. She is happy and strong and I love her more and more each day...if that is even possible.

As for running: I am up to 30minutes. I have tried a couple 40's, but 30min seems to be what I am comfortable with. That and riding the trainer, about 40-6…