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22 Weeks.. OMG how much longer?

Monday-Friday: 50 minutes of running each day
Saturday: 60 minute run, + 1 mile walking
Sunday: 40min powerwalk, 30min run

It's getting hot here-- like 90's and crap. And the humidty is awful, breathing is like drinking water. belly is getting bigger everyday. I'm soon not going to be able to bend over, and I'm already having trouble getting in and out of my Civic. (A Civic, what was I thinking? It's a freakin box with wheels).

I want to get away so badly, my husband is traveling and I am stuck at home, tired and pregnant. Hopefully I will still get to take a vacation in July...and not be completely miserable!

Cannot wait till the baby gets here, seriously 9 months feels like forever! Five down, 4 to go.

Oh and running sucks right now. There is no such thing as an easy run when your this pregnant.