Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reunited with my Garmin 305.

Ok, so its not my old Garmin, its a new one. You see, with my last Garmin I stuck a pin through what I thought was the reset button (it wasn't). So I received a new Garmin for Christmas (or my B-day that was two months two months late). Anyways, I tried it out yesterday to see how fast/slow I've been running on my regular runs. I'm so anal about pace... I love this little gadget.

Time: 54:23, Pace: 7:08 average

I thought that was not bad for 10 1/2 weeks postpartum. It really goes to show you how far I've come...and how far I still have to go.

7:45, 6:58, 6:52, 7:11, 7:28 (?), 6:46, 6:56, 4:25 (.62)

For those of you that have never used a GPS or a similar device, the first mile is usually always slow- at least it is for me and others I run with. Anyways, I have an 80 minute run today with my little friends, usually I wouldn't wear my Garmin for that...but I've sure missed it...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Run To Nowhere

Wednesday:50 minutes relaxed
Thursday:58 minutes in Calgary
Friday:70 minutes with 2 miles at tempo and 6X hard 90 sec hills
Saturday:48 minutes easy
Sunday:Travel (2 flights, 3 hrs of layover, and 5 hrs driving)
Monday:61 minutes with Houston
Tuesday:51 minutes with 1/2/3/4/4/3/2/1/ hard, half recovery.
So Friday and Saturday of this past week I ran at my mothers house in Athabasca, Alberta, Canada. For those of you that don't know where that North to the middle of nowhere and then take a left and drive another 15 miles. Houston loves running there. I hate it. It's over 10 degrees colder than Calgary, and its boring. There are almost zero turns and its all up hill. I took a few pictures along the way just to give you an idea of how cold and boring it was. Above is the turn from My Mom's house. Both directions look this boring so I only posted the one.
As for my fitness, well it is coming back I guess. My goal is to run the Winnipeg marathon in June so my schedule will start January 2nd. RIght now I am just doing whatever I feel like in hopes tha I will be prepared when my schedule starts.
And Maddy, well she is just as cute as ever. 10 1/2 weeks old and very much ahead of her time. She babbles all day long and can even shake a rattle if you help her get her grips on it. Shes over 100 % for her height, weight, and head size. Shes my little muffin and I love her more than anything! She did awesome on all four flights and is happy at home now in Starkville!
We only have a few days left of our holidays and we hope to spend most of them together as a family. I want to get as much cuddle time with my muffin before I head back to work.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Canada is Cold.

Monday: 58 minutes with 30 minutes at fartlek
Tuesday: 54 minutes
Wednesday: 45 minutes with 20 minutes at tempo
Thursday: 80 minutes with Kelly and Tiff
Friday: 72 minutes with M.E.
Saturday: 9 miles in 63:30 (just short of 9)
Sunday: woke up at 2:45am to get 10 minutes in
Monday: 57minutes with 2 miles hard and 3X the center street stairs (Calgary at 4000 FT)
Tuesday: 70 minutes (ran hard so I am guessing it was over 9 Calgary)

Madison was a champ on the plane, really didn't even make a proud of her. We have gotten her a little off schedule and she is not sleeping as well (last thursday night she slept through the night) so we are doing what we can to get her back on it. We are keeping the little muffin inside... -15 C is not weather for a 2 month old southern girl.

Running is going ok. Everyday I am reminded of the fact that yes, I just had a child and I do have limits. I can't run as hard as I used to (yet) and I have no ability to gage intensity (yet). I am learning this new body day by day. All in all, I should be happy with where I am.

I am much more competitive then I was before, one of the reasons I ran so hard today is that I would not let a single person pass me....and I did alot of passing. There must have been at least 200 runners out's nice being in a city where almost everyone believes that physical activity is soo important.

Anyways..I'm just running hard every opportunity I get. I love feeling like I ran so hard I could puke and knowing that I gave it all I had. The previous nine months, that is what I missed the most. I could run hard every single day if my body would let me.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

7 4 7

Monday: 45minutes
Tuesday:54minutes with 2miles hard, jog a mile, 1 mile hard
Thursday: 1hr 28 minutes with Kelly and Tiff
Friday:55minutes with M.E.
Saturday: 50minutes
Sunday: planned 60-70min with M.E.

I had a couple good runs this week. Week days were fairly early runs. This week has been alot better because Houston has been taking the first shift. Generally, I have not been super tired during the day...but coffee helps. Heading to the homeland next sunday.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I ate a whole bag of chocolate and now my pants fit better.

Oh the joys of breast feeding, like a mini monster inside you that eats up everything.....there is actually alot of truth to that.

Monday: 45 minute run

I could run forever, but I'm trying to be careful with my achilles. Houston took the first shift last night and I think that helped tremendously. I felt like a new person at work, and I still woke up at 4:00 AM to feed Maddy, make coffee, and get my run in.

Work, wow I can't even call what I do work anymore. I have the most beautful office space, the most amazing co-workers, and my Director is extremely thoughtful, I can't even call him boss. He certainly earns my respect as one, but I have never had a voice like I do makes me feel like an equal.

I love being back at work, I love every minute of it. I have not been super early the past few days because the last few minutes with Madison every morning is so's hard to let me girl go.

I've got alot to work on in my life, but first and foremost my priority is my baby girl. I don't want to miss a minute of her growing up. Right this minute she is laying beside me, checking out the lights, looking around at everything and giving me the odd smile. She doesn't do much right now, but it doesnt matter....I could stare at her all day.

I thought I knew what was important in life, and what my priorities are. I really knew nothing. I want everything for my daughter, especially to meet everyone that is important in her life...her aunt, uncles, in-laws, everyone. I want her to have a great life. I want her to experience all things that I have..and never could. I want her to have everything, and to realise how little she really needs.

fartleks/tempos start tomorrow.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

You might be a runner if-- You wear racing flats to work on Fridays

Monday:34min run
Tuesday:50 min bike, 5/4/3/2X3 I think....
Wednesday:4am: 48 minutes (yeah, no sleep that night)
Thursday:AM: 20min on the bike PM: 40min with M.E. 5X2min up tempo, 1min recovery
Friday:40min on the bike, 1,2,3,4 hard, 1 recovery X3
Saturday: 9miles in 65min (Yes thats 7:13 pace, not bad for 7 weeks p.p.)
Sunday: Planned 60min run with M.E.

I ordered a new pair of brooks launch because my old new balance had seen better days. I also order a pair of racing flats because my brooks ID is about to expire. I have come to the conclusion that they are not going to ask me back...probably because I didn't race at all last year. You see, pregnancy really doesn't help you in the racing circle. I am thinking about writing them a letter and explaining my situation. Part of me doesn't care though.

I'm having a little bit of achilles issues, but what else is new. I'm trying to ice and take motrin as much as possible in between Maddy's feedings. I really wish I didn't have to deal with the achilles right now, but I don't want to be out 8 months either. This is why I took a extra day for the trainer last week. I'm going to race this spring, I'm just not sure how fast. Most of my runs have been easy by this point...although today (saturday) I pushed the pace just a little in the first part (yeah, I did it backwards). I slowed down the last two miles to run with a friend.

I've been back at work three days and I can add up the number of hours of sleep I have had the last three nights and still not get into double digits. Madison has not enjoyed the change in schedule. However, Friday night she gave me one 4 1/2 hour stretch which I was sooo happy for. Everyone keeps telling me that I will get 8 hours when she's 18. I think the body just learns to adjust. I wish mine would.

I've had a little trouble balancing Feeding Maddy/pumping/working/running/ etc. Not only that, the lack of sleep has gotten me so exhausted that I am starting to have trouble sleeping. After talking with a friend, I have come to the conclusion that I can't do I've decided to give my husband the first feeding at night (the 10:30-12:30 feeding) yes, I might miss a feeding, but it's going to allow me to get my run in and probably an extra hour of sleep at night. At first I was hesitant, but it will make my day unfold a whole lot better. I don't think it will make me a bad mother to only feed her 7 out of the 8 times she eats per day.
I guess I didn't understand how hard breast feeding was...especially when you work full time. Pumping at 9:30. 12:30 and 3:30 is not easy...and I've only gone 3 days so far.