Saturday, November 27, 2010

The story of the Golden Egg (Maddy's first Egg Bowl)

Monday:AM: 32min run, PM:30min bike
Tuesday: AM: 30min bike (2h,1e) PM:34min bike (4h, 2e)
Wednesday:45min run
Thursday:48min run
Friday:55 min bike (1/2/3/4/5/5/4/3/2/1 hard, 1/2 time recovery)
Saturday: 50min run (up at 4am to feed, then out the door, this is practice for next week!)
Sunday: Planned 50-55 min run with M.E.

Getting back in it. Still need to be a bit careful...but I feel great. I am going back to work on Wednesday while Houston stays home with Maddy until the break. We shall see how that goes.

I've been making plans for next year and I finally see a marathon in my future. Yes, I have ran a good number of 20+ milers, but I have never ran the entire 26.2 mile distance at one time...very close but still not the same. As for training, I would like to start doing workouts at the end of December depending on how my body holds up. I will probably start my season around March.

Tonite Maddy is watching her first Egg Bowl. Currently, we are kicking the crap out of Ole Piss...but that could change very quickly. It would be nice get an Egg Bowl win in 2010, Maddy's birth year!

My baby is doing great. Getting bigger everyday. Getting a little anxiety about leaving her for 8 hours everyday, but I have to go back to work before I go crazy. I love my girl but I love my job. It would be nice if she was there with me! Maybe for a few hours every week she will depending how things workout.

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