Sunday, August 22, 2010

33 weeks!

Time left: 7 weeks (33 weeks)
Baby Size: Over 4 pounds but under 4.5, appox. 15.75 inches
Mommy Size: gained 15 pounds thus far
Activity: upwards of five miles running at a time, every day run/walk 60 minutes or ride the trainer max of 80minutes
Sleep: Almost 5 hours on a good night

First day of school last week so alot going on! Got the mattress in, ordered some wall art for Madison's room should come in this week so we can hang everything up. Houston keeps telling me I need to pack my bag...he's probably right. I feel like its a little early yet but you never know. We have max of seven weeks left...and full term is considered 37 weeks.

My mother is convinced we wont go early...because she never. We will see!

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