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Ever get kicked in the stomach>? Try it from the inside?

Monday: 45minutes
Wednesday:51minutes, yoga and strength
Thursday:50minutes with alot of walking - I can hardly move! - 30minutes power walk with Buster in the evening
Friday: 45minutes, very good run - still hurting!

Wow...when they told me that my muscles would be super sensitive, they were not kidding...I do a little bit of yoga and strenght and I can barely move. I am hobbling around like an old woman! Wait...hmmm.
Well I am officially looking very pregnant, so yes, nice excuse for getting that footlong sub, or extra serving of bread :)..."I'm eating for two...whats it to ya"? (even though the other one is just 10 ounces....)

Feeling good right now, and offically in maternity did I not know what I was missing! Hoooray for the elastic waist band!

Appetite is not to bad, but then my activity is not to crazy either. Really missing my running :(


17.1 Weeks

Friday: 50minutes
Saturday: 30 Minutes AM, 44Minutes PM (in Oxford for the Ole Piss meet)
Sunday: 57minutes

Weekend splurges:
1 tub of movie theater popcorn (..small!)
1 McDonalds frappe (...small!)

Accomplishments this week:
2 power yoga sessions
7 days running
Still wearing my jeans (well...with the help of the hair elastic trick)

So I'm starting to fell much better now, the first three months of this pregnancy thing (at least that is what everyone keeps telling me it is) I felt like I was barely alive. Running, ha! Try it was more like fast walking pace. However, I still toughed out my long runs, and last week I got an 11.5 miler. This week, unfortunately, I caught the early bus to the Oxford meet (yes we were heading into enemy territory for the day) so I split my day into two runs. Really, its not about the running, its about keeping in shape and being healthy throughout this pregnancy.

Although, the reduced training, no workouts, and no hard runs is really killing me. Try going from ru…