Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mardi Gras Crash Training

Monday: 9+ miles (65min)
Tuesday:10miles moderate, 67min, started at about 7, stayed between 6:35 and 6:45. Not bad at all.
Wednesday:10min w/y 4x 1mile w/2min rest on mug shots-not to steller, 5:35-5:48 but for 4:45am, thats not to bad. 10min c/d
Thursday:30minutes easy
Friday:8.5 miles (59min)
Saturday: 17-17.5 miles (1:58)
Sunday:6miles (M.E & Aaron's workout)

=61miles, not alot but keeping the hip feeling OK with reduced miles.

Lots going on in the life right now. Nothing that I can post on never know who is reading.


Loren said...

Gosh, I struggle doing longer runs at 7:00 pace, much less 6:35-6:45 pace. You constantly amaze me! I miss seeing you! Hope everything outside of running is going well!

Benny said...

You running Mardi Gras Marathon? Did you get a comp entry? I want to run it also! The full I'm ready for it..