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Monday: 60minutes
Tuesday: 50minutes
Wednesday:45minutes of xtraining, stairmaster
Thursday: 60minutes
Friday: 50minutes of x-training, elliptical and stairmaster
Saturday: 11.5+ in 1:25
Sunday: Not sure yet

Not much running this week as I have just been very frustrated. Just alot going on and feeling a little under-valued, over-tired. I have worked really hard to get to where I am and I'm done with selling myself short.

Curling was my true calling

Friday: 62minutes w/ Micah & Elizabeth
Saturday: 15.2 miles with boardtown
Sunday: 45minutes elliptical + circuit, weights
Monday: 58minutes (8miles) with Micah and Eliz.
Thursday: AM:35minutes, PM:35minutes stair master + abs & Weights
Friday: 62minutes with Micah and Eliz.
Saturday:10miles with Boardtown

Feel awful today. Maybe its the "oh nooo tomorrow is Monday" that is making me feel sick to my stomach...more likely there is another issue. Spent the day cleaning, relaxing. Really looking forward to the warm weather. Running has been blah because of the weather. By far this is the coldest winter I have ever experienced in Mississippi. And I thought the world was suppose to be getting warmer....?hmmm....

Yeah I know, I have not ran a workout in about two weeks. There is a good reason for that. I promise.

Hits you in the face like a ton of bricks

Live comes at you fast. Let is just say, things are different now. Running this week, I am doing it. Not really exciting. :) :).

Monday: 60 minutes
Tuesday: 10 miles at moderate tempo, 6 miles at 6:25 pace
Wednesday: 45 minute elliptical
Thursday: 60 minutes with my Husband :)

Not much else I can say. How is that global warming?

Mardi Gras Crash Training

Monday: 9+ miles (65min)
Tuesday:10miles moderate, 67min, started at about 7, stayed between 6:35 and 6:45. Not bad at all.
Wednesday:10min w/y 4x 1mile w/2min rest on mug shots-not to steller, 5:35-5:48 but for 4:45am, thats not to bad. 10min c/d
Thursday:30minutes easy
Friday:8.5 miles (59min)
Saturday: 17-17.5 miles (1:58)
Sunday:6miles (M.E & Aaron's workout)

=61miles, not alot but keeping the hip feeling OK with reduced miles.

Lots going on in the life right now. Nothing that I can post on never know who is reading.