Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Motivating Factor

Cannot seem to get things together and get really serious about this year yet.

Monday: 9miles with 45min at moderate to hard tempo (6:28-6:35 pace)
Tuesday: 66minutes with Kelly, Moderate
Wednesday:40minutes easy
Thursday: Bulldog miles, 4X300m (100m jog) 2X800m (2min) 1x1600(2min) 2x800m, 4x300m + 3miles warmup/cool down (so cold I didnt time most of it, but the mile was 5:34)
Friday:52min easy
Saturday:15.5-16miles in 1hr 47 minutes
Sunday:planned 9 mile run with M.E.

I feel like death today. Not enough fluid or just to freakin cold all week. It was nice to finally run in a t-shirt this morning. Watched a bunch of bad lifetime movies on saturday. B needed a rest day, doggy day care has been rough on him this week- just call it yorkie world.


Meg said...

You are one fast girl, I love it! What an inspiration! Yeah, another Meg(han), Meg(gan), Meg(an): ) !

Loren said...

you never cease to amaze me! i miss running with you!