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Reunited with my Garmin 305.

Ok, so its not my old Garmin, its a new one. You see, with my last Garmin I stuck a pin through what I thought was the reset button (it wasn't). So I received a new Garmin for Christmas (or my B-day that was two months two months late). Anyways, I tried it out yesterday to see how fast/slow I've been running on my regular runs. I'm so anal about pace... I love this little gadget.
Time: 54:23, Pace: 7:08 average
I thought that was not bad for 10 1/2 weeks postpartum. It really goes to show you how far I've come...and how far I still have to go.
7:45, 6:58, 6:52, 7:11, 7:28 (?), 6:46, 6:56, 4:25 (.62)
For those of you that have never used a GPS or a similar device, the first mile is usually always slow- at least it is for me and others I run with. Anyways, I have an 80 minute run today with my little friends, usually I wouldn't wear my Garmin for that...but I've sure missed it...

Run To Nowhere

Wednesday:50 minutes relaxed
Thursday:58 minutes in Calgary
Friday:70 minutes with 2 miles at tempo and 6X hard 90 sec hills
Saturday:48 minutes easy
Sunday:Travel (2 flights, 3 hrs of layover, and 5 hrs driving)
Monday:61 minutes with Houston
Tuesday:51 minutes with 1/2/3/4/4/3/2/1/ hard, half recovery. So Friday and Saturday of this past week I ran at my mothers house in Athabasca, Alberta, Canada. For those of you that don't know where that North to the middle of nowhere and then take a left and drive another 15 miles. Houston loves running there. I hate it. It's over 10 degrees colder than Calgary, and its boring. There are almost zero turns and its all up hill. I took a few pictures along the way just to give you an idea of how cold and boring it was. Above is the turn from My Mom's house. Both directions look this boring so I only posted the one. As for my fitness, well it is coming back I guess. My goal is to run the Winnipeg marathon in June so my schedule wil…

Canada is Cold.

Monday: 58 minutes with 30 minutes at fartlek
Tuesday: 54 minutes
Wednesday: 45 minutes with 20 minutes at tempo
Thursday: 80 minutes with Kelly and Tiff
Friday: 72 minutes with M.E.
Saturday: 9 miles in 63:30 (just short of 9)
Sunday: woke up at 2:45am to get 10 minutes in
Monday: 57minutes with 2 miles hard and 3X the center street stairs (Calgary at 4000 FT)
Tuesday: 70 minutes (ran hard so I am guessing it was over 9 Calgary)

Madison was a champ on the plane, really didn't even make a proud of her. We have gotten her a little off schedule and she is not sleeping as well (last thursday night she slept through the night) so we are doing what we can to get her back on it. We are keeping the little muffin inside... -15 C is not weather for a 2 month old southern girl.

Running is going ok. Everyday I am reminded of the fact that yes, I just had a child and I do have limits. I can't run as hard as I used to (yet) and I have no ability to gage intensity (yet). I am l…

7 4 7

Monday: 45minutes
Tuesday:54minutes with 2miles hard, jog a mile, 1 mile hard
Thursday: 1hr 28 minutes with Kelly and Tiff
Friday:55minutes with M.E.
Saturday: 50minutes
Sunday: planned 60-70min with M.E.

I had a couple good runs this week. Week days were fairly early runs. This week has been alot better because Houston has been taking the first shift. Generally, I have not been super tired during the day...but coffee helps. Heading to the homeland next sunday.

I ate a whole bag of chocolate and now my pants fit better.

Oh the joys of breast feeding, like a mini monster inside you that eats up everything.....there is actually alot of truth to that.

Monday: 45 minute run

I could run forever, but I'm trying to be careful with my achilles. Houston took the first shift last night and I think that helped tremendously. I felt like a new person at work, and I still woke up at 4:00 AM to feed Maddy, make coffee, and get my run in.

Work, wow I can't even call what I do work anymore. I have the most beautful office space, the most amazing co-workers, and my Director is extremely thoughtful, I can't even call him boss. He certainly earns my respect as one, but I have never had a voice like I do makes me feel like an equal.

I love being back at work, I love every minute of it. I have not been super early the past few days because the last few minutes with Madison every morning is so's hard to let me girl go.

I've got alot to work on in my life, but first and foremost my prio…

You might be a runner if-- You wear racing flats to work on Fridays

Monday:34min runTuesday:50 min bike, 5/4/3/2X3 I think.... Wednesday:4am: 48 minutes (yeah, no sleep that night) Thursday:AM: 20min on the bike PM: 40min with M.E. 5X2min up tempo, 1min recovery Friday:40min on the bike, 1,2,3,4 hard, 1 recovery X3 Saturday: 9miles in 65min (Yes thats 7:13 pace, not bad for 7 weeks p.p.) Sunday: Planned 60min run with M.E.
I ordered a new pair of brooks launch because my old new balance had seen better days. I also order a pair of racing flats because my brooks ID is about to expire. I have come to the conclusion that they are not going to ask me back...probably because I didn't race at all last year. You see, pregnancy really doesn't help you in the racing circle. I am thinking about writing them a letter and explaining my situation. Part of me doesn't care though.
I'm having a little bit of achilles issues, but what else is new. I'm trying to ice and take motrin as much as possible in between Maddy's feedings. I really wish I didn…

The story of the Golden Egg (Maddy's first Egg Bowl)

Monday:AM: 32min run, PM:30min bikeTuesday: AM: 30min bike (2h,1e) PM:34min bike (4h, 2e) Wednesday:45min run Thursday:48min run Friday:55 min bike (1/2/3/4/5/5/4/3/2/1 hard, 1/2 time recovery) Saturday: 50min run (up at 4am to feed, then out the door, this is practice for next week!) Sunday: Planned 50-55 min run with M.E.
Getting back in it. Still need to be a bit careful...but I feel great. I am going back to work on Wednesday while Houston stays home with Maddy until the break. We shall see how that goes.
I've been making plans for next year and I finally see a marathon in my future. Yes, I have ran a good number of 20+ milers, but I have never ran the entire 26.2 mile distance at one time...very close but still not the same. As for training, I would like to start doing workouts at the end of December depending on how my body holds up. I will probably start my season around March.
Tonite Maddy is watching her first Egg Bowl. Currently, we are kicking the crap out of Ole Piss...but th…

FYI: Having a child does a number on your VO2 Max.

Monday: 50min bike, (repeat 2 hard, 1 easy)
Tuesday:30min run
Wednesday:40min bike (repeat 5 hard, 2 easy) 30 min run
Thursday:25min bike (repeat 2 moderate, 1 easy) 40min run with M.E. 6X 1 min hard, 1 easy (wow, I'm out of shape)
Friday: 20 minutes easy run
Saturday: 30 min bike (Repeat:5 moderate, 1 easy) 42 minute run (about died)
Sunday: Planned 50min run with M.E.

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I went to work a bit this week and I tried to get some running in. The nice thing is that I have my bike up on my trainer, so I can also get a really good workout in quickly when Maddy takes a nap in her swing or bouncy chair....hmm wonder why movement makes her sleepy :)

As of right now, my plans are just getting up to the point that I can run an hour a day, then I will decide when I will be back racing. My bedtime routine is basically going to revolve around feedings, so I am sure I will really to learn how to budget my time. I used to be a pro at this...although, I ha…

Madison Justine Franks born 10/15/10

About 4 weeks ago, baby Madison finally made her appearance. In the end, she did not come out without a fight (I finally was induced 5 days after our due date) after one night in the hospital and a 15 hour labor, she showed up...all 8 pounds and 7 ounces.

It was a struggle, and the most painful thing I have ever felt. I told my husband over and over again betweens screams that I was not having another child...but the mind forgets how painful and in the end it was so worth it. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever known, and she is all mine (well, mine and my husbands of course).

Right now she is thriving, and I am almost recovered. We are figuring each other out, even as a baby she is some what predictable with her eatting and sleeping. She is happy and strong and I love her more and more each day...if that is even possible.

As for running: I am up to 30minutes. I have tried a couple 40's, but 30min seems to be what I am comfortable with. That and riding the trainer, about 40-6…

Does this shirt come in BLIMP size?

Wow, here I am. 36 weeks down, 4 to go. Its all down hill from here.

We just had a rather large and impressive baby shower, in which we aquired almost everything we need at this point (with the exception of a breast pump) and I am starting to freak out, just a little. Am I really ready for this? Do I really think I can handle a child?

I heard some great advice yesterday that I keep repeating to myself over and over, "There are a lot of stupid people in the world, and many of those people have raised children successfully. If those people can do it, surely the rest of us can." Hopefully I will be successful as well...or what will that say about me?

I am at stage four of the maternity clothes phase- meaning nothing fits and everything I wear makes me look like good year blimp. I feel like one too and it makes me quite irritably. Most of the time I just want to be left alone, unless my husband is around. Yet, he still doesn't understand how I feel (he things I look adorable). …

33 weeks!

Time left: 7 weeks (33 weeks)
Baby Size: Over 4 pounds but under 4.5, appox. 15.75 inches
Mommy Size: gained 15 pounds thus far
Activity: upwards of five miles running at a time, every day run/walk 60 minutes or ride the trainer max of 80minutes
Sleep: Almost 5 hours on a good night

First day of school last week so alot going on! Got the mattress in, ordered some wall art for Madison's room should come in this week so we can hang everything up. Houston keeps telling me I need to pack my bag...he's probably right. I feel like its a little early yet but you never know. We have max of seven weeks left...and full term is considered 37 weeks.

My mother is convinced we wont go early...because she never. We will see!

32 weeks and counting!

OMG what a terrible time to be pregnant. It's still 100 degrees during the day and I can barely breath outside. The baby continues to grow everyday, meaning I continue to grow horizontally as well and now my maternity clothes don't fit.

I've heard that some women love being pregnant. Seriously, what is to like? I can't wait to have this child, and I also can't wait to get ride of the sleepless nights, lack of running, constant thirst, fatigue, and continous weight gain.

On another note, we painted the nursery and have quickly filled it with neccesities that we will need for Madison's arrival. We are seriously heading down the home stretch, excited and scared.
Not sure what we are getting ourselves into just yet but I am sure we will find out soon enough.

22 Weeks.. OMG how much longer?

Monday-Friday: 50 minutes of running each day
Saturday: 60 minute run, + 1 mile walking
Sunday: 40min powerwalk, 30min run

It's getting hot here-- like 90's and crap. And the humidty is awful, breathing is like drinking water. belly is getting bigger everyday. I'm soon not going to be able to bend over, and I'm already having trouble getting in and out of my Civic. (A Civic, what was I thinking? It's a freakin box with wheels).

I want to get away so badly, my husband is traveling and I am stuck at home, tired and pregnant. Hopefully I will still get to take a vacation in July...and not be completely miserable!

Cannot wait till the baby gets here, seriously 9 months feels like forever! Five down, 4 to go.

Oh and running sucks right now. There is no such thing as an easy run when your this pregnant.

Ever get kicked in the stomach>? Try it from the inside?

Monday: 45minutes
Wednesday:51minutes, yoga and strength
Thursday:50minutes with alot of walking - I can hardly move! - 30minutes power walk with Buster in the evening
Friday: 45minutes, very good run - still hurting!

Wow...when they told me that my muscles would be super sensitive, they were not kidding...I do a little bit of yoga and strenght and I can barely move. I am hobbling around like an old woman! Wait...hmmm.
Well I am officially looking very pregnant, so yes, nice excuse for getting that footlong sub, or extra serving of bread :)..."I'm eating for two...whats it to ya"? (even though the other one is just 10 ounces....)

Feeling good right now, and offically in maternity did I not know what I was missing! Hoooray for the elastic waist band!

Appetite is not to bad, but then my activity is not to crazy either. Really missing my running :(


17.1 Weeks

Friday: 50minutes
Saturday: 30 Minutes AM, 44Minutes PM (in Oxford for the Ole Piss meet)
Sunday: 57minutes

Weekend splurges:
1 tub of movie theater popcorn (..small!)
1 McDonalds frappe (...small!)

Accomplishments this week:
2 power yoga sessions
7 days running
Still wearing my jeans (well...with the help of the hair elastic trick)

So I'm starting to fell much better now, the first three months of this pregnancy thing (at least that is what everyone keeps telling me it is) I felt like I was barely alive. Running, ha! Try it was more like fast walking pace. However, I still toughed out my long runs, and last week I got an 11.5 miler. This week, unfortunately, I caught the early bus to the Oxford meet (yes we were heading into enemy territory for the day) so I split my day into two runs. Really, its not about the running, its about keeping in shape and being healthy throughout this pregnancy.

Although, the reduced training, no workouts, and no hard runs is really killing me. Try going from ru…


Monday: 60minutes
Tuesday: 50minutes
Wednesday:45minutes of xtraining, stairmaster
Thursday: 60minutes
Friday: 50minutes of x-training, elliptical and stairmaster
Saturday: 11.5+ in 1:25
Sunday: Not sure yet

Not much running this week as I have just been very frustrated. Just alot going on and feeling a little under-valued, over-tired. I have worked really hard to get to where I am and I'm done with selling myself short.

Curling was my true calling

Friday: 62minutes w/ Micah & Elizabeth
Saturday: 15.2 miles with boardtown
Sunday: 45minutes elliptical + circuit, weights
Monday: 58minutes (8miles) with Micah and Eliz.
Thursday: AM:35minutes, PM:35minutes stair master + abs & Weights
Friday: 62minutes with Micah and Eliz.
Saturday:10miles with Boardtown

Feel awful today. Maybe its the "oh nooo tomorrow is Monday" that is making me feel sick to my stomach...more likely there is another issue. Spent the day cleaning, relaxing. Really looking forward to the warm weather. Running has been blah because of the weather. By far this is the coldest winter I have ever experienced in Mississippi. And I thought the world was suppose to be getting warmer....?hmmm....

Yeah I know, I have not ran a workout in about two weeks. There is a good reason for that. I promise.

Hits you in the face like a ton of bricks

Live comes at you fast. Let is just say, things are different now. Running this week, I am doing it. Not really exciting. :) :).

Monday: 60 minutes
Tuesday: 10 miles at moderate tempo, 6 miles at 6:25 pace
Wednesday: 45 minute elliptical
Thursday: 60 minutes with my Husband :)

Not much else I can say. How is that global warming?

Mardi Gras Crash Training

Monday: 9+ miles (65min)
Tuesday:10miles moderate, 67min, started at about 7, stayed between 6:35 and 6:45. Not bad at all.
Wednesday:10min w/y 4x 1mile w/2min rest on mug shots-not to steller, 5:35-5:48 but for 4:45am, thats not to bad. 10min c/d
Thursday:30minutes easy
Friday:8.5 miles (59min)
Saturday: 17-17.5 miles (1:58)
Sunday:6miles (M.E & Aaron's workout)

=61miles, not alot but keeping the hip feeling OK with reduced miles.

Lots going on in the life right now. Nothing that I can post on never know who is reading.

"Carrying on like a pork chop."

Monday:62minutes with Eliz and Micah
Tuesday:1 mile jog, 20min at 6:30 pace, 2 rest, 12min at 6:26 pace, 6minutes at 6:15 pace, 1 mile jog
Thursday:65minutes with Houston - B.S trip to Atlanta
Friday:62 minutes w/ 7x3min hard, 2 min easy - Atlanta
Saturday: 1hr40min in Kennesaw (Atlanta)
Sunday: planned run with M.E and Aaron

This week looks better then it was. I wimped out and didnt run to hard most of the week. Friday's workout was way to easy. I need to get my garmin fixed so I can speed my ass up. Somewhere I need to find some motivation...the thought of getting my butt kicked doesn't help, I'm just burnt out with the whole thing. Maybe I need to take some more time away from racing...or even (gasp) a whole year off.

Oh--BTW, I am running Mardi Gras, got an email that they would waive my to get in shape in 4 weeks. Hmmmm, we will see.


Monday:60 minutes with Eliz & Micah
Tuesday: 53minutes moderate pace (sinus infection)
Wednesday: 2mile warm up, 2 mile cool down, (1min/2min/3min/4min hard) X2 with half segment recovery (sinus infection)
Thursday: 60minutes with Aaron (easy-sinus infection)
Friday:61 minutes with Houston, Eliz, Micah
Saturday:82minutes with Micah & Eliz
Sunday:46minutes + circuit

Terrible week but I was pretty sick. Really need a game plan but right now...I am just running.

Never got my entry comped for Mardi Gras Country Music Marathon....pretty pissed about it because I was 3rd at this passed Nashville COuntry Music Half Marathon. hmmf...

Motivating Factor

Cannot seem to get things together and get really serious about this year yet.

Monday: 9miles with 45min at moderate to hard tempo (6:28-6:35 pace)
Tuesday: 66minutes with Kelly, Moderate
Wednesday:40minutes easy
Thursday: Bulldog miles, 4X300m (100m jog) 2X800m (2min) 1x1600(2min) 2x800m, 4x300m + 3miles warmup/cool down (so cold I didnt time most of it, but the mile was 5:34)
Friday:52min easy
Saturday:15.5-16miles in 1hr 47 minutes
Sunday:planned 9 mile run with M.E.

I feel like death today. Not enough fluid or just to freakin cold all week. It was nice to finally run in a t-shirt this morning. Watched a bunch of bad lifetime movies on saturday. B needed a rest day, doggy day care has been rough on him this week- just call it yorkie world.

New Year Resolved

Monday - 8miles moderate
TUesday - 10.5 miles moderate
Wednesday 40min relaxed
Thursday - 9miles AM with 35min hard tempo, 7miles PM with Aaron (16 total)
Friday - 6-7 miles
Saturday - 13-13.5 in 1:30. Cold!
Sunday - still working on it.

not a great week for workouts but I have to get my miledge back up from mid 50's to mid 60's.

Trying to make a plan for the new year. Thinking about Mardi Gras at the end of february to kick things off.