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this week

Been busy with the job search and my hamstring flared up so not much running this week yet.

Monday: AM:55min
Tuesday: AM: 1hr 35min run
Wednesday: AM:nothing, 3 job interviews PM:48min run
Thursday: AM:55min run w/ 8X3min HArd, 90 sec easy
Friday: AM:45min PM:40min
Saturday: warmup/6mile tempo run at half marathon pace/ cool down (hamstring was really tight so I was extremely conservative and ran 6:20 pace. fairly easy.
Sunday: planned 70min run

62-63 miles. I would like to run more but my hamstring is killing me.


School is school, work is work. Its really cold here and it feels like death. I really dont have much to say...just running I guess.

training update-
Monday: AM:60min run PM:40min run
Tuesday:1:18 (11miles) w/ 8X3min hard, 90 sec recovery
Wednesday: AM: 20min bike and weights PM: 53min (7+miles)
Thursday:AM:40min PM:w/u 8x200m at 36, c/d
Friday: 50min recovery run
Saturday:12miles in 1hr 25min, w/10 miles at 6:40pace (58.5)
Sunday: recovery run

probably about 63 miles for the week when its all over.

Xbox and workouts

training updated--
Not to much this week...havent been motivated to do anything related to school. Ive been to busy playing Fallout 3 to give a crap about school. Ive also been looking for a job, and with the economy so bad. nothings look up so far.

As for running, Ive been doing a decent amount of that. I plan to get up to 60miles this week. My achilles is a little sore from a relatively easy workout I did this afternoon so I am not sure if I will make the miledge this week. I am trying to be careful, but Im stubborn and not very smart unfortunately.

The womens team as a 1000m, 4mile, 1000m workout on saturday. I plan on running it with them but I am not sure how much help I will be...probably none because I am not in shape yet.

Monday: 70min with 5X 6min HARD, 6min easy
Tuesday: AM: 54min ( 7:35-7:00min pace)
Wednesday: AM: 40min PM:35 min (7:15-6:45pace)
Thursday: AM:30min PM:45min with 30min of 2min hard, 1 min easy
Friday: PM: 55min run
Saturday: warmup, 4mile tempo with Simone (24:06 on …

Garmin 305 review

Ok, I have not been able to use my GPS because of my injury (really did not care to see how fast I was running) but the last few days I have been wearing it regularly. Basically, its pretty accurate, but only if you are the farms on the roads. We have miles of windy trails about a mile from the track, and it does not work very well on that.
The heart rate monitor works pretty well, I have not worked much with the zones or anything yet, I dont really care for that kind of stuff. few other things I figured out

-the distance/pace function works better if you set it to automatically lap every mile, versus getting the average pace for the entire run (especially if you are doing a tempo, and the first two miles are for warm up)
-dont expect acurate readings on windy and heavily forested trails.
-Carry a watch on your other wrist just in case you forget to charge the batteries
-HRM does not work underwater (bummer)
-set the smoothing option to least amount of smoothing, if you are a crazy pace mon…

Back from Canada

Houston and I are now back to work after 2 and a half weeks of visiting family in Tupelo, Calgary, Athabasca, and then my sisters wedding in Banff. It was a great trip, but we were both exhausted when we arrived at home sunday night (after waking up at 3am driving to calgary and waiting in line for 2 and a half hours before departing) I hate flying all day. We got home around 9pm, and Houston refused to let me run because it was storming terribly. So I did not run that day.
As for running, well -33 C reallu does a number on the body. I caught a terrible sinus infection about a day into my Canada trip...and then another cold after arriving in starkville. I ran through the sinus infection, but it wore me out. The cold air actually felt pretty good on the lungs, and helped clear up some of my congestion. Tha altitude, not so much. I did not wear my GPS because I was having a really hard time running in 2 feet of snow. For some reason, in calgary, the do not clear the streets so everyday …