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It's merely just...Running....

OK so here I am a little MIA on the blog. I can say I am busy, stressed with work, and tired. And yes, all these things are true---but- the real reason why I just have not been bloggin lately..

Is because the running thing is not that important right now.

Dont get me wrong, I am still up 2 hours before early every morning (4-4:15, 4:30 if I am lucky) getting my run in, 7-9 miles, sometimes more. Always with friends, never alone.
So on thursdays, I do not have a running I don't run.

Sometimes, If I miss a morning session I go to snap fitness and...gasp! on the treadmill so I don't miss my afternoon line up of good T.V. So, am I now considered a hobby jogger?

Well, a week or so ago, there was this rumor around that i was "sorta out of shape". I know right? Well, maybe I started the rumor...possibly..but this week I had a kick ass workout with Micah and Elizabeth on mugshots (we dropped some 5:35 miles and some 2:37's for the 800's). A workout like t…