Saturday, September 5, 2009

Worn out, another 20 miles logged in the AM

Thursday:30min easy
Friday:8+ miles, 58min
Saturday: 20miles at an average of 6:53

Fell off the back a bit on the last leg of the twenty, not alot. group averaged 6:52 so I added a second or so.

Hurtin now.


Loren said...

Wow are doing awesome! I'm so happy for you! Keep it up! I miss running with you!

KG said...

20 miles at sub 7 is nothing to shake a stick at.

renee m. said... grandma does that in her sleep.

lol, im kidding. WOW!!! meggan you are a beast! i am so proud of you and look up to you so much!

keep up the great work it sounds like you are doing ammmmmazing!

cami said...

Meggan, that Saturday run is very impressive indeed!!