Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Huntsville Marathon Training Week 2

Saturday: 20.5 miles in 2:23
Monday: 10.5 miles, 73min
Tuesday: 8-9miles, 7:20 pace
Wednesday: 2X20min at tempo, 9miles
Thursday: 20min easy (worked late, no afternoon run)
Friday: 8.3 miles, 57min
Saturday: 11miles relaxed

Sunday: 9-9.5 miles (68)
Monday: AM: 10.5 miles, 72min
Tuesday: AM: 8.8 miles, 64min
Wednesday: AM: 8min, 6min, 4min, 2min, 8min hard w/2min recovery jog in between. first 8min at 6:15 pace, the rest of the workout at around 5:40pace, 9 miles

another big run on saturday, gotta prepare.

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cami said...

That's some serious mileage, girl! I say you're all ready for the marathon. :)