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Suffered from a bad case of fatigue lately, but still had a good workout and long run last week. Houston and I had a good run with a triathlete friend of Micah and Kelly's on Saturday. Ohhh it was so nice to get bread, I think I dream about the bread all week.

we had a solid 15miles at 7:01 pace saturday,
8-9miles with my 2 coaching sessions sunday
monday was an hour
tuesday was an hour
wednesday will be a tempo of some sort.

Really nothing fabulous about the previous two weeks. We had a really good workout last wednesday , 2 miles at 6:18, then 6:00, and a 5:45 to finish it off but nothing that we have not done, and nothing special.

B-man had surgery today. He is so tired now. I was so worried about him at work today. Love my little man..

Check out my new twitter article from work. I thought it was kinda cute, no? Tweet. Tweet. haha.


Turning in my Launch by Brooks :(

So the wear testing period has ended, and I have to give my shoes back to brooks. Loved wear testing the launch, hope they found me suitable for another...

Sunday: 9 miles total (5+4) = strides
Monday: AM: 9.5 miles (70min)
Tuesday: AM: 8miles (59min)
Wednesday: AM: alternating 1 mile at 85%, 1 mile at 60% for 8 miles (6:04, 6:14, 5:50, 6:15), easy miles at7:30 ish), for 10 miles

why is it that every sleep in day (aka thursday) I have to go and make plans...

Huntsville Marathon Training Week 2

Saturday: 20.5 miles in 2:23
Monday: 10.5 miles, 73min
Tuesday: 8-9miles, 7:20 pace
Wednesday: 2X20min at tempo, 9miles
Thursday: 20min easy (worked late, no afternoon run)
Friday: 8.3 miles, 57min
Saturday: 11miles relaxed

Sunday: 9-9.5 miles (68)
Monday: AM: 10.5 miles, 72min
Tuesday: AM: 8.8 miles, 64min
Wednesday: AM: 8min, 6min, 4min, 2min, 8min hard w/2min recovery jog in between. first 8min at 6:15 pace, the rest of the workout at around 5:40pace, 9 miles

another big run on saturday, gotta prepare.